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Latest News

  • 2017-01-24: Mango acting CEO Nic Vlok announced that he will be retiring at the end of February, after ten years with the brand. No news yet as to who will replace him. The airline hasn't appointed a permanent CEO since Nico Bezuidenhout left in August last year. Rumours that J Malik from Skywise will take over the reigns haven't been confirmed.

  • 2016-10-06: Mango Airlines has reported a loss for the 2015/2016 financial year, only the second time ever since the airline became operational ten years ago! SAA's Annual Integrated report did not stipulate the specific loss made by Mango, but according to this report SAA's total loss decreased from R5.6 billion in the previous year to R1.5 billion.

  • 2016-09-15: Rumours are swirling that ex-Skywise co-chairperson J Malik will be taking over the reigns at Mango. Hein Keiser, Mango spokesperson, has confirmed that J Malik is being considered but that, “[n]o decision has been made.” “The board is still in the process [of appointing a new ceo] and the decision will be reviewed at a board meeting in this regard.” Former CEO Nico Bezuidenout left the airline at the end of July to be replaced by Nic Vlok in a temporary position. Should Malik be appointed by Mango he might find himself on the receiving end of the government assistance he so heavily argued against and later pleaded for for Skywise.

  • 2016-08-04: Nic Vlok has taken up the position of acting CEO since Nico Bezuidenhout left the airline at the end of July. Nic Vlok was the airline's GM of operations, but it is not the first time he has taken on the roll of acting CEO. Nic also filled the role during Nico's short stint at SAA. Mango has said that the board will start looking for a permanent replacement shortly.

  • 2016-06-17: Shortly after Mango CEO Nico Bezuidenhout announced his resignation, SAA's Dudu Myeni made some incriminating claims. She had claimed that SAA subsidised Mango and leased planes to the airline at significantly discounted costs, whilst SAA continued to pay the market-related premium to the lessor. This would have amounted to a violation of the Competition Acts, which could cost both airlines. Mango denied this, stating that they only leased aircraft from SAA at the beginning and that this was not at a discounted rate. SAA has since also retracted their statements. When asked whether Mango was being subsidised by SAA they said, "It is outright, straightforward, not true. Mango had paid market-related lease rates and since 2010 had negotiated new deals directly with leasing companies." Whilst this might be enough for some, low-cost airline Skywise seems to view this as confirmation of what they have been saying all along: That SAA and Mango benefits unfairly from state funding. The DA has said it will lay a complaint with the competition Commission.

  • 2016-06-10: Mango's CEO, Nico Bezuidenhout, made a shocking announcement yesterday when he announced that he will be leaving the low cost airline. Having started Mango exactly ten years ago, he will be leaving his baby for FastJet where he will take up the roll as CEO and join the airline's board of directors in August 2016. Nico has confirmed that he still believes in Mango's future: “While I will take my leave from the airline to pursue further career opportunities, my passion and absolute belief in Mango’s past, current and ongoing success remains firm." Will this be the end for the airline as we know it? I guess we'll just have to wait and see!

  • 2016-03-15: Due to the incredibly high demand for flights between Johannesburg and Cape Town over the Easter weekend, Mango has decided to increase their flights on the route. “Demand for Mango flights has seen a marked increase over the past couple of months,” said Mango spokesperson Hein Kaiser. A single ticket on the Friday could cost anything from R1200 on Mango, with flight prices on Easter Sunday starting from R3300! Passengers would be wise to make use of a flight comparison booking tool to find cheaper options like those on SAA, Kulula and FlySafair.

  • 2016-04-14: Deputy Minister of Public Enterprises Bulelani Magwanishe surprised yesterday in Parliament when he declared that a decision on the merger of SAA, SA Express and Mango would be reached soon. As the only money-making airline the state owns, many thought Mango would be excluded from any potential mergers.

  • 2016-03-15: Due to the incredibly high demand for flights between Johannesburg and Cape Town over the Easter weekend, Mango has decided to increase their flights on the route. “Demand for Mango flights has seen a marked increase over the past couple of months,” said Mango spokesperson Hein Kaiser. A single ticket on the Friday could cost anything from R1200 on Mango, with flight prices on Easter Sunday starting from R3300! Passengers would be wise to make use of a flight comparison booking tool to find cheaper options like those on SAA, Kulula and FlySafair.

  • 2016-02-25: Could the orange planes dominating our skies soon be a thing of the past? Following Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan's budget speech in which he unveiled his plan to have SAA and SA Express merge, FlySafair has expressed their willingness to buy Mango. When questioned on whether they would be interested in a minority share in a merged SAA and SA Express, FlySafair answered that they would be more inclined to buy Mango if the government were to sell the airline at the right price. FlySafair's CEO Elmar Conradie said that Mango would be a natural extension and that they have a similar business model and fleet. If and when the government decides to put Mango on sale, at least they know they'll have a buyer. We suppose those orange planes will be recovered in pink and turquoise.

  • 2015-09-28: Mango has announced that they are looking into possibly starting international flights from South Africa to Mauritius and Kilimanjaro. This follows previous statements from Mango CEO Nico Bezuidenhout stating that the currently low cost domestic flights are not sustainable for airlines. He added that Mango's flights to Tanzania are highly lucrative. We will probably hear more about this in the next 12 months.

  • 2015-07-07: Congratulations! Mango has been awarded the second most on-time airline during June on, a global airline monitoring website. Among the strict guidelines airlines had to complete a minimum of 1500 flights during the month, eliminating other airlines with good on-time performances. Mango was the only African airline to make the top 5 with an average on-time performance of 95.5%.

  • 2015-07-06: In what can only be described as a tragedy a middle-aged man passed away on a Mango flight between Johannesburg and Cape Town last week. Passengers described how the slightly overweight man seemed to have some heart difficulty and commmended the airline staff for doing their best to preserve the man's life and keep other passengers calm and comfortable. The flight was diverted to George as it was the nearest available airport, although by the time they landed the unnamed passenger had already passed away. This is the second passennger to pass away on a Mango flight this year. Earlier this year an elderly lady passed away on a Mango plane as the plane was boarding.

