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Phone Numbers :
- Groups : 0861 010003
- Johannesburg : 011 086 6100
- Cape Town : 021 815 4100
Baggage phone numbers
· BFN : 087-310-4019
· CPT : 087-310-4023
· DUR : 087-310-4033
· JNB : 011-086-5524
· HLA : 011-367-0470

Mango Airlines plane parked at Cape Town Airport

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Mango Airlines: Phone 086 100 1234

Domestic Departure Terminal, OR Tambo International Airport, Johannesburg, Gauteng 1627, South Africa

Food and Drink Prices: Filled Rolls: R32, Kiddies' Filled Rolls R15, Filled Crossants R32 (only available on morning flights), Packet of Chips R7, Biltong R30, Soft Drinks R12-R15, Juice R12, Water R10, Wine R30, Beers R18, Spirits R30, Coddee R10 and Cappuccino R15. There is also a Pastry Basket with scones, crossants and muffins available on the menu for R15 each. It does not say so on their menu but this basket is only available on their morning flights.

Mango Airlines SOC Ltd is now the official name of the airline, although it was original registered as TULCA (PTY) LTD - an acronym standing for "The Ultimate Low Cost Carrier".

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NEWS: For fun: Maximum flight age = 124?

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Mango Airlines has been named the Best Low Cost Airline in Africa at the 2014 World Airline Awards! This places them amongst the top 100 international airlines.

Mango Airlines is rated 4.8/5 based on 128 customer reviews, making it the best rated low cost carrier in South Africa. Over the last year, Mango flights were the most on-time to Durban and OR Tambo.

* Important change for Mango credit card bookings : Fraud has escalated substantially, so you will be required to present the credit card or debit card with which you have booked, at the time of checking in for your flight. If you do not present the card or a verifiable copy thereof, you wont be allowed to board the plane. If somebody else in a different city has booked on your behalf, then you must produce a copy of the card & the card holder's ID. For example, the card holder might scan it in and email it to you or fax it to you.

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  • Review by on : "I have been booking flights every second weekend from Lanseria to CT for the last 6 months… Only ONCE was the Mango flight late – and that was due to some person leaving their bag on the previous flight and for obvious security reasons the police were called which caused the flight to be delayed. IN FACT the last 4 flights have actually landed in Cape Town between 20 and 35 minutes early!!!! This has been an awesome experience with the service levels in SA dropping so badly one never really expects anything to be on time let alone early!!! THANK YOU MANGO AND ALSO THANK YOU FOR YOUR CHEAP FLIGHTS – ACROSS THE BOARD YOU ARE ALWAYS STILL THE CHEAPEST…AND BELIEVE ME WE CHECK AS FLYING EVERY TWO WEEKS IS EXPENSIVE!!" Rating 5/5

Don't be shocked when you see a bright orange aircraft - it's Mango Airline's (IATA code JE) colours and whilst a mango might not be the fastest fruit, orange planes fly just as well as purple aircraft! If you want to stay online during your flight, Mango is the only airline in South Africa offering in-flight wifi.


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Mango Flight Reviews

  • Review by on : "So, I recently came back from the UK after being away for a year with my internal flights being with Mango. It was pretty packed but the cheapest flight available. The stewardess was super friendly and it was amazing to fly into Durban with the sun setting. I said to the person next to me that it was South Africa's gift to me on coming back to her. The luggage came out super quickly and I was pretty much the first person out to greet my family which was fabulous. I love flying with mango because it is affordable and effective with friendly staff." Rating 4/5

  • Review by on : "This is the first time I take a flight with a national carrier and always joke with family and friends that I will never fly on a fruit.I took a flight from CPT Monday 26th Jan ( 14:55-17:00) and returned Tuesday 27th (18:30-20:45). I need you to commend both pilots for the superb manner in which they handled those flights. I only travel Qatar and Singapore, but those two pilots would be poached in a heartbeat if I owned an airline. Excellent service, excellent time, excellent flying!!!! Keep it up guys!" Rating 4/5

  • Review by on : "Flying with Mango for the first time last month, made me realise that I had been flying the wrong budget airline all this while. I was most impressed with the fact that the flight from Durban to Johannesburg was on time. In addition the cabin crew were welcoming and friendly. I honestly felt that their service was better than SAA and BA which I have flown regularly. They were efficient and particularly attentive to the needs of mothers travelling with babies and young children. The flight I must admit was slightly bumpy, but that was no fault of the airline. I will definitely opt for Mango as my airline of choice for future travels." Rating 4/5

  • Review by on : "My most recent return flight (one of many, actually the third thus far in 2014) with Mango from Bloemfontein to Cape Town was on 29 October – 3 November 2014. As always with Mango, I once again had a very enjoyable flight. I am highly impressed with the improved legroom, which is one of the advantages of the new aircraft with its efficiently designed seats. Mango flights are ALWAYS on time, ALWAYS cheaper...the best Low Cost Airline in South Africa. As a bonus it provides on-board WI-FI, which was utilised by many passengers during these flights." Rating 5/5

  • Review by on : "As usual - given the great, pleasant efficiency of your staff, I received an almost-immediate, kind gift of a marginal discount on my next flight. I plan to fly to Cape Town at the end of the week for both Business and Pleasure...then off to Jozi on Business. The following is what we really appreciate when flying Mango Airlines - 1. The Service is simply efficient - and honestly represented and advertised ~ from engaging on your Website, to receiving your Promo stuff. One can make quick and reliable - informed and immediate decisions. We are inundated with Info ~ it's great to be immediate and deal promptly ~ that's how we need to do business! 2. I feel safe on your Airline. Critical for me! 3. Your Airline is in the main part very reliable! Missing meetings can be both embarrassing and costly. 4. Your prices are very competitive and fair. 5. Your Air Hostesses are very friendly - they make the "chore" of flying that much more pleasant. Thanks Mango Airlines! Thanks for the Great Combo of Product + Service efficiently delivered! Mango take the Hassle out of flying...." Rating 5/5

  • Review by on : "I travelled on your flight from PE early on Monday 13th Oct. Flight No JE623 to CapeTown at 9.00 and as I was about to check in another passenger pulling luggage rode right over my foot. Unfortunately they ripped my big toe badly and blood went all over my foot and sandal. I spoke to the lady as I checked in and asked if they had a First Aid kit. She asked what the matter was and I explained the issue to her. She looked and said that I needed to go to the Emergency room to get it sorted out. She accompanied me there and I had excellent first aid and super care from all concerned. There were 2 Mango Counters open and the Check in person was on the right hand side." Rating 5/5

