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It's not 5 stars, but the Victoria Falls Hotel is the spot for a traditional stay at a spot which is practically stuck in time. Go for a room which is facing the falls, and has a view of the bridge.

Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe and Zambia

Zambezi Sun

A say at the Zambezi Sun, footage of the viewing deck at sunset, supper at the hotel, helicopter ride over Victoria Falls, walk through the rain forest.


  • April 2013. Just opened for business - a new Pioneers Camp with 6 tents on the Upper Zambezi on the outskirts of Victoria Falls.

  • 19 February 2013. Albida Lodge announce that they will refurbish their Victoria Falls Safari Lodge during 2013. This follows the construction in 2012 of the Victoria Falls Safari Club.


Joan Larsen recommends a stay at the Victoria Falls Hotel to experience "a grand British colonial hotel befitting of the grand old days" - you'll enjoy its "gardens of frangipani & bougainvillea", the "chorus of frogs" and "immaculate lawns". There's the "best high tea on the continent" (ok, the Mount Nelson in Cape Town may disagree with that!), the "Edwardian rooms & lounges" & of course the sound of the falls & the sight of the mist rising up.

view from the Victoria Falls Hotel

Victoria Falls Hotel

2 Mallett Drive,
Victoria Falls,

Tel: +263 13 44751


List of hotels

A directory/list of the official contact details of hotels in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe.

Elephant Hills Resort

300 Park Way Drive,
Victoria Falls,

Tel: +263 13 44793

Stanley & Livingstone

Ursula Road ,
Victoria Falls,

Tel: +27 83 631 3888

The Kingdom at Victoria Falls

1 Mallett Drive,
Victoria Falls,

Tel: +263 13 44751

Victoria Falls Rest Camp & Lodges
(budget accommodation)

Victoria Falls,

Tel: +27 21 683 6444

Upstream of the falls there is:

Tongabezi Lodge

Tongabezi Lodge,

Tel: +260 213 327450

Bungee jumping

Here's footage of an Aussie bungee jumper, whose cord broke when she jumped off the bridge at Victoria Falls - she swam to safety.

"The Falls" by Madeline

As soon as l heard the news before l even realised it my eyes were
filled with tears. l could not control myself for it was a dream come

I had grown up hearing a lot of stories about Victoria Falls. I had
read about the mighty curtain of water that forms Victoria Falls in
newspapers and magazines. I had even seen??? its wonders on the
television. It was my dream that one day i should go on holiday to
this place locally known as Mosi-oa-Tunga or the Smoke that Thurnders.

It was in December of 2009 that my husband informed me that we were
going to Victoria Falls for Christmas holiday. I was so happy that i
could not sleep that night because of excitement.

It was on the 24th of December that we boarded a plane from Harare
International Airport to Victoria Falls around 19.00hrs. Within
forty-five minutes we arrived at Victorial Falls. We were booked in at the Holiday
Inn, a five star Hotel. We had a delicious supper that

I was stunned by the beautiful views of the mighty falls that was
pinned on the walls. When i peeped through the window, I was
fascinated by the night view of the falls during the night.

The next day we visted the falls. I discovered the mighty works of the
Lord. Watching the falls was amazing. Our journey ended on the 1st of
January 2010. Those days were amazing and unforgottable.

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