  • 2015-05-07: Mango is actively seeking to help SA's unemployed youth by hosting another Career Day through which they hope to instill a passion in learners for aviation. The two day Career Day will take place on the 8th and 9th of May 2015 with an attractive air show on the second. Zwartkop Air Force Base will celebrate the Air Force’s 95th anniversary in spectacular fashion with an air show. The Mango, TETA and South African Air Force Career Day is expected to attract 5000 learners on Friday 8 May. “Exhibitors from across the aviation sector will showcase career opportunities from becoming a pilot or cabin crew through to aviation support services,” says Kaiser. In addition, flight simulators and the SAA Vulindlela Aviation Experience truck will also provide learners with further inspiration. This will be Mango's 24th Career Day and enables them to interact with people from all walks of life, some of whom have never had the opportunity to fly.  

  • 2015-05-05: Mango reports that flights from Cape Town and Johannesburg to the Garden Route (George and Port Elizabeth) has been some of their best performing routes during the first quarter of the year. To date the airline has carried more than 460 000 visitors to and from the Garden Route, with load factors over 80% on all routes. “Load factors are encouraging,” says spokesperson Hein Kaiser.“Our Cape Town-Port Elizabeth route is also performing strongly with a load factor average of 86%.” Although the airline did feel the effect of new competition on the route at the start of the quarter, they remain a firm favourite among South Africans with market shares increasing. Mango gained13.5% on the Joburg-PE route and 20% on the Cape Town-PE route. Hein said that they appreciate their customers commitment, "No business amounts to much without its customers and, Mango’s success is directly related to the support of our Guest."

  • 2015-03-02: You might notice that Mango's air hostesses have an extra spring in their step. That is most likely down to their brand spankin' new outfits. See if you can spot all three outfits on your next Mango flight.

    Mango Airlines new outfits.

    Mango Airlines Air Hostesses new outfits.

  • 2015-01-06: Mango airlines has experienced flight delays on 20% of their morning flights in and out of Durban today because they were unable to refuel their planes. The airline was unable to refuel their aircraft because of the power outage at the airport. After shaking around their aircrafts and flying in fuel from other airports, their flights were back on schedule by midday. Refuelling at the airport is still not possible but Mango says that they do not expect any more delays.

  • 2014-12-17: Fly Mango for a clear conscious! Not something you'd usually associate with an airline, but Mango just went green (no, they didn't partner with Kulula!). Today they announced that they are becoming the first non-IATA (International Air Transportation Association) member airline to join the IATA Carbon Offset Programme, becoming the first low-cost carrier to join a globally recognised program.

From today you'll be able to pay a R6 Green Fee, calculated at an average of 119g of CO2, when you book your Mango flight on their website or app. This will not only reduce your carbon footprint but will also benefit local families as all Green Fees are invested in a local South African solar pressure heater project. The airline industry often gets a lot of slack for their contribution to pollution so it is nice to see them actually working against this and taking social responsibility.

  • 2014-11-26: A drunk passengers on board Mango’s flight from Port Elizabeth to Johannesburg on the 23rd of November 2014 was arrested when the airline landed in Johannesburg because he urinated in the plane’s galley in front of the crew and passengers. The passenger wanted to use the lavatory which is not allowed and after the crew told him to go and sit down he urinated right in front of them. The passenger was forced to clean up after himself after he urinated. He was released on Monday after he briefly appeared in court.

  • 2014-11-20: Mango Airlines have just announced a new partnership with Avis Rent a Car which allows passengers who have booked Mango flights to get preferrential rates. Great news just before the holiday season!

  • 2014-11-17: Tech lovers will definitely find a good reason to travel with Mango this festive season. From the 15th of November until the 15th of January 2015 Mango will offer passengers 30 minutes worth free Wi-Fi onboard. Even better, if you book flights for travel between now and the end of December before the end of the month you could win a Lenovo 8 inch Yoga tablet. Mango is making it easy to keep up to date with work and fun!

  • 2014-10-13: With two new Boeing 737-800s being added to Mango’s fleet this year, the airline has been considering adding new routes to the East African seaboard. The airline believes that the domestic market is already saturated but there is opportunity on routes that they do not operate on yet. Mango suspects that another start up airline will enter the market in 2015. They believe that the market is already flooded as is and that another airline entering the market will exhaust it. Mango currently only flies to one destination on the East Coast of Africa, Zanzibar. They have not released any information as to which destinations they are planning to fly to. Our guess is Mauritius, Seychelles or maybe to Mozambique.

  • 2014-10-13: Fake accounts on social networking site Instagram bearing Mango's brand have been promising complimentary flights for the first 12 500 users who follow them. In a statement Mango has said that the account is not an official Mango account and that users should ignore promises from the account while the airline tries to delete the account. The airline urges consumers not to provide personal information of any kind to any platforms, social or retail that are outside of Mango's official communication channels.

  • 2014-10-01: Mango has reported a record nett profit of R40mil and R56.1mil before tax profit for their financial year which ended on the 31st of March 2014. This is the airline’s highest ever profit with before tax profit being 19.2mil more than the previous year. The airline’s revenue has increased by 42% as a result of their capacity growth of 25.62% during the 2013/2014 fiscal year. The flights that were added during this period were the twice weekly flights between Zanzibar and Joburg as well as three weekly flights between Joburg and George. Mango achieved all of this despite the reported 0.4% decline in domestic traffic. Well done to Africa’s best low cost carrier!


  • Mango announced yesterday that they are launching an internship programme which will see them taking in 42 young previously disadvantaged females this year. Whilst the females will gain experience accross several aspects of the business, most of them will be trained as air hostesses and five will go on to study for a qualification in Flight Dispatch. Mango spokesperson Hein Kaiser said, “The launch of our internship programme completes the equation,” following the interest they created with their Mango Career Days which they have presented at various schools over the part 36 months.

  • Mango is advertising a job opening for an IT guru. They are seeking a Windows Developer with at least 3 years’ experience with Microsoft’s .NET development systems. People with tertiary computer science or information technology education will have an advantage as degrees like a BSc/BCom in Computer Science/Information Technology are desirable. The main objective of the job is to support the Technical Lead to make Mango the most innovative airline in SA.

  • Another IT guru needed! Mango is seeking a Technical Lead with at least 7 to 10 years experience in a project leadership role. Required tertiary education includes a project management qualification as well as either a BSc or BCom in Computer Science or Information Technology. The successful candidate will have to lead a team and delegate work well as this is a senior position.

  • Head of Sales position up for grabs. This position requires a people’s person with great planning, analytical and selling skills who is able to manage people and conflict very well. Tertiary education in a related field will be advantageous and a minimum of 3 years’ experience in a sales management role is required.