  • Review by on : "This was my first flight on Mango Airlines and although I wasn't blown away we did fly quite comfortably. We flew from Cape Town to Lanseria and connected from an international flight from OR Tambo back to Cape Town. The check-in staff at all the airports were very friendly. Our first flight was Cape Town to Lanseria which we quite enjoyed as the airplane felt newer. Our only quip was that the plane hadn't been cleaned in between flights (we literally saw the passengers leaving the plane as we queued to board) and there was food on the floor. On our return flight to Cape Town we unfortunately selected the seats in front of the emergency exit which couldn't recline, so we struggled to make up some lost sleep. We also encountered a not-so-friendly airhostess who wouldn't accommodate my request for water 5 minutes before the drink service began despite the fact that I was coughing like crazy. I guess the rules are there for a reason, but I think she could have a made an exception in these circumstances. All in all I probably will fly Mango again as our overall experience wasn't bad and the mobile app worked like a bomb. The Mango Juice is also a great publication and I found it a quite entertaining read." Rating 3/5

  • Review by on : "I travel on Mango Airlines fairly often. I have one pleasant experience after the other! The flights leave on time - the Flight Prices are at the least very competitive - the staff are pleasant...helpful and polite. Its an efficient, reasonably priced service - all in all! I will continue to fly Mango SA. - they are sweet - just like a Margo! Most of my very positive experiences with Mango Airlines to date rate around 4 - thanks for the efficiency with which you have responded to my "Critique" It seem that Mango Airlines are indeed "jacked-up"." Rating 4/5

  • Review by on : "Last weekend I had booked a flight to Cape Town as I was attending the Rocking the Daisies festival over the weekend. I always get a slight panic when I’m going to fly as I always worry that the flight is going to be delayed or that something is going to go wrong at the airport or on my way to the airport. I like to call it – pre-flight anxiety! Luckily for me – I’m always put at ease as soon as I get to the Mango counter. I’m always greeted with a smile and make jokes with whoever is working the check-in counter. Its always such an easy and pleasant procedure when it comes to Mango. The gate started boarding exactly on time – the queues moved quickly and I was in my seat before I knew it. Thanks to the self service check-in I was able to select my seat which I always choose right at the front on the aisle as I like to be one of the first off the plane. I have to say that I am extremely impressed with the new Mango aircrafts! I feel like there is much more space. The flight was steady the whole way to Cape Town with the pilot keeping us informed of estimated time of arrival as well as what the wind speed was outside and what exactly we were passing over at what point. The attendants on the flight were extremely attentive and for the demanding couple that were sitting next to me – the air hostess that kept having to attend to them remained cool, calm and collected. A true testimony to her patience and the professionalism of the crew. Finally disembarking I was met with a friendly “Goodbye” and my bag came through pretty quickly! All in all yet another pleasant and easy journey with Mango Airlines. I even managed to take a photo as I was boarding but because the line was moving so quickly I barely had time to focus the shot!! Looking forward to my next trip with Mango!"" Rating 5/5

  • Review by on : "My last flight was to Johannesburg and i went with my daughter, Misha as well as other family members. We were going to my Godson and Nephew's wedding. The flight was awesome as usual. We left and arrived on time, got great service and had a ball on the plane :). Travelling with Mango is as good as travelling with SAA, and we all know what a great reputation SAA has. Only difference is no meal on board but you may buy meals onboard. The cost of the meal is much less than the ticket savings so all round you WIN. I find the ground and flight staff awesome. I may not be a business flight traveler but travel quite often for Softball. The SA Softball Masters annual tournament is in Durban this year and i have already booked by return flight on mango (Ref LWVLLK). I will be booking my flight going to Johannesburg then Durban the next day within the next day or two. I always find the cheapest flights on MANGO. The best services and most important they are ALWAYS ON TIME. Thank you MANGO." Rating 5/5

  • Review by on : "My husband and I travel to Cape Town every year on the 25th of December to visit my family. My dad has dementia on Christmas day he is ready waiting for our arrival he always seems to be alert and waiting for his gifts. By the next day he is confused again I am just grateful that we have a few hours where he is lucid and remembers us. I enjoy my flight on mango it is a time to sit back and relax. Two years ago was my husband's first flight, he was excited and nervous at the same time. Now he can't wait for our next flight " Rating 5/5

  • Review by on : "We flew home a few weeks ago and wanted to return with some oil paintings. We were a little worried as to how these fragile valuables would be carried! Not a problem as the Mango staff stowed them safely for us in a special fragile-item section. We returned with our art safe and sound. Thank you Mango! " Rating 5/5

  • Review byon : "Please note below my flight for a quick business trip with one of my clients at SARCS+DA in Gallagher (Midrand). The return trip staff were absolutely shocking. Firstly I was extremely tired and once we were airborne I decided to release my safety belt to be able to sit more comfortably and only then realised that my safety belt was never fastened. I then discussed with my client sitting next to me that the air hostesses actually did not even walk around to check if seats were straight up or safety belts fastened as they usually do. Secondly, they came around with the food trolley and once they had passed us we decided we would ordered a dinky bottle of wine each when they return to ask if we wanted anything else. They never did return. We rang the bell and head to order. They never returned to collect any glasses or bottles etc that needed to be thrown away. When the announcement came that there was 10 mins to landing and that the air hostesses would now be collecting anything that needed to be thrown away – we waited and watched and not one hostess was seen either in front or from the back walking around collecting anything. So we rang the bell again to ask them to remove our glasses and 2 x wine bottles. Then people started asking can you take my goods too pls….as they passed by. Very sad – as it was only on the return flight from OR Tambo to Cape Town. No service at all." Rating 1/5

  • on : "My wife and I flew to Durban via Mango last week and enjoyed the in flight service that we received" Rating 5/5

  • Review by on : "Last weekend I travelled back to Johannesburg from Cape Town on Mango Airlines.  It was the first flight out and I was super tired.  Luckily I was on one of the new planes and the new seats are so comfortable.  The whole process from check-in to boarding was such a breeze.  I could not have asked for a more accommodating service than what I was provided.  The friendly Mango staff greeted me with a smile, helped me with my hand luggage and even left me in peace when I fell asleep within the 5 minutes of take-off.  The only time I woke up was when there was a bit of turbulence but as soon as it got a bit bumpy, the pilot informed all the passengers why this was and put all our minds at ease.  Once we landed we started disembarking very quickly and my bag was one of the first to come through on the conveyor belt – which is always a bonus.  All in all I had an extremely pleasant trip and would highly recommend anybody fly with Mango in the future.  I plan on going to Cape Town again in September and will most definitely be flying with Mango again! Not only for their amazing prices but also for their fantastic customer service!" Rating 5/5

  • Review by on : "I used to travel with Mango, from Cape Town to Johannesburg. This airline is safe and comfortable. They always have special tickets and accomodate all race with friendly welcoming always . They always communicate if there is any changes. I rate them 5/5. It's always good for me to use this flight than drive a long Distance. Their job is excellent." Rating 5/5

  • Review by on : "I recently flew from CAPE TOWN to DURBAN for the winter vacation. The chill of CAPE TOWN'S winter lost its edge upon embarking my MANGO flight. As a student I am a regular flyer with your airline as it's reasonable, efficient (offers in - flight use of technology) - perfect for a student! My return flight has already been booked on MANGO of course!" Rating 5/5

  • Review by on : "I travelled twice from Durban to Cape Town in September 2013. I never had any problems with bookings or prices. The flight was on time and there was no delays. The service on the flight must be really commended. Many thanks to you." Rating 5/5

