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Two MSC cruiseliners and a tropical island beach

Passengers on a speedboat departing from an MSC cruiseliner

A view of the MSC Sinfonia's new spray park

Waterpark on the deck of the MSC Sinfonia

Bartender on the MSC Sinfonia and mojito cocktail

Passenger posing on the top deck of the MSC Musica

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Cruise to Portuguese Island from Durban 2024/2025

Portuguese Island is a small, uninhabited, sandy island situated at the edge of Maputo Bay, very close to Inhaca Island. This is one of the most affordable and popular destinations to visit if you're looking to travel to an island on a cruise from South Africa. The 3 night-long weekend cruises go to Portugese Island, while the 4 night cruises usually visit Pomene (Maputo is not often visited anymore) - both departing from Durban. Ocean conditions are superb for landings on the island, and MSC have achieved a 98% success rate of visits to the island (in the other 2% the weather was too dangerous to ferry passengers to the island). Other than the buildings set up by MSC Cruises, Portuguese Island is compromised of pristine stretches of beach skirted by the warm waters of the Indian Ocean. A walk around the island is recommended, covering some 6km (put on sunblock!).

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22 Nov 2024 to 25 Nov 2024 - MSC Musica - Durban(South Africa), Portuguese Island(Mozambique), Durban - from R 7,145 pps*

06 Dec 2024 to 09 Dec 2024 - MSC Musica - Durban(South Africa), Portuguese Island(Mozambique), Durban - from R 6,945 pps*

13 Dec 2024 to 16 Dec 2024 - MSC Musica - Durban(South Africa), Portuguese Island(Mozambique), Durban - from R 6,945 pps*

20 Dec 2024 to 23 Dec 2024 - MSC Musica - Durban(South Africa), Portuguese Island(Mozambique), Durban - from R 9,245 pps*

23 Dec 2024 to 29 Dec 2024 - MSC Musica - Durban(South Africa), Pomene(Mozambique), Portuguese Island, Durban - from R 15,529 pps*

29 Dec 2024 to 10 Jan 2025 - MSC Musica - Durban, Port Louis, Mauritius; La Possession, Reunion; Portuguese Island, Mozambique, Durban - from R 31,847 pps*

10 Jan 2025 to 13 Jan 2025 - MSC Musica - Durban(South Africa), Portuguese Island(Mozambique), Durban - from R 7,445 pps*

17 Jan 2025 to 20 Jan 2025 - MSC Musica - Durban(South Africa), Portuguese Island(Mozambique), Durban - from R 5,945 pps*

31 Jan 2025 to 03 Feb 2025 - MSC Musica - Durban(South Africa), Portuguese Island(Mozambique), Durban - from R 6,345 pps*

07 Feb 2025 to 10 Feb 2025 - MSC Musica - Durban(South Africa), Portuguese Island(Mozambique), Durban - from R 5,945 pps*

14 Feb 2025 to 17 Feb 2025 - MSC Musica - Durban(South Africa), Portuguese Island(Mozambique), Durban - from R 6,045 pps*

21 Feb 2025 to 24 Feb 2025 - MSC Musica - Durban(South Africa), Portuguese Island(Mozambique), Durban - from R 5,945 pps*

28 Feb 2025 to 03 Mar 2025 - MSC Musica - Durban(South Africa), Portuguese Island(Mozambique), Durban - BHANGRA BASH - from R 7,102 pps*

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Portuguese Island
As your boat lands on Portuguese Island, here is the view to your left: Portuguese Island in Mozambique

And here is your view to the right - passengers from the ship are swimming in the warm seas, and many returning to the ship with their distinctive orange towels. On the island you will find locals are selling goods and music playing from the huts, where drinks and food are served, and one can relax in the lounges next to the bars:

Portuguese Island filled with passengers from the MSC Musica and their orange towels; many are queueing to return to the ship

As you can see in the map below, Portuguese Island is on the opposite side of the bay to Maputo. Zoom in to see the island in detail.

