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British Airways telephone numbers:
OR Tambo : 011 971 8200
Cape Town : 021 936 9000
Durban : 031 450 7000
Port Elizabeth : 041 508 8000

British Airways A380 flying past Cape Town

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luggage policy

flight routes



British Airways v SAA
Battle of the full service carriers

British Airways South Africa

British Airways Comair is rated 4.5/5 based on 12 customer reviews.

There are 2 British Airways! On international flights from Cape Town to London and from Johannesburg to London you're flying with British Airways PLC which is based in London. On domestic flights within South Africa (e.g. Johannesburg to Cape Town) you're flying on British Airways Comair, which are BA flights operated by a locally based company called Comair. The reason for this is that South African aviation law only allows scheduled flights in South Africa to be operated by companies which are at least 75% South African owned. Comair also operates Kulula Airlines flights. British Airways  has been named one of the World's Best Airlines at the 2014 World Airline Awards! 

Latest News: 29 October 2014. Comair who operates both British Airways and Kulula.com in South Africa are recruiting staff. The company is looking for "passionate and enthusiastic individuals" to join their Cabin Crew team based in Johannesburg as well as Cape Town.

BA flight reviews

Views expressed here are not those of South Africa Travel Online:

  • 2014-11-28 Rating 4/5 : "I recently flew British Airways' money making route (Johannesburg-Cape Town) for the first time in a while as I usually go with the cheapest option, but this time the company was paying. The staff and service was just so much better than what I've received from the low cost carriers. Check in and boarding was speedy and everyone was friendly. If only they could get newer planes and improve their food services, they would deserve 5 stars! "

  • 2013-12-02 Rating 5/5 : "Having recently returned from a week's holiday in Port Elizabeth after just having gone through a messy divorce, and just needing a breathe of fresh air, I could not think of a better place to travel to but Port Elizabeth, as it is a clean and beautiful city."

  • 2013-10-15 Rating 4/5 : "The take-off is my favourite part of flying, where you’re travelling so fast that you start lifting off the ground and all of a sudden you’re going up but your stomach is going down and you have this incredible mix of excitement and nervousness."

  • 2013-07-18 Rating 5/5 : "It was the first time that I travelled for more than ten hours in a flight."

  • 2013-06-20 Rating 5/5 : "I am probably the world’s most terrified flyer and take offs and landings are not my thing!"

  • 22 Apr 2013 "I live in Cape Town and fly every week to Jhb. For 10 years my Business partner and I have loyally always only used SAA. Six months ago I switched to British Airways for the simple reason that when changing a flight there is no charge. SAA charges anything from R700 upwards for changing , and this is despite that it is the same class ticket. SAA lost 2 very loyal clients. A Big heads up for British Airways for getting it right. "

  • 29 Mar 2012 Rating 4/5 : "More rearranging, and with stuffed backpacks we eventually got through without paying".Karen Baker

  • 27 Nov 2011 Rating 4/5 : "On the flight back from Vilankulo I was again impressed by the quality of the service offered by the air hostesses "Rob Baker

  • 20 May 2011 "Mid-May my husband made last minute plans for me to join him in Durban for the weekend "

British Airways plane parked at Cape Town International Airport

  • 25 Apr 2011 Rating 5/5 "British Airways started flying the JNB-NLP route on the 4th May 2010 in Boeing 737-300 aircraft, and the 25th April 2011 was the first time we flew the route."

  • 5 Feb 2010 Rating 5/5 "British Airways were cheapest, so it was a no brainer to book our return flight from Durban to Cape Town with them"

  • 6 Dec 2009 Rating 5/5 "British Airways showered themselves with glory on this flight BA6425 from Johannesburg to Cape Town, on 6 Dec 2009, when they assisted our crying toddler by giving her some playing cards with animals"

Power outlets

First identify which plane you're flying on:

  • On 747s First, business (Club World) & economy plus (World Traveller Plus) seats have power points. Economy class (World Traveller) don't have power points.

  • On 777s there are power points in first class, business class premium economy and even in economy on some planes.

Special meals on BA Comair flights

Since 15 March 2012 Woolworth meals have no longer been served on board British Airways Comair flights. Instead, Food Directions, Comair's homegrown catering company, will be providing the food.