  • Review by on : "I flew Dbn to CPT via Mango on the evening of 23rd May and was both amazed and delighted to reach CPT on time. 1st time ever I had to call my friends after baggage collection to tell them that I was ready to be fetched. I was impressed and told anyone who'd listen that night about my "On-time Mango flight!" When I flew back to Durban the evening of the 26th May, we boarded on time @ CPT but landed 15 minutes before expected arrival time!!!! Lovely flight, great landing & early!!!! Very impressed. Will continue using Mango Airlines and recommending them to all I come in contact with. Friends now tell me about the Mango Happy Day sales. Great work, Mango. Hats off to you guys." Rating 5/5

  • Review by on : "This is to confirm efficient and friendly service on my latest flight." Rating 4/5

  • Review by on : "Easter is a time where one would like to be with their families and for a student such as myself, it's not always possible to find an affordable flight in such a short space of time. However I've heard greatly about low flight costs that Mango had been offering and well by past experience from flying with Mango before, I knew it was no rumour. I immediately told my father (he always makes my bookings) to book with Mango. In the back of my mind I was also doubtful because Easter is a time for price hikes, and I would need a return all the way back to Cape Town from Johannesburg. When I received my flight details, I was excited and overwhelmed. I remember the Thursday of the 17th of April, rushing to the Cape Town airport frantically, afraid I'd miss my flight. But I made it! As I walked in, looking at my surroundings, I was again pleased with Mango. The seat was comfortable, the people were friendly. The air hostesses made sure everyone was secure and they made the safety rules clear to us. The catering was also excellent and they had a variety of beverages to select from. Finally, after some time of talking to the person next to me and sleeping for a while, I arrived at O.R Tambo International.. I was glad to be home and I had no complaints of my journey there. For me, Mango was a 5 out 5, and I was definitely looking forward to my return flight on the 20th :) This would be the voyage to yet another remarkable experience!" Rating 5/5

  • Review by on : "I go down every year for a special religious festival, I flew with mango airlines, the flight was good, I don’t have a problem with it, everyone is very helpful especially with me and my son." Rating 5/5

  • Review by on : "When we flew back home we were booked on Kulula. We had to wait and ask for assistance. The friendliness and efficiency of Mango has been told to many a traveller. My husband had been in intensive care for 10 days prior to the flight also with pneumonia. A concerned daughter and 1 1/2 year old were also with us from America. My daughter has travelled a lot and said nowhere had she seen such helpfulness." Rating 5/5

  • Review by on : "My last flight with Mango was last Sunday, day of the week I decided to travel, thinking the flight might have been half full. Well it was chock a block full proving the success of the airline and its policies. The price was fair, we left on time....arrived 15 minutes early, ...the staff was efficient, courteous and smiling. On the whole it was a good experience which I will want to repeat with Mango, in preference to other airlines." Rating 4/5

  • Review by on : "Last year I travelled with Mango from OR Tambo to Port Elizabeth which I thoroughly enjoyed. Just flying over the sea when you reach Port Elizabeth is magic. Every time I arrive in Port Elizabeth my memories go as far back to when I was a youngster". Rating 5/5

  • Review by on : "I would like to compliment the Mango airlines for their awesome service and safe flight from JHB to Durban a week ago to which I am totally satisfied withh their services.. Awesome and keep it up." Rating 5/5

  • Review by on : "I was very impressed on my last trip with Mango Airlines…because the service was excellent and the staff was very friendly. It was my first experience with Mango Airlines and I know it will not be my last….from then on I have recommend Mango Airlines to my friends and families. Well done To Mango Airlines…keep up the good service and cheap flights". Rating 5/5

  • Review by on : "On behalf of my mother, Yvonne Nell and myself, Sharon van der Merwe, I would like to extend our compliments to the crew and pilot/s of Flight JE628. We were greeted very friendly in our Mother tongue as we boarded and from there on they did everything as expected and better! The pilot kept us up to date regularly regarding the flight and warned us that it could be a bumpy ride as the wind was pumping. Well, he did an excellent job. Landing in Port Elizabeth was smooth and without any hiccups.Our congratulations on a job well done. Next time I fly, I will check Mango's prizes first and I can almost assure you that it will be the best as your service was on this flight. I don't believe in giving full marks very easily. Therefor I give you 4.8 / 5." Rating 4.8/5

  • Review by on : "I recently flew with Mango from Johannesburg to Cape town. I was very impressed with the service, from the prompt departure to the friendly and efficient staff. My attention was focused on the special treatment the elderly and disabled were given. I look forward to travelling with Mango soon and for year to come. Well done Mango." Rating 5/5

  • Review by on : "From the 1st April and our return flight to durban on the 6th April, all we experienced was satisfaction and more. The flight was smooth, no turbulence, a smooth ascent and descent causing no motion sickness that I normally experience when traveling by plane; and friendly we'll trained staff who are people centric who were willing to go the extra mile for all passengers." Rating 5/5

  • Review by on : "MY OH MY, Did I panic. At that hour, I needed to be online to prepare for a meeting, for my client had threatened to take away her contract. I needed wifi and to my amazement, the lovely hostess noticed I was full of anxiety and asked if she could help me relax, I stated my problem and then like a miracle, she said that Mango offered this service. Can you believe it, a cheap fare flight offered in flight wi fi too. Mango saved my contract, I could prepare my meeting right there on my Mango flight. I love the professional uniforms too. I love my Mango. xxxxxxxxx" Rating 5/5

  • Review by on : "When I flew with Mango Airlines for the first time in my life, they were so genuine. As we were told to adjust our seats for the plane to take off, I had no idea how to go about towards doing that. But because I was flying with Mango I was assisted with a smile. Flying for the first time was such an awesome experience and the service of the staff was simply incredible! I would also love to be part of Mango Arlines, an airline that makes everyone feel so comfortable-thus enabling each and every one of them to feel free to ask for assistance when a need arises. I found the level of service of the Mango Airlines staff to be outstanding! One of the best, it is very rare these days to find employees as proffessional as Mango's." Rating 5/5

  • Review by on : "My first flight ever was with mango airlines and to date I have flown up many times and always with mango! I still have all my bookings that were done online as well as my pre bookings. The best thing is that there is no confusion and it's the simplest and most convenient flight to take. I tried doing another booking for this long weekend coming up but unfortunately the prices were very high and it was not possible to take any flights." Rating 5/5

  • Review by on : "My kids have been flying between JHB & CPT every school holiday for the past 10 years, and since we’ve been introduced to Mango, we’ve have just been using Mango. The flights are always on time and the hostesses are always friendly, and for my kids who always fly alone, this is an absolute pleasure to use them. The Air Fares are so much cheaper and for a single parent this is a huge help." Rating 5/5

  • Review by on : "I travel each month between HLA or ORTambo to CPT or DUR. On a few occasions the check in times were delayed by up to 30mins. However due to good and safe flying by Mango Pilots I have always reached my destination on time. Mango's cabin crew are extremely helpful and friendly. Well done and keep up the good service." Rating 4/5