Old News

  • Huge congratulations are in order for Mango Airlines! They have been named the best low cost airline in Africa at the 2014 World Airline Awards presented at the Farnborough International Air Show. Mango beat competition in Africa and South Africa to take the top spot determined by customers' votes. This places Mango Airlines amongst the top 100 global airlines. It is just another good reason to fly Mango!

  • Mango ran a sale week which required people to download the Mango app to get access to R1 (excluding taxes) airfares. This sale saw the download numbers of Mango’s new app skyrocket through all app stores in South Africa. It reached the top spot in the South African iTunes download chart last week. The app is available for Apple, Blackberry 10 and Android devices. Downloaded on an average of 30 000 times a day between Tuesday and Friday this campaign has been highly successful and mango has vowed to keep developing innovative products and services to bring to the market.

  • 26 to 27 March 2014 : Want to work for an airline? Maybe become a pilot or a member of the cabin crew? Or work perhaps you've got a technical bent and would like to work on aircraft maintenance? Mango Airlines are running a careers day in Athlone, Cape Town, at the Ned Doman High School (from 09h00 until 16h00). SAA Technical & South African Airways will also be at the careers days.

  • If travelling on time is worth something to you - Mango Airlines have been the most on time for flights to King Shaka International Airport in February 2014.

  • Mango's 101 pilots may go on strike on the weekend of the 31st Jan to the 2nd Feb 2014, after the Solidarity union (to which 90% of them belong) got permission to strike on 48 hours notice from the CCMA. Their gripe is that the salaries of Mango's pilots are 32% below that of Comair and 40% below that of South African Airways. The origins of the unhappiness is an agreement from 2011, where Mango undertook to bring its pilots' pay in line with other LCCs by 2014. In 2011 when both 1time and Velvet Sky were in the airs it was far easier to say what low cost carriers' pilot salaries were. Comair pilots fly for both Kulula as well as its sister full service carrier - British Airways Comair. Hein Kaiser, Mango Airlines spokesman, has said that Mango's pilot salaries are already comparable with SA Express, Airlink and new low cost carriers about to enter the market." The airline says that it has plans which will ameliorate the imapct of the strike: "At this juncture I would like to assure you that, should industrial action commence, Mango's contingency plans should minimise any disruption to our scheduled flights."

  • 2014-01-13 SouthAfrica.TO research research indicates that Mango Airlines is cheapest 68% of the time on the Cape Town - Johannesburg - Durban golden triangle routes. If you're looking for the cheapest overland, then Shosholoza Meyl trains are usually cheaper than buses (even from Cape Town to Durban where there is no direct route!)
  • 2014-01-03 For fun, we looked at the maximum age which the Mango's flight bookings tool will allow. It spits out an error message if you try enter a date of birth before 1890.

  • 2013-12-20 SAA has extended its codeshare agreement with Mango Airlines to include Mango flights from OR Tambo to Cape Town, Durban, PE & George; Cape Town to Bloemfontein & Cape Town to PE. The flight codes range from SA2000 to SA2099. SAA was already selling Mango flights from Lanseria to Cape Town & from Cape Town to Durban (these flight codes cary from SA7900 to SA7999).  “The success of existing code-share activities between the carriers bodes well for further intra-group network growth; by adding greater network choice through collaboration, not only will SAA passengers benefit, but commercially it represents a giant leap forward for both brands.” said Nico Bezuidenhout, CE of Mango.

  • 2013-12-12 Mango Airlines message to Madiba : Madiba, your legacy, your compassion and what we have learnt from you, will live with us forever. Lala kahle Madiba

  • December 2013 Mango partners with MSC Cruises, to offer flight deals for cruises from Durban and from Cape Town on the MSC Opera and MSC Sinfonia cruise ships.

  • 2013-12-01 SAA Voyager miles can be now be redeemed on Mango Airlines flights, although Voyager miles will not be earned on Mango flights. All Mango ticket classes are eligible for redemption. Voyager benefits do not apply on Mango flights - like using airport lounges. An administration fee applies. Other terms & conditions apply.

SAA Voyager Miles can be used to redeem Mango Airlines flights

  • 2013-10-15. Mango have redesigned their website. Here's the new look (they've got rid of the greyish background for mostly white on orange, and changed the orange submit button to a "FIND MY Flight" button, which is black text on a green background:

Mango Airlines new site design

Here's what the old website looked like:

Mango Airlines' old site design

  • 2013-08-19. Mango launches flights from Johannesburg to George.

  • 2013-08-12. Business Day reports that Mango Airlines has fired 24 of its cabin crew for stealing cash received from selling in-flight food & beverages. Hein Kaiser said that "It is almost impossible to give an accurate figure of how much (was stolen) … it was a very large amount."

  • 2013-07-06. With the arrival of 2 new planes, Mango has increased its flight frequency, in particular on the Lanseria to Cape Town route, where it's increased flights from 33 to 43 a week.

  • "I love the attitude of these kids. You know, they really believe they have all the time in the world. But you know the truth is that if we keep putting things off we'll never do anything extraordinary ever. That's why I decided years ago that if ever I saw an opportuni2013-06-19. Have a look at this transformation of an elderly man in the latest Mango Airlines ad:ty, I would seize it."

  • 2013-06-12. Mango Airlines "Why not today" advert: "Timing is everything. You need to act at that particular moment because the opportunity may not come again the second time around. You know it's funny, some of the most beautiful tunes were written right there in the moment".

  • 24 May 2013. Mango started charter flights to Zanzibar in March 2013, and have now applied for the right to launch 3 weekly regular scheduled flights from Joburg to both Kilimanjaro & Zanzibar.

  • 10 - 11 May 2013. Mango Airlines is at the Swartkops Air Show hosting an aviation career day.

8 Apr 2013

Mango Airlines is voted one of the top 20 most colourful airlines in the world, by Skift.

19 Mar 2013

Mango Airlines launches a flight quotations reservations application for the Blackberry 10. “Innovation lies at the core of our busines. Our mandate of accessibility of air travel compels Mango to continue seeking pioneering distribution channels and payment methodologies. We were the first South African airline to offer retail flight bookings through supermarkets Shoprite and Checkers, so extending our network across mobile platforms further enables doing business, no matter where or when...Embracing mobile technology turns every smartphone into a shop window, a possible penetration of likely 1-2 million new consumers.” says Mango's spokesman, Hein Kaiser

Mar 2013

Mango launches weekly charter flights from Johannesburg to Zanzibar, offered through Africastay.

7 Mar 2013

We have some suggestions for recipes for Mango Airlines to use, with Mango in them, and serve up on their flights!