In Traveller on short sectors which are less than one hour (JNB-DUR, DUR-JNB, DUR-PLZ, PLZ-DUR), the only special meal British Airways will offer is Kosher.  In Club the following special meals will apply:

MOML - Moslem

KSML - Kosher

CHML - Child

DBML - Diabetic

VGML - Vegetarian

HNML - Hindu

GFML - Gluten free

LFML - Low cholesterol

For longer trips for both Club & Traveller, the above listed special meals will be offered.


Call centre

+27 11 921 0222

OR Tambo International Airport (Johannesburg)

+27 11 971 8200

Johannesburg head office

+27 11 921 0111



Office contact telephone numbers

Cape Town

021 936 9000


031 450 7000


+263 4 759173


+260 3 322 827

Nelspruit (Comair)

013 7500131

Port Elizabeth

041 508 8000

Victoria Falls

+263 13 42053


+264 61 248528

How to Book a British Airways Flight

(British Airways Comair flights may also be booked with Kulula)

Step 1 : Navigate to the British Airways bookings page. Notice the booking engine on the left. Fill in where you want to fly from, to, whether you want a one-way or return flights, your outbound date, return date, the flight class you prefer, how man adults/children/infants and then click the red "Find flights" button.

British Airways South Africa flight bookings engine

Step 2 : The flight times as well as the flight numbers (e.g. BA6231) are shown, as well as all economy and business class airfares. A warning is given if there are only a few seats remaining. Select your preferred flight and class and then click the red "Continue" button.

British Airways flight prices display in the booking process

Step 3 : After checking that you're happy with your flight price scroll down a bit. If you have a promotion code or an eVoucher, then fill in the details.

British Airways promotion code

Step 4 : Scroll down a bit further, and you then have the opportunity to pay a bit more to increase the flexibility of your flight or to upgrade your flight.

Upgrading a British Airways flight to business class or increase flexibility

Step 5 : Scroll down a bit more and you have the opportunity to donate to charity - One Destination or Changing Lives one Child at a Time.

Donate to charity with British Airways

Step 6 : If you are happy with everything on the page, then scroll down a bit more and click the "I agree to the statement above" and then the red "Continue" button. Then a screen will pop up asking whether you want to add a hotel or car rental booking. If you only want to book flights, then click the red "Continue with Flights Only" button.

Booking hotels or car rentals on the British Airways website

Step 7 : You will then be prompted to fill in the passenger details. Make sure that the details you fill in are exactly the same as on the passport or other travel documents you are using. You also provide your cellphone number to ensure you are informed about any changes.

Filling in passenger details on a British Airways booking

Step 8 : Then select your payment method. You have the option of paying with Visa/Mastercard/Discover/Diners Club/American Express or Airplus/UATP. Note that the credit card used must be presented at check-in. Click the red "Make Booking" button to finalise your reservation.

Payment options for a British Airways Comair flight

Luggage policy

Be sure to lock your baggage up securely, as it's been known for items to go missing. However, it's not always clearcut that something is amiss. For example, in this video it seemed like luggage had been rifled through, but nobody on flight B6418 had reported items missing; and it is common for bags to accidentally open whilst being loaded, and in this case the standard procedure was being followed.

2014-02-11 If, like most folk, you're travelling economy class on BA Comair flights, then you may check in one bag weighing a maximum of 23kg, for free. Business class travellers may take 2 bags weighing up to 23kg each. No monster bags - the bag may not be more than 90cm x 75cm x 43cm. If your bags weigh more than 23kg but less than 32kg will be charged a Heavy Bag Charge. Bags that weigh more than 32kg must be transported as cargo. Bags carried in addition to the Free Checked Baggage Allowance will be charged an Extra Bag Fee.

TIP: Pay for your extra bags or heavy bags online, it's cheaper than paying at the airport.