  • Review by on : "I fly often and enjoy the options of requesting my desired seat, Durban to Johannesburg & back is my most often used route. As a new granny in waiting the excitement gets overwhelming & the need to travel is increasing. Love Mango for making it possible." Rating 5/5

  • Review by on : "I recently flew from Cape Town international to Lanseria, JHB. I flew Mango because of their super low rates in comparison to other airlines (it was only R1800 return for a same day booking!). The flight was fantastic, we arrived 20 minutes ahead of schedule as well as the staff being very polite and helpful. I would rate it a well-deserved 5. I flew up for an interview in Johannesburg as well as a bit a quality time with my family while I was there and the trip was overall fantastic." Rating 5/5

  • Review by on : "My trip was from OR Tambo to Durban. I was sad because I was leaving my children in Johannesburg and coming back to Durban. As I sat back and thought about my children I fell asleep. I dreamt that I was in the air, whisked away by angels who showed me the most beautiful land in the world where I was at peace and very content. I was awakened by the happy voice of the pilot saying that we had landed safely in Durban. What was so amazing is that I did not feel the take off nor the landing of the plane. Congratulations to the pilot and co pilot who made our journey so pleasant and safe. Thank you Mango staff. I would rate it a 5 because I did not feel like I was flying but cruising in the air -it was so smooth." Rating 5/5

  • Review by on : "My home is in Durban, but I am now working in Cape Town. Being away from my family is not easy and flying home is every month is pricey. Mango has made it possible for me to fly at least once a month to Durban to see my family since their flight are always cheap. Their flights are always on time and comfortable. Not forgetting the friendly staff. Mango, every month you make my daughter smile by making it possible for her to see me! Thank you, Keep up the great service. GO Mango Go!" Rating 5/5

  • Review by on : "My mind bursts with the visual memories that two weeks in Central Africa have brought me. Senses heightened, emotions peeked, body weary; I think back on the experiences. Time in a reunited and reconciled Rwanda, the Boda Boda tour of Uganda’s Kampala city, Gorilla Trekking in the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, a game drive near the DRC border and time spent with wild Chimpanzee in the Kalinzu Forest. It all seems rather surreal, like a dream. Yet the dirt I can’t seem to scrub off my feet and layer of dust on my backpack bear testament. It’s my Birthday and I’ve been up since 4am to make a flight from Entebbe to Johannesburg’s OR Tambo. I eat and sleep, on arrival I robotically pass through customs, collect my luggage, find the green channel and exit into the fresh air beyond International Arrivals. Hello South Africa! At Domestic departures the bright orange sign draws me over. There is a warm smile, a South African accent, casual conversation about shoe shopping. After all, girls will be girls. I nonchalantly mention ‘Its my Birthday’ and the announcement is met with a squeal of delight and the determination to give me the best seat on the plane. ‘Window please, so I can see Table Mountain as I approach home’, I say. Seated on my Mango flight from Johannesburg to Cape Town the inflight staff knows I’m celebrating. They fuss over me, ask me where I’ve been, where I live, what I do. We enjoy animated conversation in an orange bubble of happiness, one with a green and black heart tattooed on its tail. We speak of gorillas, our shared love for Africa, Birthdays and the insignificance of age in a world of adventure. I take the last hour to connect to the inflight wifi and catch up on mails. I read the refreshingly styled Mango Juice, recognising features by writer friends. Before I know it the descent begins and Table Mountain is visible through the window. I’m home. Refreshed and all loved up by the flight, by a closer look at Africa, the power of kindness and personal service I arrive in Cape Town. A Birthday filled will travel ever appropriate. There seems to be a light magic encased in this plane painted the colour of an African sunset. As I disembark, I know I take a piece of it with me." Rating 4/5

  • Review by on :
    "Thank you Mango, for the pleasant experiences we have when travelling with you. The staff are always very friendly and the seats are comfortable. See you soon in June!"
    Rating 4/5

  • Review by on :
    "It was the first time I flew from Lanseria International Airport to Cape Town and back. I must say that I loved the flight. The seats are leather stitched and the legroom felt great. I felt so good that I fell asleep on the flight to Cape Town. The hostesses were friendly and served delicious snacks and drinks. I love flying Mango Airlines! I only fly from Lanseria International Airport now and only with Mango. Thank you for the wonderful service team! I cant wait to go back home to Cape Town for the Easter weekend."
    Rating 5/5

  • Review by on :
    "I would like to thank MANGO for always having the cheapest flights available. I am grateful for your prices because it makes it affordable for me to fly and go on holiday. Keep up the fantastic work."
    Rating 5/5

  • Review by on :
    "I had the opportunity to fly with Mango early this year. I must say it was excellent. The staff and crew were friendly and I enjoyed my flight. I will most definitely use Mango again in future and recommend to many of my family and friends too. Thanking you once again for your hospitality."
    Rating 5/5

  • Mango Airlines reviewed by on :
    "We recently had the experience of travelling 2x to Cape Town and back to Durban, it was a very pleasant flight and the attendants were all so friendly! We were on board in January and again in the beginning of February."
    Rating 5/5

  • Mango Airlines reviewed by on :
    "Very happy with Mango airlines – no problems, no complaints. Flight was on time – no delays. Will fly Mango anytime."
    Rating 5/5

  • Mango Airlines reviewed by on :
    "I had a flight from Johannesburg OR Tambo Airport to Cape Town International Airport. The flight was on the 05/01/2014 in the afternoon. The flight was so nice as the staff of Mango Airlines treated all customers with respect and courtesy. I would like to thank the staff of Mango Airlines and the staff of both airports for ever treating their customers. Again I thank you for the best services you offer on daily basis to local and international customers."
    Rating 4/5

  • Mango Airlines reviewed by on :
    "I travel regularly on MANGO AIRLINES and I enjoy reading the MANGO JUICE mag. It keeps me occupied for large amount of the flight AND, I always fly using seat 32D so that when we land and they open the back doors I am the first one to get out of the aeroplane. The pilot and passenger crew have always been very pleasant and.....the girls are I continue to fly Mango. I have no reason to rate Mango down as, price for price they are the best, in my opinion and I really find them professional......and, if I am caught smoking on Mango I do not get to spend the rest of the flight on the wing.....yea, I do not smoke at all by the way. I rate them 4.75 without a doubt. For the extra .25 rating I would expect MANGO AIRLINES to give us a free token mango juice (125ml)"
    Rating 4.75/5

  • Mango Airlines reviewed by on :
    "The last tym I flew with Mango I was travelling with my 1 year old at that time. It was the first time I ever flew so my nerves were on ends (I'm terrified of flying) and not to forget travelling with an infant, his baby bag, my handbag and our luggage. I was prepared for the worst BUT was greatly taken by surprise, the flight was smooth. The staff were helpful and friendly and last but not least my toddler slept the entire way. Great job Mango Airlines, you definately get a thumbs up from me and my lil man."
    Rating 5/5