If a picture tells a thousand words, a video is an encyclopedia - watch the below to get a good idea of what the island is like. Obviously the video was taken in perfect weather; which is the case a lot of the time, but sometimes it's overcast, sometimes too windy so watersports are cancelled, and on rare occasions the water is too rough to even go to the island.

Here is a close-up of the island. As you can see, it's completely unspoilt, with the only structure being what MSC have built on the south-western part of the island. To the bottom right of the photo you can see a tiny bit of Inhaca Island.

Portuguese Island is sandy with light vegetation. The beachsands are great for going for a walk on, but do wear shoes, as the sand can get very hot in summer.

Top things to do on the Portuguese island

Portuguese island is a perfect getaway for families or friends looking for the original island experience. The key to making the most of this day trip is to enjoy the primitive charm of beach and clear warm water. Top tip: Usually most people flock to the closest spot once getting off the boat, but we recommend taking a stroll past the local vendors, buy some Tipo Tinto (Mozambiquan rum) and head to a spot further on, where it's less crowded to chill and relax in the lukewarm water. Remember an umbrella and sunscreen, as a long day in the sun can leave you looking like a crayfish! Umbrellas can be organised onboard.

Try a boat trip with a difference, it being in a traditional dhow boat:

Traditional Mozambican dhow boat at Portuguese Island

MSC Cruises may organise a game of beach volleyball:

Beach volleyball game on Portuguese Island

Shoppers can look through the range of clothing set up at the Portuguese Origins Market, a temporary market established by the locals.

Portuguese Origins Market on Portuguese Island

From the Ship to Portuguese Island

The cruise ship is anchored off Portuguese Island, and passengers are ferryed between the ship and Portuguese Island. In order to get off the ship you need a cruise card for each passenger, a completed indemnity form for each cabin, a green wristband for each passenger (to get food) and a tender ticket for each passenger.

Green wristband to allow you to get food on Portuguese Island Tender ticket numbers to get to Portuguese Island


Be prepared for a relatively bumpy ride, getting wet and to possibly have your hats blown off your heads (and before you ask, the boat doesn't turn round to pick it up).

To return to the MSC Sinfonia, you may need to stand in the queue for longer than you expect (an hour or two), so be sure to use sunblock.

Queue to get on a ferry from Portuguese Island back onto your ship

A few years ago MSC Cruises used to ferry passengers using zodiac speedboats. The trip could be a bit bumpy, and the wearing of lifejackets was compulsory.

Zodiac speedboat leaving the MSC Opera cruise ship

In the old days, to get back from Portuguese Island on the zodiacs, you needed to wear a life-jacket - one grabbed a life jacket from the pile on the sand south of the area with the hut, and then joined the queue to get onto a zodiac.

Lifejackets on Portuguese Island


Tip: If there is a 2 day stop at Portuguese Island and Inhaca, sometimes MSC only offers a free ferry to Inhaca on one of those days - be sure to check. Alternatively, take a boat transfer from the ship to Portuguese Island, and then an Inhaca Island Transfer from Portuguese Island to Inhaca. Check on the ship what the times are, as these can change; but the last boat transfer to Inhaca is usually at 2pm, and the last back from Inhaca to Portuguese Island is usually 3pm. To get your bearings, here's a map (found on Inhaca Island):

Map of Inhaca Island and Portuguese Island
We can see Cape Inhaca, Rasa Point, Torres Point, Inhaca Airport, the Marine Museum, Ponduine Point, the lighthouse and Mazondowe Point.

Portuguese Island

When you get to Inhaca, take a left turn on the beach and walk to Inhaca village. Inhaca village is not on the beach, so after about 300m (just after you see the boat in the photo below) turn right to go inland.

Boat on sand at Inhaca, saying "Snack Bar Marujo"

There are usually a few locals who will try to guide you or otherwise follow you, in the hope of getting a tip. Let them know upfront whether they will get anything (even if you say no, they often continue following, and may even sit outside a restaurant you go to, waiting for you).