Checked Baggage Allowance on BA Comair routes only

Cabin / Traveller type


Club (from South Africa)

2 Bags

Club (ex Regional)

2 bags

Traveller (from South Africa)

1 Bag

Traveller (ex Regional)

1 Bag

Loyalty Programme
BA Executive Club (Silver & Gold)
AA & IB (Platinum, Plus Gold)

2 Bags


Same as adult allowance + pushchair + car seat


1 Bag allowance + pushchair + car seat

Sports & Music Equipment

Part of free checked baggage

For pets see BA Pet Travel

Not part of free checked baggage

Sporting & Hunting
Personal Firearms

Not part of free checked baggage

For full details on checked baggage items please refer to www.ba.com (which are also the official details, in cases of differences with the above)

Hand Baggage: Restricted to 1 piece per customer (weighing no more than 7kg with dimensions 56cm x 36cm x 23cm (115cm) + handbag or laptop or briefcase. 

If you are carrying heavier than your hand baggage allowance (weight, size or pieces) you will be referred back to check-in to check this baggage in and will pay any applicable fees. This may result in the customer being offloaded and any expenses incurred will be at the expense of the customer. In the event that Comair carries hand baggage in the aircraft hold due to unforeseen circumstances then all valuables must be removed from the baggage as Comair does not accept liability for loss of valuables carried in checked baggage as per Comair’s Conditions of Carriage.

British Airways' Skytrax rating

British Airways flights have a 4 star rating with Skytrax.

Flight routes

British Airways (run by Comair Limited) operates:

  • Flights to Johannesburg

    • Cape Town to Johannesburg

    • Durban to Johannesburg

    • Gaborone to Johannesburg

    • London to Johannesburg

    • Maputo to Johannesburg

    • Windhoek to Johannesburg

British Airways flights:

Flights to China

On 22 September 2013 BA flights to Chengdu in China were launched; joining Beijing (launched 1980), Hong Kong & Shanghai (launched 2005) as the 4 cities in China British Airways flies to.

British Airways' Executive Club

British Airways offers frequent flier miles to members of its executive club (their equivalent of South African Airways' Voyager program). Click on this link to enrol in British Airways Club Class and start enjoying the benefits (miles, separate check-in queues at some airports, etc...).

Lifteime Gold membership

In September 2013 BA launched a lifetime Gold membership for members who gather 35,000 or greater points over the course of their lives. Lifetime Gold Membership offers members double avios miles for their BA flights, an additional checked luggage allowance, the ability to take a guest in with them to BA's airport lounges, ability to reserve some of the best seats on the plane and first class check-in with oneworld & BA.


Here's what first class is like on the British Airways A380, which flies between Johannesburg and London Heathrow.

British Airways Comair Aircraft

"We're very happy to welcome the first Boeing 737-800 into our fleet as part of our overall Comair strategy. The total investment in the fleet upgrade is going to be around R3.5bn. The investment upgrade started in 2012 when we initially invested in our Kulula fleet. It formed part of 4 brand new aircraft plus 5 additional aircraft which essentially replaced all of the Kulula 737-400 fleet. The new aircraft will be carrying 158 passengers, and we will have 20 passengers in our Club Configuration as well as 138 passengers in travel. The aircraft themselves represent an 18% fuel saving, so in real terms we save around 2 million litres of fuel p.a. We are constantly looking to improve service and value in terms of our overall customer proposition, and this needs to be seen in light of running a sustainable airline business" said Iain Meaker, Commerical Distribution Executive at Comair, in September 2013.


Boeing 737-300


Boeing 737-400


Boeing 737-800


In August 2013 BA Comair will deploy its first Boeing 737-800.

Boeing 737-300




CFM 56-3B2

Cruise Speed

900 km/h


33.5 meters


28.9 meters

Boeing 737-400




CFM 56-3C1

Cruise Speed

900 km/h


36.5 meters


28.9 meters

Boeing 737-800





Cruise Speed

900 km/h


39.5 meters


35.8 meters

About British Airways

British Airways is a UK based airline, predominantly operating flights from London. Its South African franchise is run by Comair (which also flies the Kulula brand). Make your bookings on the British Airways site.

Maintenance of aircraft

South African Technical (SAT) have been appointed to repair and maintain the aircraft of British Airways South Africa.

British Airways versus South African Airways

In SouthAfrica.TO's experience British Airways offers superior service in terms of aircraft design, meals, check-in queues and marketing. Here's our analysis of British Airways versus South African Airways.

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