  • Mango Airlines reviewed by on :
    "I did my first flight on mango air from Durban to Capetown on my own in January 2010.The flight went well with no drama. I waited to collect my luggage at Capetown airport and it seemed like everyone got their luggage except for another lady and I .We see everyones luggage come through on the conveyer but no sign of mine appearing. then a mango assistant comes up to me and says that they were announcing for me to fetch my bags. I then realised I was waiting for my bags at one time airlines baggage pickup. I was so redfaced but now when I remember the incident I just laugh. and I couldn't figure how the assistant knew for certain that the bags belonged to me. I look back at this trip with fondness. Mango staff are amazing and so helpful. thank you. God Bless"
    Rating 5/5

  • Mango DUR-JHB reviewed by on :
    " managed to get a reasonably well priced deal from mango airlines and flew up to Jhb for a most delightful weekend...."
    Rating 4/5

  • Mango DUR-CPT reviewed by on :
    "My son travelled from Durban to Cape Town on 11 January 2011. It was his first ever flight and he was nervous and excited at the same time..."
    Rating 5/5

  • Mango Airlines reviewed by on :
    Thank you for a wonderful experience whilst flying from Johannesburg to sunny Durbs. Safe, on time and overall good experience was had. Will definitely be using Mango airlines again. Staff were friendly and clearly visible to assist.
    Rating 3.5/5

  • reviewed by on :
    As an epileptic Saloshni has no choice but to fly long distances, and was pleased with the seating she got, being introduced to the pilots and assistance during the flight
    Rating 5/5

  • Mango Airlines reviewed by on :
    Good morning all, just want to share my travel experience with you. I needed to travel urgently, and the only flight available was with Mango airlines. I was a bit reluctant as I have always used another airline and was a frequent flyer with that airline, I bought the ticket as I had no choice. The flight was way cheaper and I must admit my flight was extremely pleasant, the crew professional, friendly and hands on. Mango airlines is now my airline of choice!
    Rating 5/5

  • make for great holiday reviewed by on :
    Vicky's catchphrase, "A holiday that starts well ends well" says it all. She attributes her enjoyable Cape Town holiday to the affordable prices and service she received on her way to CPT.
    Rating 5/5

  • reviewed by on :
    They highlighted the excellent Mango rates, top notch care from the cabin crew and the patience of the pilot who inspired her child to want to become a pilot.
    Rating 5/5

  • Mango flight To Cape Town reviewed by on :
    Happy New Year. As a frequent flyer, I want to compliment the great service and always pleasant being on board. After 3 year I had no option but to fly the competitor airline locally from Jhb to CT, and disappointing as always. So as a Mango passenger I trust you will continue the good efficient service for 2014.
    Rating 5/5

  • 2014-01-04 Rating 5/5 : had an "", starting off a "warm welcome", and enjoyed the new aircraft. He plans to fly Mango again, to Durban, for the Comrades Marathon.

  • 2014-01-01 Rating 1/5 : This tale demonstrates the importance of presenting the credit card at check-in, and to avoid the self-service check-in if somebody else has the card. booked a flight from for her niece, and the card wasn't presented at the self-service check-in, but was requested at the boarding gates (where Sally obviously wasn't present).

Mango Airlines plane parked at Lanseria Airport in Johannesburg

  • 2013-11-17 Rating 5/5 : says she'll never use a bus again, after experiencing a

  • 2013-11-15 Rating 5/5 : experiences great , after having to switch airlines to fly with them, whilst she is sick.

  • 2013-11-12 Rating 5/5 : lost her , but still enjoyed her holiday and rates her flight highly.

  • 2013-11-06 Rating 5/5 : received wonderful medical assistance on a with crutches.

  • 2013-11-03 Rating 5/5 : I flew on Mango Airlines from Durban to Cape Town and I rate it with a definite 5. I am so pleased to say that the service and treatment I received on my flight was outstanding. The air hostesses were warm hearted, friendly and helpful. The pilot made an incredibly smooth landing and all in all I was extremely impressed. I will always fly with Mango.

  • 2013-11-02 Rating 5/5 : enjoyed great prices on a Mango flight to Cape Town. She also enjoyed the comfortable seats with legroom on Mango's new planes.

  • 2013-10-22 Rating 5/5 : tells us about her , to see the Justin Bieber concert and describes herself as a "110% Satisfied Client" of Mango Airlines.

  • 2013-10-21 Rating 5/5 : tells us how she flew for the , got the times of the flight mixed up and missed her flight.

  • 2013-10-03 Rating 5/5 : I am so grateful for Mango Airlines. Due to my medical condition I can't travel by motor to Durban or Jhb. So I have to fly to reach quickly. And thankfully to Mango I can afford to do it. I am so grateful for your cheap flights. And I am seeing it among many others that are given the opportunity to do so too just cos of that. Another thing I definitely have to mention is the service from ALL staff. From the start of buying the ticket to being on the plane and getting off! They are amazing and I have pics to prove it :-) Thank You again Mango Airlines! I always have lots of funny things to say and pics after a flight about the kind of lovely, individual but awesome attention and assistance given to all by Mango!

  • 2013-10-02 Rating 5/5 : It was my 11th birthday and my dad was taking us for a drive. I didn't realize that the road we were traveling on was taking us to O R Tambo airport. When we got there dad jumped out -we assumed it was probably a client of his. 10 minutes later dad was all big smiles walking towards us. He came closer to us in the car and said "happy birthday angel". My grandparents were behind him. What an awesome surprise and the best birthday present ever. Thank you Mango Airlines.

  • 2013-10-01 Rating 5/5 : made it much easier for to deal with the trauma of her Dad getting cancer, as she was able to book tickets to Cape Town and pay them off over 6 months.

  • 2013-09-22 Rating 5/5 : I have never seen such an efficient airway, bearing in mind low cost Air line. It is rare in today's society and business world that we find excellent levels of service! Mango level of professionalism exceeds the highest level of service and surely deserve an accolade. The flight was on time, the plane was clean and very efficient staff. I have and will always use Mango and the kids love it especially the colour. One thing for sure is that Mango caters for all INCOME EARNERS.

  • 2013-09-20 Rating 5/5 : rated her first flight ever, and also first time with Mango a "huge 5" after her .

  • 2013-09-19 Rating 5/5 : rated his first flight a "fat 5" after a flyMango trip from Durban to Johannesburg.

  • 2013-09-18 Rating 5/5 : It was really a bad day on the 12th September when our flight door could not be fixed. I was on flight JE 253 to depart at 14:15 for work AGM in Durban but we were late. Mango staff were very helpful and supportive. Thumbs up guys but I could not register at the venue (Elangeni) - it was very late. Thanks to all the staff and manager on that day. The flight departed Dur in time. I choose Mango because of its good service,friendly staff, affordable and its proudly South African. I rate it 5. I fly Mango always.  What ever happened, at last we traveled safely and happy.

  • 2013-09-17 Rating 5/5 : The Mango staff were professional and polite throughout the flight. Mango airlines excel with customer satisfaction and professional services at all times. Mango Airlines is the number 1 airline of all times

  • 2013-09-10 Rating 4.8/5 : is full of compliments after her and was also happy to see that they "helped the lady in a wheelchair".

