Level 4 Lockdown Restricts Joburg Travel  
Under the current lockdown, both domestic and international travel is allowed.
A negative PCR-test no older than 72-hours is required to enter South Africa. Find the latest information here.
Travel bookings with SouthAfrica.TO qualify to earn our exclusive travel vouchers. Email a writeup of your travel experience and photos to travel@southafrica.to and we'll send you travel vouchers to reduce the cost of your following flight or cruise reservation booked with us. The higher the quality of the writeup and photos the more the vouchers.

Mango Still Has Best Airline Rating on SA.TO
With almost 140 votes cast giving them an average score of 4,9 Mango Airlines is still the highest ranking domestic airline! If that doesn't convince you, perhaps their latest review will: "I recently flew to Zanzibar with Mango with my family of four. I was not really looking forward to flying for 4 hours plus on a budget airline, but my oh my my, was I pleasantly surprised! The check in was quick and professional, the flight was on time, the seats were comfortable with loads of leg room, and the cherry on top was the cabin crew. They were professional , efficient but what set them apart was the sense that they were really enjoying what they were doing - all with a great sense of humour! Thank you Mango - looking forward to flying with you again one day!"  "

MSC Sinfonia Cruise was Great
Jenny Padaychee and her family enjoyed their cruise on the MSC Sinfonia from Durban to the Portuguese Island.

    Greyhound Bus South Africa
    Looking for something cheaper than flights? Greyhound offers routes to destinations within South Africa as well as to Mozambique and Zimbabwe.

    Cruise to Portuguese Island from Durban
    Portuguese Island is situated off of the coast of Mozambique, and is compromised of pristine stretches of beach skirted by the warm waters of the Indian Ocean. Book your cruise to Portuguese Island from Durban.

    Lanseria Airport Now Boasts Multi-story Parking Lot
    Expect loads of photos to be taken on your cruise with MSC. They're expensive, but well worth it for the memories.

    Cruises with MSC 2016/2017
    Expect loads of photos to be taken on your cruise with MSC. They're expensive, but well worth it for the memories.

    Missing Shoe on SAA PE Flight
    In a first, a passenger walks off his flight with only one shoe after some shenanigans from the EP cricket team.

    Sinfonia cruise was our first

    An awesome experience on our first ever cruise on the MSC Sinfonia.

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  • Don't forget your mask!

    You might be used to wearing a mask by now, but just a friendly reminder that it is also required on all flights!

    Airlines cannot allow you to board or fly without a mask. FlySafair will even impose a fine if you force them to delay departure because you aren't wearing a mask.

  • Winners of the All Star Awards; from left to right: Rob Baker (South Africa Travel Online, holding the prize for Top Independent Agency), Stacey Barnett (Sales & Marketing Manager at MSC Cruises), Ross Volk (MD of MSC Cruises South Africa), Tracey Krog (International Sales Manager of MSC Cruises South Africa) and Llody Barkhuizen (Cruiseabout/Flight Centre, holding the prize for top consortium).We are rated the Top Independent Agency in SA

    At a prize giving in April 2019 MSC Cruises presented an award to South Africa Travel Online for being the Top Independent Agency. From left to right: Rob Baker (SA Travel Online), Stacey Barnett (MSC Cruises), Ross Volk (MSC Cruises), Tracey Krog (MSC Cruises) and Lloyd Barkhuizen (Cruiseabout/Flight Centre). In a huge vote of confidence for the SA economy MSC are bringing both the Opera & Musica cruise ships to the country in November 2020.

  • Cape Town International Voted Best Airport

    The Mother City's airport, Cape Town International, recently took top honours at the World Travel Awards 2019. The airport was voted Africa's Leading Airport for the third consecutive year.

                Breaking SA Travel News

                Last updated: 15 July 2021


                Domestic Airlines Extends Flight Cancellations
                Comair announced earlier this week that they are suspending all flight operations until 31 August 2021. This includes Kulula and British Airways South Africa's domestic and regional flights.

                Domestic Airlines Cancel Flights
                New lockdown rules place restrictions on leisure domestic travel from Gauteng. This has resulted in several airlines cancelling domestic and regional operations for the remainder of July 2021.

                Mango Comeback
                With their SAA bailout money on the way, Mango returns with just three routes and reportedly just 2 aircraft.

                Adjusted Level 4 Lockdown Comes Into Effect
                New lockdown rules place restrictions on leisure domestic travel from Gauteng.