31 Jan 2013

Mango launches an application for Apple iPhone & iPads which can be used to book & pay for flights, as well as receive information on flight specials. Nico Bezuidenhout, Chief Executive of Mango Airlines says that: “In line with our strategy to make air travel more accessible to South Africans, we have added mobile platforms to our already extensive distribution channel bouquet.”

15 Jan 2013

Rumours are swirling about the Mango is about to announce the launch of flights from Johannesburg to Zanzibar. 1time airline used to fly the route before it went into liquidation.

5 Dec 2012

Mango flights to Port Elizabeth are launched, with daily flights from both Cape Town and Johannesburg. Mr Nico Bezuidenhout, Chief Executive Officer of Mango Airlines said that “There is a requirement for a low cost carrier on the Johannesburg - Port Elizabeth and Cape Town - Port Elizabeth route and with the recent exit of capacity Mango has brought forward its plans by a few months in order to accommodate market demand. Mango managed to hire most of the Port Elizabeth staff who were recently retrenched by 1time airline.

Mango Airlines' first flight to Port Elizabeth

6 Nov 2012

Part of a statement by Minister of Transport Malusi Gigaba, on Mango Airways' financials: "I have elected to make Mango's current, calendar-year-to-date cash flow statement (movement) available, intentionally covering SAA 's fiscal year-end. Reflected in this statement, interested parties will read that Mango is in cash positive, neutral movement position, ergo, that the airline is a model of stability within a sector plagued by continuous economic challenges in a contracting market. Salient points include:

  • There have been no changes to the entity 's Share capital during the period under review nor have there been any changes in this regard since the entity settled its Shareholders loan in 2007, as clearly reported in the published annual reports of South African Airways at a Group level for every year subsequent. What should be clear from this is that Mango did not benefit from any capitalisation or guarantee issued in favour of its parent company, SAA, and in this regard there could not have been a market-distorting effect as insinuated;

  • Within a business dominated by cash flow and a local Industry characterised by losses during recent times regardless of nature of ownership or geographic location, including interim losses reported by Comair itself, Mango maintained a cash-neutral position during the review period. Whilst, generally speaking, cash flow cycles are cyclical, Mango has been substantially cash-positive since inception and no expectations exist that the entity would require any form of related Shareholder assistance in the years to come.

Mango SOC (LTD) Condensed Cashflow Statement for the 9-month ending September 2012


(3 384 520)


Cashflow from investing activities



Purchase of equipment

(4 147 631)


Purchase of intangible assets

(5 466 751)


Net movement of prepayments

13 416 357


3 801 977


Cashflow from financing activities



Movement in passenger taxes

1 864 462


Movement in finance liability

(2 352 944)


(488 482)


(71 025)

Additionally, other pertinent performance indicators applicable to Mango's current financial year include:

  • Unit revenue (RASK) growth of 28.2%, with working capital changes positively affected by robus growth in passenger forward sales.
  • Passenger load factors maintained at above 80% (exceeding the Domestic Market average by an average of 3 percentage points);
  • Aircraft asset utilisation, at 9.1 hours per day, and people productivity between 3,400 and 3,600 passengers per employee per annum, substantially leading the Domestic Industry;
  • Asset efficiency, expressed as number-of-passenger-per-aircraft-per-year, of between 300,000 and 400,000 passengers/aircraft, ranking amongst the best globally.

The fundamentals of Low Cost aviation, namely scale growth, positive cash generation and high asset utilisation and productivity reflect strongly within Mango an entity that operates under a strict governance framework and structure that includes the Company being subject to accepted Accounting (with a major auditing firm as external auditors and, incidentally, Mango 's internal audit function being performed by the same audit Group that is responsible for Comair 's external audit function), Safety (inter-alia as applied through the Civil Aviation Authority) and Regulatory (inter-alia Competition regulations) prescripts. These attributes, intrinsic to Mango as a stand-alone company, contributes to financial sustainability of the entity, even in tough economic times characterised by increasing cost, declining demand and increased price-sensitivity. In this regard Mango, subsequent to a loss realised in its maiden full fiscal (which, contrary to competitor rhetoric, was fully disclosed in the SAA Group 's financial statements for the year ending March 2008 refer, has maintained bottom-line profitability through the challenges posed by record fuel prices in 2008 (break-even FY2008), depressed demand associated with the Global Economic Crisis of 2009 (R10.9m profit) a stable year in 2010 (R13.7m profit) and a challenging 2011 (R300k profit). With the combination of high fuel cost, increases in regulatory charges, suppressed demand and excess supply (following the further entry of Velvet Sky in 2011) fully accounted for and reflected in Mango's FY2012 loss (amounting to approximately R58 per passenger, or roughly equivalent to the increases in regulatory charges), the Company is again on track to return a profit for the current fiscal. The assertion that Mango has realised excessive losses since its inception is accordingly factually incorrect.

Turning to other matters of unsubstantiated allegations:

Cross-subsidisation of services Mango receives three types of major services from its parent Company, SAA:

  1. Central Treasury services, to the extent that surplus, non-operational cash gets consolidated for purposes of Group application and optimisation a common and logical practice within a Group context. In this regard Mango receives an effective interest rate on positive cash balances of Prime less 3.3 basis points, a rate lower than that obtainable through commercial banks and accordingly a competitive impediment at Mango level;
  2. Aircraft maintenance services from SAA Technical, in the same vein as services provided to Comair brands BA and Kulula. The effective rate applicable to this service, on a like-for-like aircraft type, is marginally higher for Mango than for Comair a matter that transpired due to normal free-market functioning and a desire on the part of SAA Technical to grow its customer base;
  3. Aircraft sub-leases, representing a transfer of existing SAA Group aircraft at the end of their lease terms to Mango at rates directly negotiated by Mango. In this regard it is prudent to point out that a State-owned Company such as Mango, whilst conceivably benefiting from a lower cost of capital due to the nature of its ownership, conversely is penalised by the unintended financial effect of the National Industrial Participation Program (NIPP), resulting in the company paying a marginally higher rate for capital assets such as aircraft than private enterprise competitors who are not subject to NIPP obligations.

    The above represents the full extent of material intra-Company services between Mango and its parent company, with matters such as fuel procurement being a function of independently negotiated contracts directly between Mango and its fuel suppliers. The above are matters of fact, which can only be evidenced by contractual review, noting that not even a publically listed entity such as Comair discloses aircraft maintenance rates in its own financial statements (whether in aggregate at a Group level or at a separate Brand level).