  • 2013-09-05 Rating 5/5 : flies regularly "not just because of the cheapest flights but because of the excellent service and the fact that they really care."

  • 2013-09-04 Rating 5/5 : and her boyfriend booked a spot in Uvongo but then needed to figure out how to get there : "booked flights on Mango through our Edgars account. It was 1,2,3 and done - most user friendly site I have used" - see her writeup of a .

  • 2013-09-01 Rating 5/5 : The last time I travelled with Mango was on 9/08/2013 from dbn to Johannesburg. To my surprise we arrived earlier than anticipated and I was afraid I'd have to wait at the airport for my girlfriend to arrive. I don't like turbulence and our flight was smooth and settled. Thank you so much. I am travelling to JHB quite often because my girlfriend and child stays there. It's not easy but Mango makes it easier because of their affordable flight rates. With Mango, I can maintain my relationship with my girlfriend and child.

  • 2013-08-26 Rating 5/5 : is a regular on . She commutes between Pretoria (work) and Amanzimtoti (home), and her dog "loves the people and flight as much us I do".

  • 2013-08-22 Rating 3/5 : hopped onto a and always flies Mango because they're "on time, efficient and have friendly staff (airport and onboard)"

  • 2013-08-21 Rating 5/5 : My wife Lisa and I made a call to Mango's office about 2 years ago. To our amazement they were offering a return trip from Durban to Cape Town @ R880.00 pp return trip. I was so excited we booked immediately as R1660.00 for 2 people was very very reasonable. Wow what a wonderful holiday we had in Cape Town.

  • 2013-08-20 Rating 3/5 : was a bit frustrated by the lack of , when he wanted to change the date (he had to pay R350, and felt there should be bigger warnings about this).

  • 2013-08-20 Rating 5/5 : went on his very , which he described as "scary but exciting" - he wants to go again.

  • 2013-08-19 Rating 4/5 : A reader says he/she appreciates that Mango Airlines is always one time, but had a sub-par experience when he/she was refused boarding because of being , and had to board on South African Airways.

  • 2013-08-18 Rating 5/5 : Mango is always on time. Great Cabin Crew always. Use Airline frequently. SAA ok on the whole , however very bad with sorting out delays and broken down AIRCRAFTS. Do not respond to e-mails about complaints - no feed back.

  • 2013-08-17 Rating 5/5 : A reader tells us how much she enjoyed the discount with she booked. She found the crew friendly, the food good and the Captain interested in their well-being.

  • 2013-08-16 Rating 4/5 : My last trip was when me and my daughter and grandson flew to Cape Town via Mango and we had to give medication to my grandson as he was so full energy and talking to everyone. But eventually he fell asleep! But that's not all! After that peace came and we enjoyed our flight. Would love to fly again as my son is getting married in January 2014.

  • 2013-08-15 Rating 2/5 : loves how she can fly at cheap airfares, but is concerned that her seat did not work properly on her flight.

  • 2013-08-14 Rating 5/5 : was flying as a . He had his arm in a sling, and was concerned at coping with flying, but the Mango staff were very helpful, even giving a free cup of coffee.

  • 2013-08-12 Rating 5/5 : was flying from , with a strange loud noise coming from somewhere. Putting safety first they returned to Cape Town to find that the door had not been closed properly.

  • 2013-08-10 Rating 5/5 : "I have most of the time only used Mango as they allow you to use your Edgars card to book flights. If I can't book on Edgars card, I cannot afford to fly. Their staff and flight crew are awesome, friendly and very helpful. I have never experienced anything bad on any flight."

  • 2013-08-09 Rating 3/5 : "I chose Mango Airlines because it was a cheap flight & short one to Johannesburg. This time they gave us a wheelchair for my elderly Uncle because I liaised personally with them. Their services were better on my last trip, but previously we were treated very badly, although a wheel chair was requested by my travel agent."

  • 2013-08-08 Rating 5/5 : "It was my first time to fly with my family and we really enjoyed it the crew was incredible and friendly - I will fly more often. Keep up the excellent service. Well done. Trip date 01/08/2013- Durban to Jhb, 05/08/2013 Jhb to Durban. The airline was Mango. I will rate the airline a 5 for excellent service by crew on departure and arrival. That makes me want to travel more often. Me, wife, 7year old daughter and 9 month baby girl enjoyed the trip and I will gratefully recommend Mango to anyone who wants to fly. Keep up the good work and standards that were met. Well done to cabin crew on both days. Thanks again"

  • 2013-07-30 Rating 5/5 : "My last flight using Mango was in May 2013 when I flew to JHB for my nephew's 1st Birthday. Mango is always a pleasant flight and the staff are always very accommodating and super friendly, the pilot always has a sense of humor and makes the flight so much more enjoyable. I chose to fly Mango as it is the most cost effective airline and always has the best service. I rate this airline a TOP OF THE CLASS 5 and recommend it to all of my friends and family flying anywhere. My trips have always been amazing and Mango Airlines always makes them that much more enjoyable each time. This time I will be flying to Cape Town in September on honeymoon and my FIRST holiday away with just me and my fiancé. I have never had a bad experience with Mango Airlines in my entire flying history. I will always fly mango to all my destinations in the future. After having a lovely flight it's so relaxing and you enjoy your holiday knowing that people take time out of their day to make our flights enjoyable and comfortable. the Mango staff always put their customers first from the check in right up till exiting the plane - never a dull moment or a grumpy face. This airline is by far the most customer friendly and offers the best rates."

  • 2013-07-29 Rating 4/5 : "My husband and I and our daughter Jane (who is severely handicapped) live in the Eastern Cape. When we visit our children in Pretoria, we usually travel by car. But this year we decided to fly on Mango from Port Elizabeth to O R Tambo and back. We were warned, when we booked our seats, that Jane might have to sit apart from us on the aircraft because of her disability. Naturally we were very concerned about this, but we need not have worried. The Mango staff at P.E. and O.R.Tambo airports and on the aircraft could not have been kinder. We were given seats together at the front of the plane. On both journeys, the service was excellent. Well done, Mango!"

  • 2013-07-28 Rating 4/5 : "I have, not too recently but recently enough, moved to Durban from living in JHB. Went back home for a short visit to see family and friends for my birthday this past weekend. Flew with Mango as they had the cheapest flights at the time I booked. Both flights (departing and arriving) went fine. It's only a one hour flight, so I can handle a bit of discomfort. I just really wish they'd make all the seats slightly reclined. That way, you don't get the people behind you getting annoyed when you want to get slightly more comfortable. My short trip up to JHB was the best one yet. Arrived late on Friday night so didn't get up to much. Saturday, took a drive out to Muldersdrift with a bunch of friends to Gilroy's Brewery. That place has some of the best beer I've tasted! Also, Steven Gilroy is a legend! Spent pretty much the whole day there. Sunday was more of a chilled day with sushi take away at home. Just the stuff you need for a hangover. Then it was off to the airport and back home to Durban. My rating for Mango is a 4 as I didn't really have anything to complain about. I kept to myself and kept my baggage with me too."