Inhaca village

There are a few restaurants to eat at, on Inhaca: Lucas, Hotel Pestana and Erca. Erca offers some respite from the sun - note the MSC labelled beach umbrellas, and its modest claim to provide a "bar, restaurant, pub & everything"! We enjoyed a few beers and cooldrinks there. The Erca Bar overlooks the local market, and is across the road from Lucas. Lucas is well known for its tasty food. Note that the restaurants tend to take longer than South Africans may be accustomed to, to prepare and serve their dishes; so avoid the restaurants if you are running late.

Erca pub, bar, restuarant & everything! On Inhaca Island.

Here's a photo of one of the markets at Inhaca village:

Inhaca village market

At Erca, sample some of the local brew, 2M Mac Mahon beer:

2M Mac Mahon beer

Be sure to order a coconut to drink from the local market - it cost R10 when we were there in December 2014.

Inhaca shore excursion

Snorkelling at Inhaca Island
View from a zodiac of Inhaca Island

Read more about Shore Excursions to Inhaca island

History and Culture

The Portuguese island and Inhaca are two islands in the bay of Maputo off the coast of Maputo, Mozambique. On the map of the island, you can see that it looks like a big extension to the sandbanks of the lagoon of Inhaca. In the 16th century Portuguese traders used the Portuguese island as their main port to trade ivory, from there the previous name "Portuguese Elephant Island". The island has since not been further developed and maintain a modest inland surface with grassy dunes to explore if you've got some time to spare. Just remember to take some flip-flops - scorching sand is not your friend!

inlet in the interior of the Portuguese Island

Food, Drink and Shopping

No need to research the top markets and stores on the Portuguese Island, as the market will come to you! Buy some fresh mangoes, kiwis, coconuts, local rum, woodwork carvings, sarongs etc. from the local vendors walking around on the beach.
Facilities are limited, so if you don't feel like rocking up and seeing what's on offer, we recommend packing a day bag and bringing your own drinks and snacks to have a picnic.

MSC have built a lovely beach bar on the eastern end of Portuguese Island. It's got a vibey atmosphere, and is a good spot to enjoy a cocktail whilst soaking in the beach atmosphere. We did notice that the barmen aren't always aware of all the drinks on offer, so have a look around whilst waiting at the bar - and some drinks may not be available at one bar but is at another (Heineken Zero in my case).

Beach Bar on Portuguese Island

Arriving early at Portuguese Island is a huge advantage, as you can get the best spot - in my opinion the couches at the Palm Bar, overlooking the beach. Here's the view:

View of Portuguese Island's beach from the Palm Bar


1. Do I need a passport to go to the Portuguese island?
Probably the most frequently asked question - YES. The Portuguese island is part of Mozambique, so you will need a passport as you are visiting an international destination.

2. What currency is accepted on the island?
South African Rands, US dollars or (in the unlikely event that you have some) local currency.

3. How long do you stay on the island?
The ship stops at the island early in the morning and the last transfers are in the late afternoon (check the itinerary for your specific cruise for times).

Shore excursions from the Portuguese Island

The shore excursions change from time to time and are not available to book long in advance, but here's some info to help you get an idea of what's usually available. Note that the watersports are cancelled if the weather isn't conducive. Also note, that the prices have probably changed from those listed below - ask your cruise consultant what the current excursions are, and pricing.

Shore excursions to Inhaca island

Boats will take you from the vessel to the landing point, which is right in front of the in Inhaca Pestana Resort. There are some seafood restaurants, bars, curio stalls and the opportunity to do some bird-watching. This excursion departs very early and is weather-dependent. It is advised to wear beach wear and sandals, as during low-tide passengers will need to wade through knee-deep water.
You can choose between a regular transfer or a fast pass.

Coral Gardens Snorkelling Excursion

Starts from the Portuguese Island, a 30min sail to "Coral Gardens", the only surviving coral reef in Maputo.
Snorkelling gear is included (snorkel, mask, fins), but you're welcome to bring your own, as sizes are not guaranteed. There is a variety of marine life that to be explored; and it's highly unlikely, but is possible, that you'll spot a Dugong. There is a cash bar on the zodiac for your convenience (soft drinks and water). Kids below 12 can't take part in this trip. Passengers need to be medically fit (no back or heart or ear problems, allergies or if you are currently taking meds - please check as failure to take notice won't be refunded of you're not allowed go). Visibility depends on the conditions of the day. It's advised not to drink alcohol before going and wear a shirt, hat and sunscreen. DON'T stand on the coral! We want to preserve it for as long as possible.