    In this regard it is further worth pointing out that the supply arrangement between SAA and Mango has been reviewed by the Competition Commission prior to the inception of the entity a fact known but conveniently suppressed by Mango 's competitors."

2 Oct 2012

All 6 of Mango's planes have now been fitted with WiFi, and they're celebrating by offering connectivity on flights at R2-for-a-week’s access and R1-for-a-day pass during October 2012.

Carel van der Merwe, Chief Executive Officer of G-Connect, said that “The service has seen a 98% up-time throughout, with usage, we anticipate, growing to a 12% uptake following the completion of fleet roll-out. Interestingly we have seen the majority of use focused on sending and receiving email, showing that the potential for upping productivity during a two-hour flight has become an important business tool. We expect email traffic to increase by 60% over the next couple of months with social media posts likely growing in tandem with general usage increases. We expect the same trend as in other parts of the world where 50% of business travellers take Wi-Fi-enabled flights to be ‘reachable’ during business hours.”

“Since our launch, we have set ourselves a target of a ground-breaking innovation every year; from being the first airline on social media through to innovative payment methods such as accepting store charge cards (Edcon) and retailing flights through Shoprite and Checkers, our mobi-site and G-Connect In-Flight Wi-Fi. Mango is forging ahead at pace and it has delivered substantially to the growth of the business.” said Nico Bezuidenhout, Chief Executive of Mango Airlines.

20 Sep 2012

Mango Airlines announces plans to become the first African airline to have a significant measure of carbon neutrality (within 10 years). "Airlines burn fuel, and contribute approximately 2% of global greenhouse gas emissions. It is an immovable fact and as a sector that drives economic growth across markets, ergo sustainability within the industry and assuming a leadership position becomes key. Despite the fact that on-going economic pressures in aviation may be cause for losing focus, Mango has elected to formally commit itself to sustainability and recognising its responsibility toward managing and mitigating its greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. This means that we will commence measurement of our GHG emissions directly and indirectly related to our primary business activity, air transportation. its. “Once we have a baseline our mitigation strategy will be aligned to Mango’s current starting-block initiatives such as the construction of sustainable vegetable gardens in communities, recycling and operational efficiencies. Our aim is sustainable development that will, where possible, further align with national developmental goals and include added benefits of job creation and skills development among others." said Nico Bezuidenhout, Chief Executive Officer of Mango Airlines.

20 Sep 2012

Mango releases an application for cellphone & tablet online reservations.

25 Aug 2012

Mango extends free Twitter & Facebook on all Wi-Fi enabled flights until 30 Sep 2012.

20 Aug 2012

CEO of Mango Airlines, Nico Bezuidenhout, on their social media strategy:


Mango Airlines CEO Nico Bezuidenhout attributes 50% rise in revenues to social media

"Interviewer: So Nico, welcome back to Simpliflying. It's been a year since you were featured on our blog talking all about Mango's innovative marketing. How has it gone in the last year, and where is Mango now?

Nico: Thank you. It's been a great year, we've been focusing a lot more to the social media for the core mechanism we call the core component of our marketing campaign, and a means of reaching our market. So much to the extent that in the last six months we pretty have limited our price-based commercials to our Facebook base for example, to the social media environment. And the effect of that has been, well a 50 percent increase year on year for the last two years running so, whilst I can't say it's totally and only the fact of social media usage, it's definitely a large component has been social media.

Interviewer: So, you've never not done any above the line price point campaigns at all?

Nico: Yes, traditionally we've always focused on, because we try to reach all spheres of the market including the guys who do not necessary have access to the online environment. When Mango was launched we focused on the traditional means of marketing and in the last year or so we've been focusing more on the online space and it's definitely borne fruit.

Interviewer: And you still see tracks in how many fans you have now.

Nico: Our fan base has probably, it's up to about thirteen or fourteen thousand, but the issue is not about the actual number it's about the engagement so we just had our level of engagement compared to other local airlines in South Africa, and we've got 6.7 times the level of engagement of Facebook users than any of the other airlines and I think about 4.2 times the global average of engagement so, it's all about the extent and quality of engagement as opposed to the quantity of followers.

Interviewer: So, you certainly seem to be achieving good results. Have you invested a lot of resources into the team, or the agency or the tools?

Nico: Well, I think that, firstly we made the value composition clear. We supported our social media drive with a "Bucket List" campaign that we are currently in progress with. The concept of the "Bucket List" campaign is just really Mango selected sixteen types of things that you can do, or sorry twelve I mean, and the consumer must choose one of these twelve things. It includes things such as for example, going down to Cape Town to go shark cage diving, or go for a picnic on Table Mountain, or go and have a beer at the Mystic Boer in Bloemfontein. It's all about living your dreams, going that extra mile and using social media in that way to support our launch of our new brand tagline "why not today". And it's been very effective in that regard. From a resourcing standpoint, but there's two trains of thought, um, some companies go down the process that social media administration is a closed user group of people who are specifically trained up to do that. Mango has chosen to follow a process that social media is everyone's responsibility in the organisation. So, don't be surprised when you find one of our cabin crew members onboard an aircraft with an IPad or a Galaxy Tab, busy tweeting, and representing our company right there, on the fly, which is obviously a component due to the fact that we became the first airline to launch onboard internet access in South Africa."

And on in-flight wifi:


Mango Airlines CEO Nico Bezuidenhout reveals in-flight wi-fi success factors in interview