The views expressed in these reviews are not necessarily those of South Africa Travel Online's.

  • 2013-07-26 Rating 5/5 : Actually rated their Mango flights to Cape for their wedding 10/5 - thanks to them they could afford to travel down to the Cape to get married in Franschhoek.

  • 2013-07-24 Rating 4/5 : was , to spend time in Struisbaai, and chose to fly Mango from Lanseria Airport because it's closer to Centurion.

  • 2013-07-23 Rating 5/5 : "On the 19th of July I flew up to Johannesburg with Mango airlines, I was extremely impressed with their service. I got to the King Shaka Airport and checked in, and was notified that my flight was boarding. I checked in my bags and headed to the airplane. The airhostesses on the flight were very polite and professional. To my surprise the pilot had set to take off at the exact time that I had booked for, I had previously flown and this was the first the my flight was prompt. The flight was smooth with no disturbances or problems throughout. I reached ORT airport about 15 minutes before scheduled, which was again very pleasing as I had to get fetched from the airport and this resulted in me being on time. I am really impressed with Mango airline as well as their staff. A big well done to the Mango team. I look forward to flying with them again."

  • 2013-07-20 Rating 5/5 : "When you think of your matric dance most people remember an amazing evening filled with glamour, good food, wonderful dresses and finally being considered grown up in your parents eyes. To me it was a moment in my high school career I had looked forward to since going into high school - that was until my then boyfriend left me for my neighbour. Dateless, dressless and dream crushed I had no idea what I was going to do and then I met Johann. He was everything I could have wanted in the perfect date and boyfriend, the only problem was that he lived in Durban. During July I flew up to surprise him for his birthday. I flew from Cape Town to Durban and then back home again. I flew on Mango airlines and had a wonderful experience. If I could I would give the flight a 10/10. They were kind and caring as I became very emotional having to say goodbye to him not sure when I would be able to see him again. I flew Mango because they had the perfect time departures that I needed as I am still in matric and can only fly after certain times. It was also the most affordable flight tickets. I would most definitely continue to fly with Mango not only because of the cheaper flights but because of the kind and wonderful service received whilst flying."

  • 2013-07-18 Rating 3/5 : Kim recalls the glory days when one could pay R299 for a flight from Johannesburg to Cape Town, and compares

  • 2013-07-17 Rating 4/5 : "I flew to Cape Town from ORT in April on one of Mango's awesome flight specials and it went pretty smoothly. The flight was on time, the turbulence was practically non-existent, the snacks on board were overpriced, and one of the flight attendant's had lipstick on her teeth - you know, the usual flight experience one has with Mango. I would rate my experience as a 4 (it got bumped up from a 3 because I was highly entertained throughout the flight by a woman flirting unashamedly for 2 hours with a very disinterested, and - as we found out when we disembarked - a very married, man!)."

  • 2013-07-06 Rating 5/5 : "I recently flew Mango from Durban to Jhb. The flight was very good and my daughter and my husband were travelling for the 1st time via an aeroplane and were amazed at how smooth the flight went. My daughter ordered a Chicken and Mayo sandwich and my hubby and I ordered a beef Sandwich. The presentation of the sandwich was very good, but it's the sandwich itself that was dry and the bread was stale and nothing on the sides. Aside from that we had a good flight. I have flown with Mango/SAA/Kulula and Onestop (I can't remember if its Oneway or Onestop) and I didn't have a problem with Mango. Flights were on time and problem free. If we hit turbulence we were reassured. The flight attendants were always neatly attired and attentive, oh and with a huge smile (I must say). My luggage was never stolen or mislaid. I don't see any reason to fly with anyone else - they are the cheapest. To put it in a nutshell " Mango is tops".

  • 2013-07-03 Rating 5/5 : In January this year I travelled Mango from JHB to CPT. What a pleasant and hilarious trip I had. The pilot and co-pilot made the trip with comments and making us feel welcome. I plan to travel coming Monday 08th July 2013 back to CPT from Durban...Mango all the way. My sister's Maltese is now called "Mango".

  • 2013-07-04 Rating 5/5 : I used Mango to fly down to Cape Town with my friend. It was my first time flying but I was well taken care of. The plane was so comfortable and I had awesome treatment from the cabin crew as well as the Pilot - he would update us as to where we were and the weather. Best of all was the variety of refreshments they were selling - I really enjoyed the Biltong very much.

  • 2013-07-02 Rating 5/5 : I rate Mango 5/5, as apart from the missing glasses I always have had good experiences on their flights. On Friday 28th June I was a passenger on the 3.00pm flight from Cape Town to Durban. As we were boarding we were requested to please consider leaving our carry-on luggage at the airplane door for loading in the hold as space in the overhead lockers above the seats was limited. I was requested to remove all valuables first (obviously this term "valuables" is relative) and cable ties would be fitted to the zips. I duly removed my Ipad and closed the zips. On retrieving my bag from the carousel in Durban I noticed that the cable ties were non existent or had never been applied, and a pair of sunglasses was missing from my bag. Even though they were not an expensive pair ,the fact remains that even leaving one's bag right at the hold for loading does not protect it from being rummaged in for any "quick picks". So for anyone who leaves their bag at the airplane door – please check that the cable ties are applied and also that you REALLY have no valuables in your bag.

  • 2013-07-01 Rating 4/5 : My sister stayed in Gauteng to continue her schooling while my Mom moved to Cape Town. My sister is 14 and has never been away from Mom. She really missed Mom and we were able to send her to Cape Town to visit with her for the June holidays because of the affordability of Mango flights. Without this we would have had to wait till we had saved up enough which might have only been at the end of the year. We'd like to thank Mango for helping us to help her stay in close contact with our Mom and we also appreciate the friendly staff that is always so helpful. Thank you from the whole family.

  • 2013-06-25 Rating 5/5 : I just want to tell you guys if it weren't for Mango Airlines last year in the month of July I would have missed out on seeing my family and spending a special occassion wth them! I missed my Khulula flight by 10 min and they could do nothing for me. I drove from Pietermaritzburg but had unexpected heavy traffic due to an accident! So I booked with Mango for a 5.00 flight for myself and 2 kids. Regretfully Khulula didn't assist me in and I had lost my money! No refund as well My return was booked wth them as well and so was a car hire from Europcar. You are the best when it comes to assisting the public! Thanks you Mango, may you prosper further and keep us happy!