                FlySafair Announces New Route
                Domestic airline FlySafair has announced a new route between Cape Town and Bloemfontein.

                Government Reveals Plan To Sell Majority Stake in SAA
                Not only has government found an interested party in purchasing SAA, they will also let go of their majority shares.

                Cemair Announces New Routes
                The airline plans to introduce two new routes from Port Elizabeth in July 2021.

                FlyAfrica Announces Comeback Plan
                If everything goes according to plan we could see low-cost regional airline FlyAfrica resume operations by mid-June.

                New Flights Between New York and Johannesburg
                United Airlines are going ahead with plans to launch daily flights between Johannesburg and Newark this June despite COVID restrictions still being in place for South Africans.

                Mango Plans to be Around Until the End of May at Least
                The airline has now loaded flights until the 31st of May 2021, while they wait on funding to hopefully stay around a little longer.

                SAA Exits Business Rescue
                Controll of the business was handed back to the airline's board on 30 April 2021 after the airline received partial payment from the goverment offering the necessary debt relief.

                Mango Airlines Struggles Financially
                Following announcements that the airline was stopping both Zanzibar and domestic flights in May, the airline retracted on Friday afternoon stating that they will in fact not cease domestic operations.

                SAA Delays Comeback Further
                The airline has suspended flights until 30 April 2021, further delaying their comeback.

                Air Namibia Enters Liquidation
                It is the end of an era as Air Namibia flies its last flight on the 11th of February 2021, after 74 years in the industry.

                Goodbye Greyhound & Citiliner
                The coach companies announced earlier this week that they will cease services on the 14th of February 2021.

                FlySafair Announced Mauritius Flights
                The airline announced yesterday that they will be launching flights between Johannesburg and Mauritius as soon as the island's borders are open to SA tourists.

                Emirates Extends SA Ban
                Emirates has extended their suspension of SA flights for the second time to the 12th of February 2021.

                SAA Comeback Delayed
                No immediate plans for our domestic carrier to restart domestic flights despite initial reports of a January reboot.

                Lift Makes Some Changes
                The airline announced that they are abandoning their George route for now.

                Plans for a "new SAA" Unveiled
                Plans for a "new SAA" shocked earlier this week when many noticed that it bears a striking resemblance to the old SAA and is likely to suffer the same fate.

                Holiday Office Hours Update
                We will continue handling bus and flight enquiries during office hours, but note that we are closed on public holidays and weekends. During those times and after-hours we can only assist with travel emergencies. Our cruises and holiday package department is closed between 24 December 2020 - 3 January 2021.

                The End of Domestic Health Questionnaires
                ACSA no longer requires domestic travellers to present a completed domestic health questionnaire, following updates from government. International travellers seemingly still need to complete these forms.

                Introducing Our Latest Airline
                South Africa's latest low-cost carrier Lift, is launching this December!

                Etihad Withdraws from SA
                The airline is closing shop in South Africa, with their last flights departing Johannesburg in December 2020.

                Kulula Returns
                The Low-cost domestic airline is planning a return to the skies on 1 December 2020. They'll operate most of their domestic routes and traveagent sales will open soon.

                Airlink Drops "SA" Pre-fix
                In a bid to distance themselves from our struggling national carrier, Airlink will now no longer go by the name "SA Airlink."

                Updated Red List of Countries
                Government finally updated the list of countries deemed 'high risk'. This is countries who aren't allowed to travel to SA for leisure purposes. The list has been considerably reduced, but Spain and Germany are new additions.

                South Africa Still Has Travel Restrictions in Place on These Countries
                From 1 October 2020 South Africans will be able to travel internationally during lockdown level 1, but restrictions still apply to a list of countries deemed 'high risk'.

                Mango Airlines Grounded, But Still Operational?
                SAA Technical withdrew their support of all Mango Aircraft on the 26th of September 2020, resulting in the airline's planes being grounded. Surprisingly they found a way around it to still be operational.

                International Travel to Resume
                From 1 October 2020 South Africans will be able to travel internationally during lockdown level 1. Some restrictions on travel still applies to ensure that passengers can travel safely.

                Have Your Heard About Travel Bubbles?
                It is definitely a sign of the times, but we're getting excited about the mere mention of South Africa entering a travel bubble with our neighbouring countries. The Minister of Tourism mentioned that this could be the next step in the phased re-opening of international travel.

                Margate Flights Are Back
                FlyCemair has re-introduced flights between Johannesburg and Margate. Just in time for the upcoming long weekend!