Interviewer: You did become the first airline in Africa to have onboard WIFI. How many planes does it, and how long has it been?
Nico: We launched it, ah, the first aircraft was equipped on the 8th of May and we will have the final aircraft equipped by the end of September, so we've had a good level of uptake. The initial phase on two hour sector flights anything up to a ten to fifteen percent uptake we're very, very happy about. Obviously it's a shorter, different level uptake on shorter sectors. But, I think our uptake has all got to do with the affordability of the product packaging and the offering. At R50 for a three hour flight pass in terms of WIFI, that is then transferrable and you can use it in the airport environment, and when you get to your hotel, it's transferrable into your hotel environment. It's an end to end WIFI package, on the ground, in the air, at rates lower than what you can find on the ground, and that of course has helped.
Interviewer: So that means people are being incentivised to buy it in flight, so that you can actually use it in the hotel.
Nico: Yes, so it provides you with a complete end to end coverage. You know, like our airline seats, any of our ancillary offerings must have value in order to be valuable to the consumers. Now, it's not only value in the hands of the consumer it's also value in the hands of the airline. For us, WIFI is as much an external value proposition as it is a means for us to enhance our internal business processes. As a case in point, when you sell crisps on our onboard meals for example, and you're selling out of a particular flavour, it helps to have that real-time communication that the WIFI enables, so that there's a new trolley waiting when the aircraft lands so you can restock your goods. So there's a benefit both in terms of in the hands of the consumer and it's internal to the hands of the organisation. And, also, we're very excited about the second phase of this, where you're gonna see more ancillary revenue components tied to our WIFI. We will be launching two streaming, live streaming TV channels onboard our aircraft as well as an onboard media server, which effectively means that you as a consumer can download on any device that you've got that's WIFI enabled, the latest movie onboard our aircraft at a normal fare.
Interviewer: That's fantastic. Now, who's powering this? What partnerships have you got? In place?
Nico: This is a joint venture partnership between ourselves, Vodacom and a company called Wireless G, with the underlying technology being that of Row 44 in North America.
Interviewer: Right. Now, is this a revenue initiator for you, for ancillary revenue side or is it more of a customer service and customer experience initiative for you?
Nico: It is ultimately a bit of a mixture of both, the real key point being that it's a differentiating factor. There's no other airline in Africa that has got this service available, and it provides us a unique selling proposition to for example the business market that continues to stay in touch on a two hour flight from Joburg to Cape Town. We are the only airline that allows you to stay in touch with your business or the social space on your loved ones whilst onboard our aircraft.
Interviewer: Right. And this will be a hundred percent fleet rollout by September?
Nico: By September, yes.
Interviewer: That's fantastic. Have there been any customer issues? Because in the US for example Delta domestic, you keep hearing bandwidth issues sometimes people have drop sessions, you know, is that an issue here?
Nico: We haven't had that as an issue, the system uptime has been upwards of ninety eight percent and even thee two percent that's counted as down time is really intermittent system drops of one second, two seconds, three seconds. I think some of the reasons why we have not had service issues relates to the fact that we chose to partner with a telecoms provider and specialist in the form of Vodacom that has really helped. I think that in general very satisfactory feedback from consumers. Also, the provisioning is done on the basis that we should comfortably handle a hundred concurrent and simultaneous connections onboard our aircraft. Now, for a hundred concurrent users it implies that we've had an uptake of in excess of fifty percent, which in all truths I've not heard of.
Interviewer: Right, right. Certainly, that's something that not even free WIFI is experiencing right now on airlines. Where do you see this going in the next twelve months, both from WIFI and a social media perspective, do you see real time customer service coming in or you know, real time ancillary services you might be pushing through this?
Nico: Yes, definitely. I think that, you know, if you start combining certain things, an aircraft en route to a certain destination that has got connectivity allows you a real time feed of say destination information, destination weather services, destination taxi services and the like, so you can really broaden the revenue net by having this WIFI connectivity, but then more importantly, it also becomes a proactive service recovery component . Hypothetically you have a situation where a consumers bag was misloaded on take off. Our team would find out about that just before the aircraft is about to take off. Communication messaging could be sent through to the user, real time, onboard the aircraft, to advance notice the user that your baggage will not be on the baggage belt when you get there, it is gonna be with person x y or z. So, from a practice of service recovery standpoint it's of full value too.
Interviewer: Right. It certainly stands for customer satisfaction there. Ah, is free WIFI something you might be valued in the future?
Nico: We will in future, if we find that it serves sufficient value generator or revenue generator in terms of additional sales, yes we would consider. Obviously, the downside concern would be your compromise in ancillary revenue and as you know margins from seat sales are very low, so I'd be hesitant to forsake high margins on ancillary sales.
Interviewer: Yeah, well good luck leveraging this wall garden effect onboard Mango planes, I wish to fly and hopefully experience this myself soon and meanwhile thanks again for joining us and all the best.

Nico: Thanks very much.

3rd quarter 2012

In partnership with a bank, Mango plans to allow air tickets to be printed from ATMs.

August 2012

Mango Airlines offers a 50% discount on its WiFi facilities on the Cape Town - Johannesburg flight route, and also offers Facebook & Twitter for free (bar video uploads). Nico Bezuidenhout, the Chief Executive of Mango Airlines said that “Uptake of in-flight Wi-Fi has been phenomenal. Approximately 8% of all Guests on enabled aircraft are online during flight at this time. This is in line with global usage benchmarks. Discounting usage as we approach the end of the beta phase as well as opening up social media at no cost should drive increased adoption of the service.”

27 Jul 2012

Mango's 6th new-generation B737-800 aircraft arrives (it is the 5th to be enabled with the G-Connect In-Flight Wi-Fi service). Nico Bezuidenhout, Chief Executive Officer of Mango Airlines say that: "Mango has made significant market share gains over the past 12 months, with overall market-share growing to just under 20% on routes that we operate from 15% in early 2011. In today’s challenging market it is essential to cast one’s net as wide as possible, and to seek creative operational solutions and innovation on an on-going basis." Referring to G-Connect, Bezuidenhout says "Imagine flying to Cape Town where a two hour journey is suddenly a seamless cog in one’s schedule, where the potential of productivity and the promise of entertainment will shorten a journey to the click of a mouse."

22 Jul 2012

Mango G-connect plane spotted at Lanseria Airport.

Mango Airlines G-Connect plane

19 Jul 2012

Mango Airlines quits flying the Johannesburg - Bloemfontein route. Mango's Chief Executive, Nico Bezuidenhout, says that "The success of Bloemfontein-Cape Town highlights the incredible opportunity that low-cost carriers offer to under-serviced routes. Mango’s Bloemfontein operation has seen significant investment over the past three years with the introduction of a ground-handling facility as well as optimised scheduling. While we are suspending flights on the over-traded Johannesburg-Bloemfontein route on July 19, our commitment to and investment in Bloemfontein remain unchanged."

June 2012

Mango plans to make a decision about starting flying to Mauritius.

8 May 2012

Mango Airlines' and South Africa's first flight with WiFi, takes off from Lanseria Airport. Sadly, 115 people connected with multiple devices & a burning desire to test the system proved too much, and only about a third of the passengers managed to connect. YouTube, adult content sites & peer-to-peer downloads are not allowed.

Vodacom is partnering with WirelessG to provide the service. The initial charge is R50 rand for uncapped access for the flight (or a one day pass, valid for 20 hours, for R90), or R1 per minute. The system uses satellite-based connectivity to offer speeds of up to 4Mbps.

