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Up to 40% discount on MSC Opera & Silver Wind cruises from Durban. Cruise to Portuguese Island (near Inhaca Island, off Maputo, Mozambique), Inhambane, Mauritius, Reunion, Madagascar or Cape Town.

  • Newsflash : The 2016 South African Investment cruise is taking place in April 2016; from Durban to Portuguese Island - the perfect combination of luxury cruising & profitable insights.

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Durban cruises are known to be the best in South Africa because of their favourable weather conditions (unfortunately cruises from Cape Town suffer the curse of the prevailing south-easterly wind), the warm waters of the Indian Ocean (compared to the chilly waters around Cape Town) and quality destinations - think beautiful Indian Ocean island destinations and sun-drenched beaches of Mozambique.

Durban harbour from a cruise ship

Durban Cruise Specials
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News & History

  • 6 March 2014 : Durban harbour & King Shaka Airport are under increased security arrangements as a result of recent drug busts.

  • 1 Mar 2014 - The MSC Sinfonia sets sail from Durban, saying its final goodbyes to the Port of Durban, where she's spent several seasons giving passengers oodles of joy on her cruise to Mauritius, Reunion, Madagascar and Mozambique. In the 2014/2015 cruise season she wont be returning, but rather the MSC Opera will be the sole ship coming to SA.

  • 10 Feb 2014 - MSC Cruises has upgraded the facilities on the Portuguese Island, increasing the size of the buffet area, introducing sports facilities, a larger bar area and a play area for the children. New and exciting shore excursions have been arranged for the island, including more water sports activities.

  • 22 May 2013 : The top 6 cruises from Durban

  • 20 November 2012: The MSC Opera arrives in Durban for the first time.

  • From Dec 2010 to Feb 2011 there were some MSC Melody Durban cruises.

viewing deck of the MSC Sinfonia as she cruises from Durban HarbourMSC Sinfonia cruise ship leaving Durban harbour

Proposed Kyknet Cruise 2015 - MSC Opera

Surcharge of R900 per adult for entertainment.






Durban, Portuguese Island, Durban

06 Feb 2015

09 Feb 2015

Proposed Huisgenoot Cruise 2015 - MSC Sinfonia

Surcharge of R900 per adult for entertainment.






Durban, Portuguese Island, Durban

27 Feb 2015

02 Mar 2015


MSC Sinfonia leaves Durban City

Popular Routes

MSC Cruises South Africa operates boat trip along all the above routes. There are also the occassional crusies from other liners, like Silversea.

Reviews of cruises from Durban

  • 06 January 2015: Rating 4.5/5: "On the 8th to the 12th of December 2014, I went on a cruise to Portuguese islands and Inhaca islands, when checking in at Durban port ,the procedure took so long as I had to wait for almost an hour to get through but it was worth waiting for ,as the moment I entered that paradise hall , I knew that I belonged there, ,as I was welcomed by friendly cruise attendants,who explained every little thing I needed to know sufficiently. To top it all safety was enforced by the crew by demonstrating to us how to use life jackets in case of an emergency, and also our safety spots to rush to during the emergency alarm moments. The entertainment life is so fabouuuloous on that ship as it caters for all age groups, oow I even won the brains of the day award on the 8th of December 2014 during the daily afternoon quiz session. I am very certain that my next cruise I am taking my husband, mom, mom in law, brothers, my three kids as kids cruise for free and so much fun for them with the love showered by cruise attendants during their activities. Thank you MSC cruise team for a wonderful experience". Botho Seitshiro.

  • 22 September 2013 : Rating 3/5 : The last cruise I was on was in January 2013 to Maputo. It was supposed to be to Portuguese islands but we missed that and we spent a day just in reach of Maputo, but could not get off due to the weather. The following day we therefore went to Maputo and then straight back home. So we spent 3 days at sea and one day at port and that was it. And the funny thing is that just the previous December I was on the same ship on the New Years cruise to Mauritius and what was meant to be 3 days on the sunny island ended in a few hours only. So both my trips were very traumati. Even the staff asked what do I do for a living as I was cruising back to back almost. Hoping that his cruise will change my mind about cruising and I'm sure some cruise vouchers will ease the pain. Hope third time lucky to actually see what I'm going to see. Mary-Ann Warries.

  • 30 August 2013 : Antonia and family cruise from Durban to Maputo on the MSC Sinfonia, dancing the night away, and visiting the buzzing market.

  • 14 August 2013 : Rating 5/5 : My wife and I got married on 12 January 2013. Our dream honeymoon was to take a cruise ship from Durban, up the east coast of Africa. I contacted South Africa Travel Online for a quote and was pleasantly surprised with the speed at which I was contacted. I received great service and prices from Victor Bunjira, who did all the admin work quickly and professionally with a great attitude. A couple of days before we were to set of for the cruise I realised that I didn't save the e-tickets on my personal laptop we were taking with us. I called Victor, all stressed out, and he helped immediately and sent me the tickets. The cruise was an amazing experience for us, and something that we will never forget! All in all I received great service and I would definitely make use of the services of South Africa Travel Online again! Thank you for everything! Henko Spangenberg