                FlySafair Eyes International Routes
                The low-cost domestic airline, FlySafair, has applied for approval to operate three international routes. This could see them expand their route network and fill the gap in the market left by airlines stuck in business rescue processes.

                Lockdown Level 2 Domestic Travel Allowed
                You can finally travel outside of your own province without needing to apply for a permit! From the 18th of August 2020, South Africans can enjoy relaxed lockdown regulations when we enter level 2.

                Caution Advised When Booking Published International Flights
                Airlines don't know when our government will open our borders, therefore passengers are advised to be cautious when booking published international flights. It is advisable to book flights further in advance, when it is more likely for borders to have opened, or to consult us about a repatriation flight.

                Lockdown Level 3 Domestic Travel Rules & Latest Regulations
                Government might have recently clarified that leisure travel isn't being allowed, but with the ease of acquiring a domestic travel permit there is no reason for you to sit home! Find out about all the safety measures in place to make domestic travel as safe as possible. If you or someone you know are stuck overseas, you can reach out to us about a repatriation flight. We now sell Emirates and Turkish Airlines repatriation flights.

                Safety Measures in Place When Flying Domestically
                Find all the safety measures that airlines, airports and the government have put in place to make sure you can fly safely within South Africa.

                Permits Required For Domestic Travel
                You can now travel domestically for a number of reasons, but you will require a corresponding permit to travel. Find all the relevant reasons and links to permits here.

                FlySafair Safety Measures
                Find all the safety measures that have been put in place by FlySafair and at the airports to meet government requirements and protect you from COVID-19 during your flight.

                Limited Domestic Travel Allowed
                Lockdown level 3 allows for very limited domestic travel for business purposes. Read more to find out which documentation you require and which airlines will resume operations.

                Other Countries Are Offering Glimpses at How To Resume International Travel After Lockdown
                As Emirates resumes a limited network of 9 destinations, Australia and New Zealand agrees on a travel bubble and EU countries are slowly opening up to each other we gain a clearer picture as to what international travel will look like after lockdown.

                SAA Continues for Now
                Our embattled national carrier is continuing to offer repatriation and cargo flights for the foreseeable future as government can't let go of the idea of a national carrier.

                Bus Bookings Available As Once-off Inter-provincial Travel Allowed
                People who were not able to make it home before the nationwide lockdown started can now book a bus home. Limited inter-provincial travel is being allowed until 7 May 2020, but no flights are available.

                SA Eases Out of Lockdown
                Unfortunately inter-provincial travel will still not be allowed as we move from lockdown level 5 to level 4 on 1 May 2020. In response FlySafair has removed all May inventory.

                Social Distancing on FlySafair
                What does the future for domestic flights look like? FlySafair has presented their answer.

                Seems Like SAA's Fate Is Sealed
                Recent communication from the airline states that this is the end of the road for them. Their only option now is choosing between liquidation or the winding down of the airline. A decision will likely be made by the end of the month.

                Air Mauritius Under Voluntary Administration
                Air Mauritius joins hundreds of airlines around the world in financial troubles.

                Emirates Has a Plan for Post COVID-19 Air Travel
                During a recent flight to Tunisia, the airline performed rapid COVID-19 testing of all passengers, once again making them industry leaders.

                TAP Air Portugal Plans SA Comeback
                Cape Town will soon be connected to Portugal with direct flights to Lisbon starting in November 2020.

                SA Express CEO Resigns
                Acting CEO Siza Mzimela resigned, leaving GM Thuli Mpse at the helm as the airline faces possible liquidation.

                All Domestic, Regional & International Flights Cancelled as SA Prepares for Lockdown
                All domestic and international airlines will suspend flights to South Africa today, if they haven't already. This is part of South Africa's preperations to embark on a 21-day nationwide lockdown to stop the spread of the coronavirus, or COVID-19.

                Bus Date Changes & Cancellations During Nationwide Lockdown
                In response to the nationwide lockdown to start on the 27th of March 2020, no busses will operate. If you have booked a ticket affected by these cancellations, please contact the bus company to make further arrangements.

                SAA Joins Other Domestic Airlines in Cancelling Domestic Flights During Lockdown
                SAA has joined other domestic airlines in cancelling all flights during the lockdown. Please contact us if you need help in rebooking or changing a cancelled flight.

                Coronavirus and Flight Changes & Cancellations
                Let us help you travel with peace of mind during these difficult times. We'll help you delay or cancel your upcoming international flights booked on South Africa Travel Online.


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