"In a highly competitive market where everything tastes like chicken, it's important to taste like beef. Innovation is a cornerstone of our business along with sustained affordable fares that are relative to the prevailing market." said Mr Nico Bezuidenhout, Chief Executive of Mango Airlines.

Mango Airlines in-flight wifi


In 2012, Mango Airlines will become the first South African airline to offer wifi internet on its flights. The announcement came after approval was granted in October 2011 by the South African Civil Aviation Authority.

“In a digital world, being online makes a significant difference in terms of business and social connectivity. In an increasingly time-poor world, imagine the productivity potential of in-flight connectivity, socially connecting through Facebook or Twitter en route to Cape Town or, for that matter, surfing the net.” said Mango Airline's Communications Officer, Hein Kaizer.

Pricing hasn't been revealed yet “The idea is not to charge per megabyte but rather provide uncapped access for the duration of the flight on a fixed-fee basis and to make it on a par with international trends in terms of in-flight as well.” said the Executive Marketing for Wireless G, Elize Ferero.

1 Apr 2012

Gareth Cliff, a 5FM DJ, ticks off Maropeng as part of the Mango Bucket List competition:

1 Mar 2012

Passenger can now print their boarding passes for Mango flights, at home. Baggage drop-off points for Mango passengers will be clearly indicated at airports.

29 Feb 2012

Book & fly Mango Plus before 29 Feb 2012, and win a 20% discount off your next Mango Plus flight.

5 Feb 2012

All telephonic & online credit card bookings now require the physical card or a copy thereof as well as a copy of the cardholder's ID document to be presented at check-in.

1 Feb 2012

Mango Airlines happy hour - R325 between JNB & DUR, JNB & Bloemfontein

27 Jan 2012

Buy a Mango voucher for R50 & get R200 of selected flights

27 Oct 2011

Press release from Solidarity: "Trade union Solidarity today warned that if airline company Mango does not set about the wage negotiations at the company in earnest immediately, it will bring the airline’s flights to a halt. The trade union and the company crossed swords again today during a conciliation meeting at the Commission for Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration (CCMA) in Benoni. Solidarity was issued a strike certificate following the meeting.

According to Ilze Nieuwoudt, Solidarity spokesperson, wage negotiations with Mango have not gained momentum since August, after the company had initially indicated to the trade union that it was not prepared to listen to any wage demands. Solidarity subsequently declared a dispute with Mango and referred it to the CCMA to force the company into negotiations. “Mango initially undertook to implement an interim wage increase of 5,6% until a wage agreement was reached, at which time the difference would be implemented retroactively up to the agreed increase. However, this offer was withdrawn unilaterally earlier this week, which was the last straw for Solidarity’s members at the company,” explained Nieuwoudt.

Nieuwoudt said that Solidarity had signed a recognition agreement with Mango in 2010, giving the trade union bargaining power to negotiate on its members’ behalf for, among other things, wage increases. Solidarity represents the vast majority of Mango’s pilots.

“Mango employees are tired of waiting for the company to deal with issues that have been outstanding for months. Apart from the wage negotiations that are being delayed by Mango, a dispute regarding the employees’ contracts has been dragging on since March,” said Nieuwoudt. “All Mango employees work on a contractual basis and therefore do not receive medical and pension benefits. Mango employees are therefore not remunerated on nearly the same level as employees elsewhere in the industry.”

Solidarity will approach its members for a mandate for a possible strike. The trade union has warned that passengers and booking agents should bear the possibility of a strike by pilots in mind when booking flights for November and December. “Solidarity is, however, still set on reaching a wage agreement and will again meet with the employer on Wednesday, 2 November in order to seek a resolution to the dispute.”"

14 Oct 2011

Mango Airlines temporarily dissalows 3rd party bookings with Edcon (Jet & Edgars Mango flight bookings) cards, where the cardholders are not on the flight: “Due to recent irregular activity around this payment method we have had to introduce stricter procedures, temporarily. While this may present an inconvenience at this time, I believe that our prudent approach will serve to better protect our Guests." says Mr Nico Bezuidenhout, Mango Chief Executive Officer

7 Sep 2011

Mango Airlines sets up a veggie garden:

2 Jul 2011

For the 3rd year in a row, Mango is the official airline of the Vodacom Durban July. The first race of the day is the Mango MR 82 Handicap (sounds a bit close to 1time's MD82 aircraft). Mango high flyer scouts photographed trend setting couples, some of whom won prizes.

1 Jun 2011

From 1 June 2011, Mango Airlines is operating 3 weekly flights between Cape Town and Lanseria Airport. Mango Airlines' Chief Executive Officer, Nico Bezuidenhout said that Lanseria is the second route launch for Mango in the past year, (JNB-Bloemfontein is the other). Growth is a priority on our agenda following a successful post-launch period. Demand has significantly increased across all routes and the introduction of a second presence in Gauteng will further strengthen Mango's value proposition. We continue to offer the widest distribution and payment method network to our Guests, and operations from Lanseria will further cement Mango's commitment to its mandate of making air travel more accessible and affordable to South Africans.

Departing from Lanseria for Cape Town at:


Departing from Cape Town for Lanseria at:


Saturdays departing from Lanseria for Cape Town at:

Saturdays departing from Cape Town for Lanseria at:

Sundays departing from Lanseria for Cape Town at:

Sundays departing from Cape Town for Lanseria at:


25 Nov 2010

First Car Rental & Mango run a competition to win Mango flights or car rentals or or 3 nights accommodation for 2 at Hotel 64 on Gordon in Durban.

10 Sep 2010

Mango Airlines sponsors the Soweto Wine Festival (other sponsors were City Press, DSTV, San Parks, Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife, Cradle of Humankind World Heritage Site, Pick 'n Pay, Samsung & Vodacom).

3 Sep 2010

Cheapest daily flight prices for Mango Airlines in October (Mango fever), including R288 flights from Johannesburg to Bloemfontein & Durban.


Mango aims to become the first South African airline to offer in-flight internet connectivity later in 2010, subject to Civil Aviation Authority approval processes. Mango has extended its association with G-Connect to include the in-flight service, which it says will cost less than R1 per megabyte.