  • 4 August 2013 : Rating 4/5 : "Hi potential shipmates. Why don't you experience the most wonderful vacation ever. 31 January 2013 we departed on our third cruise that was organised in ten days. Thank you MSC for your professional service.  We took our teenage daughters with - they were sixteen and we only paid port taxes. Needless to say they are hooked too and can't wait for our next cruise. We boarded a Mango flight to Durban at Oliver Tambo Airport.  Comment: Flights two days before or after a cruise are often cheaper than flights on the the day cruises depart so why not stay over in Durban for a night or two. When the flight landed at King Shaka we just made the last bus to the ship. Comment : Next time we will use the shuttle service from the airport it costs R70 p/p. When we arrived at the boarding bay we were told that we are not cruising to Madagascar because there was a cylone. So our destination was the same as our previous cruise.  Comment: You get a discount voucher if the Port of destination change.  Get your discount voucher on the ship , no one told us an although we tried for weeks afterwards we could not get the voucher. We loved our cabin with a big window. The previous cruises we had an inside cabin. Comment: Get some motion sickness tablets at Clicks - it works perfectly and costs R29. Drink one before you board the ship. We went for a quick tour of the ship. Joined the departure party and did the emergency drill. Back to our cabin to get ready for the evening programme. Believe me the cabin is big enough for four ladies to shower, do hair and get dressed for the evening session. We went to the Bingo show, the concert, the lounge and the disco and then to bed for a few hours sleep.  We went to shore at the Portuguese Island on the last boat because the sea was rough, an experience in itself. The sea and the sun is wonderful and MSC holds a great Italian braai on the shore. No boerewors or chops rather sausage and patties. Our motto: Do everything! Don't try to diet! The food was even better than the previous year and we enjoyed the exotic foods like turkey, duck and Indian food. Comment: Don't forget extra money for the beautiful photos, it is expensive but absolutely worth it. Bring basic medication, a headache pill can cost you a few dollars.  The whole experience is like a fairytale. Leave everything behind and just focus on enjoying yourself. So relaxing to enjoy a few worryless days. This is a life changing experience." Marlene Heyns

  • 2013. Samantha spends hardly any time in her cabin on her MSC Durban cruise - the guys travelling with her were lucky enough to meet up with the captain below deck and play cards with him!

romance on the MSC Opera

  • 2013. Anthea takes her kids on an MSC Opera cruise for the first time, and they lap it up, enjoying the poolside, theatre, dancing, jacuzzis and the splendour of the ship: "I have grown addicted to cruising and already looking at what my next route would be. The staff, service and everything about MSC is of such a calibre that no one wanted to leave".

Mithea & Anthea on the MSC Opera at the poolside

  • 2013. Craig heads off with the Mrs for a 25th anniversary cruise on the Sinfonia to Mauritius, Madagascar & Reunion: His adventures included bumping into a couple of sailor girls at Durban Harbour, and getting roped in as a wedding photographer.

  • 2013. Ingrid & Eddie sail from Durban to Portuguese Island: "Eddie was in hospital for 1 week in July and 2 weeks in September… all I have to say is he made it, by the grace of God he is still here today and this trip was to celebrate life!"

  • 2013. Nisha & Riaaz cruise from Durban to Inhambane: "As nature lovers and people who appreciate the beauty of the ocean and its inhabitants, we were in absolute euphoria. With increased jubilation, we decided to swim in the cool blue waters of the shores of Inhambane Bay".

  • 2013. Fairouza wins a Sinfonia cruise from Durban as a work incentive: "I’m saving every penny as I wish to take my family along on my next cruise. The 1st words from my hubby on my return at the airport was: ”Did you ever sleep?”  I must confess I hardly slept there was just so much to do."

  • 2012. Amanda cruises from Durban to Mauritius on the MSC Sinfonia with her family. We particularly liked this feedback: "I stumbled across the SouthAfrica.TO website, made an enquiry and got the best deal of my life! More helpful & professional will be hard to find!"

King Neptune party on the MSC Sinfonia as crosses the tropic of Capricorn

  • 2010. Here's a review of a cruise from Durban on the MSC Sinfonia, by Chelna Mare, just after she started working at South Africa Travel Online.

Whilst there are mostly MSC cruises from Durban, on the MSC Opera and MSC Sinfonia, in January 2014 season we are also offering ultra-luxury cruises from Silversea.

Port of Durban

The Port of Durban is the busiest in South Africa and has the largest container terminal in the southern hemisphere. It's common to see ships waiting outside the harbour for their turn to enter (they're helped in and out by a guide who is carried by helicopter to the ship). The port serves not only Durban, but is also used as a point from which to transport goods to and from Gauteng, the economic hub of South Africa. The Port of Durban is run by Transnet National Ports Authority. A major initiative being looked at is developing a dig-out port where the old Durban International Airport was located (south of Durban), and moving the single buoy mooring oil loading facility.

Cruise ships berth outside N Shed, T-Jetty, at the dedicated passenger terminal facility. In addition to cargo and cruises, there are also quays for commercial fishing boats at the Silt Channel & Maydon Wharf and marinas for yachting.

Car Park

There's a large car park at Durban harbour where cruise passengers can leave their vehicles whilst they enjoy their boat trip.

Richards Bay

As you leave the Port of Durban and head north you'll pass Richards Bay - keep an eye out for loads of ships ferrying coal from South Africa to India and China - it's quite a sight to behold.

What to do in Durban before and after your cruise

Durban offers perfect beach weather all year round even when the rest of the country is freezing! So the number one thing to do while you are in Durban is head to the beach for a day of fun in the sun. The famous North beach stretch is great for surfing and swimming and also offers some great spots to eat and drink with a view of the sea. Within walking distance is uShaka Marine World which is a must visit for families. Here the kids (and young at heart) can enjoy loads of fun water slides as well as dolphin and seal shows and an aquarium.

Adventure seekers should be sure to visit the Moses Mabhida Stadium which hosted some 2010 soccer world cup matches. Here, visitors can try out the SkyCar ride to the top of the stadium's arch to enjoy spectacular views of Durban. The stadium also boasts the world's only stadium Big Swing which is not for the faint hearted.

If you are feeling lucky, visit the Suncoast Casino and Entertainment World to try your hand at some gambling. For the shopaholics, Gateway Theatre of shopping will not disappoint.

Durban is famous for its curries so make sure you don't leave without trying one!

Big Rush in Durban

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