Sea Kayaking

Minimum age is 12 years old. Trip is 30 minutes (starting from the time you collect your life jackets).

Fun Torpedo

Fun fun fun on an 8 rider! Minimum age is 8 years old (Parental supvision is required for children 8 - 12 year old). 10 minutes. Participants need to be able swimmers. Eight riders, max weight 90 kg p.p.

Exclusive Beach Lounger

This gives you priority in getting off the boat at Portuguese Island; and allows you to be pampered and feel like a king at the island - you'll get your own beach umbrella, lounger (hence the name) and drinks table, along with a free drink an fruit plate. The exclusive area in which you'll be placed will include a private bar service.

Dolphin watching

Island Transfers

If there's any chance of the weather worsening during the day, go as early as possible, as the Captain will not hesitate to stop transfers to Portuguese Island if there's any risk involved.

MSC used to transfer passengers from the Opera and Sinfonia to Portuguese Island on "zodiacs", which are hard hulled rubber ducks. Nowadays, far larger "tender boats" are used, but you should still expect to get wet (especially if you sit on the side seats) as the boat pounds into the swells again and again. The boats used are the MSC Flamingo, MSC Albatross, MSC Pelican and MSC Ibis. With 4 boats and transfers taking about 10 minutes, there's a boat arriving at the beach about every 3 minutes - it is a very slick and well organised operation.

Boat transfer from the MSC Sinfonia to Portuguese Island in the MSC Flamingo

Here's the MSC Pelican landed on Portuguese Island and fully loaded, whilst passengers queue to get on the next tender boat:

MSC Pelican at Portuguese Island

And here are passengers boarding the MSC Flamingo on the same day:

Passengers boarding the MSC Flamingo on Portuguese Island

The MSC Portuguese Island Experience

On the Island MSC chefs braai meat and cook food to be served to the many passengers. As there can be over 2000 passengers and almost everybody wants to get off the ship, facilities can get a bit crowded, but there's plenty of place on the island for those willing to venture off.

Activities include snorkelling on the reef off Inhaca, going for a walk around Portuguese Island (takes about 2 hours) and visiting Inhaca. The best thing to do, though, is to relax in the calm warm waters.

Recommended Cruise for Families

Portuguese Island Cruises are rated 4.8/5 based on 4 customer reviews

Rating 5/5

I cruised for the first time from Durban to the Portuguese Island with MSC Sinfonia from the 27th to the 31st of March for our 10th Wedding Anniversary and it was the best decision ever. I have been recommending it to my friends as the perfect holiday. The food was great and available around the clock. We had fun 24/7 as there was never a dull moment on the ship.

Their entertainment crew has lots of energy that rubs into you. My review on a scale of 1 to 5: I will rate it 5. Reason being that tasty and delicious food was offered. Room service and cleanliness was beyond my expectation. Entertainment was excellent. I was also impressed by their punctuality. To sum it up if you are a happy person in general you will enjoy the cruise. The negative reviews you see are perhaps from individuals who are critical and inclined to let negative encounters overshadow many positive experiences.

I experienced a few hiccups especially with some of the staff members at the reception and photo gallery but I attributed it to cultural differences and the language barrier. Also the pressure to help more than 2000 people on the ship. This was not the last time that I cruised. I will definitely save up for the next experience.

Rating 5/5 During 2011 I went on a cruise to Portuguese Island, it was amazingly beautiful. The weather conditions were not favourable due to Cyclone Funso that resulted in rough turbulent seas. We could not walk straight onboard and the ship rocked all day and night. We had so much fun and it was fabulous despite not being able to visit the Island due to bad weather. The entertainment and food was great. We enjoyed it so much that we went again in 2012. I would love to go again anytime.