Mango's focus this year is not only on enhancing service delivery to our Guests, says CEO Nico Bezuidenhout, but in the continual exploration of innovation and ancillary revenue opportunities. The launch of web-connectivity on board our aircraft not only underpins Mango's business objectives but allows travellers, in particular our business Guests, to leverage a priceless commodity time. Bezuidenhout says that Mango 's Internet service will be operational across its fleet of new generation Boeing 737-800 aircraft. Mango will follow a similar rollout process as America 's low cost Southwest airline.

Carel van der Merwe, CEO of WirelessG says: G-Connect strives to be an innovative product within the telecoms space, but with our first in-flight partnership with Mango, we are able to take this one step further and provide a low cost Internet service for local flyers as well. There are no sign-up costs to get a G-Connect account and no contract tie-ins, which makes this a viable option for all Mango Guests. Your G-Connect account then allows you stay connected through a shared wallet on the ground, or in-flight Wi-Fi in the air, paying only for the services use."

The satellite based technology will deliver high speed Internet at altitude. In fact, the cost of data transfer is more affordable than many bandwidth offerings on the ground, says Bezuidenhout. Several airlines, including cost Southwest, have made connectivity at altitude available globally with great success. Bezuidenhout adds though that Mango 's service will be moderated to exclude access to potentially offensive web content. In order to ensure the comfort of all our Guests on board, content that should be accessed in privacy will not be available.

Subash Devkaran, Senior Manager: Aircraft Certification Division of the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) adds: "The application for and availability of wireless Internet on board commercial airliners is welcomed by the CAA. We do believe installation of this system would facilitate business efficiency in South Africa, thereby contributing to enhanced economic growth in the country."

12 Apr 2010

Mango Airlines start operating Johannesburg - Bloemfontein flights, with a price of R545.

3 Oct 2009

Mango launches the Mango Air Race competition.

4 Jun 2009

Mango Airlines announces a partnership with UNICEF, whereby airlines guests on the website will be provided the opportunity to donate to various initiatives (related to UNICEF's work in youth development through sport initiatives).

20 Apr 2009


Dec 2008

Mango run a special whereby a boarding pass purchased during December allows you to buy 2 Nu Metro tickets for the price of one (during selected hours).

1 Dec 2008

Mango TV, in-flight entertainment, is launched.

25 Oct 2008

To celebrate their birthday, Mango offer 20,000 tickets for half price.

13 Oct 2008

Mango are perhaps not as fresh as they like (they've been advertising themselves as being "South Africa's freshest low cost carrier"), as they offer specials which must be booked by the 12th October, on the 13th October.

1 Aug 2008

Mango announce that for the month of August they will be offering 10% discounts to passengers who carry less than 15kg of luggage (for their next flight).

1 Aug 2008

FNB customers can purchase Mango flights through their mobile phones.

22 Jun 2008

Mango, Sixt & Tempest Car Hire team up and run a stall at Canal Walk in Cape Town.

22 Apr 2008

Mango introduces a new payment method - via POLi, internet banking and debit cards - which allows secure transactional banking online. To make use of this you must have first subscribed to online banking at your bank.

22 Mar 2008

The 2145pm Mango Airlines flight from Durban to Cape Town is cancelled at the last moment, as the pilot would otherwise exceeded his maximum allowed hours for the days. A woman who had trained for months for the Two Oceans Marathan was in tears as she knew she wouldn't make it in time for the race the next morning. One angry man kicked and smashed the door leading to the apron, resulting in riot police with sub-machine guns arriving on the scene.

21 Mar 2008

Mango Airlines run a special with Shoprite Checkers - cheaper flights for those who book in via the money market counters at Shoprite or Checkers stores. At the same time Mango runs a competition to win free Mango flights, Tempest Car Hire car rentals and accommodation with Southern Sun.

29 Feb 2008

A Mango flight from Cape Town to Johannesburg had to turn back to Cape Town International Airport, after a flight system warning alerted the crew of a technical problem.

4 Jan 2008

Mango wins the SouthAfrica.TO 2007 award for cheapest flight from Cape Town to Johannesburg, and cheapest flight from Durban to Cape Town.

1 Jan 2008

Mango Airlines give away 2 return tickets in a New Years day competition.

What South Africans want from Father Mango for Christmas

Online backlash against Mango Airlines

26 Nov 2007

Mango Airlines tickets are made available at Checkers and Shoprite stores in South Africa, resulting in the Shoprite Group being the first retailer in South Africa to sell airline tickets (they had previously been selling bus tickets).

14 Nov 2007

Mango offers 5000 one-way flights for R169 all inclusive, the same price as they offered flights for when they started a year before (but all flights had to be booked as part of a return voyage).

Sep 2007

Mango Plus is introduced

21 Sep 2007

Mango airlines advertises flights for R90

Jun 2007

Mango Airlines, like other South African carriers, have been criticised for not leveraging its sales with affiliate marketing (like Air France flights, British Airways flights, Emirates flights, KLM flights, Virgin Atlantic flights, Lufthansa, etc...). In June 2007 Mango Airlines adsense adverts were spotted on the web (it's not clear when it started this online advertising strategy).

14 May 2007

The Southern Sun group sent an email to its frequent guest list entitled "It takes two to Mango", advertising "Mango's Winter Warmer Special, with flights from as low as R222* one way". Well done to Mango Airlines for notching up a partnership with a large South African accommodation group.

May 2007

Mango Airlines website grinds to a halt when it offers R1 tickets excluding taxes (including on flights between Cape Town and Johannesburg).

Dec 2006

It takes a while for Mango to rank on the term "Mango Airlines", contributing to the phrase "Mango Airlines" being in the top 10 searched for terms in South Africa.

15 Nov 2006

Mango airlines' first flight ever, from Johannesburg's OR Tambo International Airport to Cape Town International Airport. Just before 0600, flight JE 123, the first Mango airlines flight taxied down the OR Tambo's runway and took off for Cape Town.

Nov 2006

Mango's initial sales price for Johannesburg-Durban and Johannesburg-Cape Town tickets is R169, half that of competitor airlines. In response, Kulula lowers its fare price to R168 and 1time to R165 for a limited number of seats. Mango Airlines' website is initially swamped by online traffic and grinds to a halt.

Nov 2006

In a preemptive attempt to limit the impact of an online backlash from consumers, Mango registered domain names like,,,,,, and

Mango Airlines' holding company, South African Airways (SAA), was bleeding business to the other low-cost airlines ( & 1time airline) and therefore decided to set up its own low-cost carrier. South African Airways initially code-named Mango Airlines TULCA - an acronym for "The Ultimate Low Cost Airline ".

First Catering and Mango Airlines plane

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