Rating 5/5 Me and my family went on vacation in September 2013 to Portuguese Island on board the MSC Sinfonia. We had the best time of our lives! The cabin was spacious and had a nice window (oceanview cabin) & the kids were running around doing everything they could on board. The island was very nice and the ship's crew set up a BBQ. Will definitely cruise again, but this time for my wife's birthday (all day massage for her!). I recommend this cruise for families everywhere.

Travel Review

Rating 5/5 4’Oclock in the morning, how can anyone be up so early and be so happy (me thinking this of my hubby Eddie Pillay).  It was not long and I started smiling and thinking how awesome this trip was going to be after the year he'd had - he really needs to relax and take it easy…lol not my hubby. By 9’O clock we had landed in Durban airport and were waiting for the transfer. I couldn’t wait to show Eddie my gift to him, you see Eddie was in hospital for 1 week in July and 2 weeks in September… all I have to say is he made it, by the grace of God he is still here today and this trip was to celebrate life!

This was my 3rd cruise & the 1st for Eddie, and believe me, I knew I would get sea sick like I did before this but nothing could stop me from being on the ocean, I just love it. The excitement in the air at the airport as we wait for the transfer, the people and the stories they tell you, of how many of trips they had gone on, makes it just so much more exciting. Seeing the excitement in Eddie eyes as he is taking in everything like a child in a candy store made getting up early worthwhile hehehe. As we entered the port, this beautiful big ship standing there waiting just for us to explore her, to have fun and be happy on for 3 awesome days, this would be our home with no care in the world just us on this beauty. As I watched my hubby looking at this ship in wonder as if it was the most beautiful thing he has ever seen, I knew this was the perfect gift. When we went to our suite it was awesome, I dropped our bags and we made our way outside to go explore the boat, so many things were happening at that time out there, they were dancing on the 12th deck making everyone feel welcome, and the entertainment went on till the next  morning. On our first night I got sick, yes & I got it bad, like stay in bed bad, but this did not stop me at all - we went to dinner, took in a show, we stayed entertained by all the things going on around us and we walked around on the boat. Our night was great!

boat on Portuguese Island

Portuguese Island with its warm blue waters and tropical fish swimming in the waters - it was like being in a semi-warm bath - you just wanted to stay in it. Watching Eddie, how he enjoyed himself, was priceless - talking to the locals, making friends, getting to know all about the island, taking in everything he could step by step. We took a very long walk on the white hot beach exploring every dune and checking out everything we could in the short time we had to do so. The unspoiled beauty of the island made me think how lucky most of us are, at being able to enjoy this - so blessed, to afford to come here. I know God is close to us and seeing this place so beautiful just made me more aware of how blessed we are. This is one of the most memorable trips we ever took, doing things together - the experience and memories will last a life time.

sunset at Portuguese Island

Our last day onboard this beauty, sad but yet existed, knowing it will not be our last.  Anchored in the deep blue sea, sitting on our balcony just enjoying being by ourselves with these awesome surroundings is what peace is all about, no stress just total peace.

As we disembarked I still felt the excitement of being on the trip - the next phase of which would be to share with all our great experience and to plan our next boat trip. As we set foot on SA ground we found Eddie's bag was lost hehehe - ok it was not lost just misplaced for an hour and a half. I can truly say after a hard year behind us this was a great and awesome trip, oh yes, all was well, bag was found and we continued on with the other part of our holiday a week in PMB.  

No matter how hard you have it, God always has a place in mind where you can go and have peace, be at one with what He has created for his people to enjoy,  we just came from such a place the “MSC Sinfonia” and its adventures. ;-)    

Rating 4/ 5 portuguese island holiday The Portuguese island trip is one of our memorable vaccation vaccation as a family and it was our first cruise. The voyage with msc was fantastic and unforgettable. They have amazing staff and plenty of activities on board. We enjoyed the swimming pool and the Jacuzzi our little one love swimming. The beach was awesome. The waters were warm and the wire no big waves. My husband enjoyed the Mr msc competition and he came second at the beach the dances were cool. It was so short because every hour was packed with action. The food is awesome. Plenty to our satisfaction. So much to say. But i can only say it was fabulous.

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A view of Maputo's skyline

Venice's harbour

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