  • 2013-06-20 Rating 5/5 : A lot of people say how they never win anything, and they always get to the best sales just as all the good stuff has gone. Well, that group of people used to include me.. BUT no longer!!! I have been desperate to visit friends in JHB but can't bring myself to spend so much just to get there. Well.. Mango to the rescue!!! They had a special where flights were selling for R199... AND I GOT ONE! Couldn't believe my luck! So a happy little traveller gets to see her friends for an extended weekend, and I couldn't be happier! : Mango one way traveller

  • 2013-06-11 Rating 5/5 : My daughter and I flew from Durban to Johannesburg on the 21st March 2013, on flight JE 268 at 17.40, after doing a comparison check of flight prices I found Mango to be the most reasonable at the time, so immediately booked our trip - we were both very excited. The flight was amazing, we arrived at King Shaka International airport to check-in, it was my daughter's first time on an aeroplane and we were lucky to get a window seat for her. The Flight Attendants were most professional and attended to everyone's needs. The Pilot gave us a commentary of the speed we were travelling at,the weather, and the expected time of arrival at O.R. Tambo Airport in Johannesburg. We were no sooner in the air than the refreshments trolley was going along the isle, and we had a delicious hot cup of Jacobs coffee for free - the airline had a promotional giveaway. We had a fantastic flight experience: there were no bumps or turbulence, a smooth flight thanks to a wonderful pilot.We felt comfortable and safe throughout the entire flight. The reason for my travelling to Johannesburg was to go and visit my first husband of 32 years ago - we went our separate ways and due to a tragedy, we have become close friends again. This has been like a fairytale movie and I have Mango airlines to thank for taking me to Johannesburg and back so safely. Since this flight I have flown to Johannesburg on two more return flights, both mango airlines, to see my dearest first love. My daughter and I will be returning at the end of June for another stay. After almost two weeks we sadly returned home on Flight JE 271 on the 3rd April 2013 at 17.15pm. What a wonderful holiday.

  • 2013-06-04 Rating 5/5: I recently visited my parents in the Eastern Cape on the 23 May and returned home on Sunday,26 May 2013. Firstly I just want to say that I was so impressed that I could get cheap tickets at a Checkers Store in Kenilworth. I had no idea that one could go into a Checkers store and book at ticket at a much cheaper price. So now I will be visiting my elderly parents more often. Thank you Mango :) :)

  • 2013-05-28 Rating 5/5 : I travel between Durban and Pretoria at least twice a year, either for my birthday or Christmas. I once flew with another airline as the tickets were a gift from my Mom, but will never stray from Mango. I am always comfortable and at ease and this helps as I am a restless traveler. The staff are, and have always been, friendly and helpful. This extends to check-in at the counters as well as before boarding. Not even the international flight I took was this pleasing. Whenever I disembark the aircraft I feel like I’ve just left home. It is the only?way I choose to travel. Thank you Mango!

  • 2013-05-20 Rating 5/5 : My name is . I have made many flight bookings with Mango for myself, my two daughters Valencia and Valonia Pather since January 2013. I must say the airline is prompt if sometimes, earlier with departures and arrivals. In April 2013 my daughter Valencia took a flight from Johannesburg to Durban, in really bad weather conditions in Durban, with the pilots excellent decisions, they flew back to Johannesburg, refuelled, waited for better results of Durbans weather and then approximately 2 hours later arrived at Durban airport. My daughter was safe and happy with family. Many thanks to Mango Airlines.

  • 2013-05-19 Rating 5/5 : didn't enjoy her first flight ever (she doesn't say which airline it was on), but gave a very upbeat report on her second flight, which was on a Mango plane. The staff were chirpy for that early in the morning, and their friendly greeting set Vanessa at ease. The only scary part was hitting some turbulence and "I just closed my eyes and grabbed hubby's hand but other than that it was really a better flight experience for me than my first one". See full details at Vanessa's .

Two passengers in a Mango Airlines plane bound for Durban

  • 2013-04-22 Rating = 5/5 : "My first time on a plane was in 2011, in December, It was the best Christmas present from my grandmother. She bought Mango return tickets for us and accompanied me to Cape Town. I had an interview at Cape Peninsula University of Technology with the Head of Department.   We packed our bags and headed to JHB OR Tambo airport, I was going through mixed emotions. It was my first time heading on a plane and my Gran was telling me about her experiences when she flew. We checked in and not long after that we boarded, I was very nervous and didn't know what to expect. We got on the plane, the air hostess and pilots welcomed us and we took off. I held my Grandmother's hand tightly to calm my nerves. I sat by the window and was looking down at all the beauty of SA, the ground looked exactly like the aerial views we would see in our Geography maps in High School. Within 2hours we were in the Mother City, welcomed by the beautiful Cape Airport. I passed the interview and was accepted to study at CPUT, my gran was so proud and I was grateful that all was going well. Four days past and we flew back home, this time I acted all calm and cool because I knew what to expect. Ever since then, I havn't flown again, as my grandparents can't afford it, so during school holidays I take a bus home, which is 18 hours. I would be honored to earn a travel voucher to assist me in flying down home in June and celebrating my birthday with my family."

  • 2013-03-13 Rating = 4/5 : 's - " I would recommend Mango airlines to everyone who is looking to travel economically."

  • 2013-01-05 Rating = 5/5 : In a touching account, describes how helped her avert disaster, by finding her missing brown envelope (which contained items vital to her trip), and she ended her flight with tears of joy.

  • 2011-04-07 Rating = 4/5 : On our , for the first time we booked Mango Plus, which was a good thing, as one of our bags weighed 29kg.

  • 2011-08-30 Rating = 4.5/5 : Our to Cape Town flight was a pleasure - the cherry on top being that for the first time ever an airline employee stopped to help us pick up our luggage.

  • 2011-01-03 Rating = 4/5 : I paid R299 for my flight...and have a new favourite airport.

  • 2011-05-22 Rating = 4/5 : My neighbouring passenger !

  • 2007-08-09 Rating = 3/5 : . We got a pretty good deal on our Mango flight.

Flight Routes

Flights to Bloemfontein

Flights to Cape Town

Here's a simulated landing of a Mango Airlines plane at Cape Town International Airport:

Flights to Durban

Flights to East London

  • Mango Airlines does not yet fly to East London

Flights to George

Flights to Johannesburg

Mango Flights to Lanseria

  • Cape Town - Lanseria (CPT-HLA)

Mango Flights to O.R. Tambo

Cape Town to Johannesburg is the only city to city connection which Mango flies along 2 route (CPT to HLA or CPT to JNB)

Flights to Mauritius

Mango Airlines has the rights to fly to Mauritius, but has not exercised them yet.

Flights to Port Elizabeth

Flights to Zanzibar

  • Johannesburg - Zanzibar

Mango Careers

2014-07-18: Mango had a career day atSebokeng Career Day at the Sedibeng College on the 18th 0f July 2014. Africa's best low cost airline is showing the youngsters that they can have a bright future by joining the Mango Team.


Vodacom has partnered with G-Connect to provide the service. All their planes are now WiFi equipped. The system uses satellite-based connectivity to offer speeds of up to 4Mbps.


"In a highly competitive market where everything tastes like chicken, it's important to taste like beef. Innovation is a cornerstone of our business along with sustained affordable fares that are relative to the prevailing market." said Mr Nico Bezuidenhout, Chief Executive of Mango Airlines.

  • 2013-11-04 Note that wifi is not always available on Mango's plane. The Advertising Standards Authority ruled that the current ad for Mango WiFi Internet should be withdrawn, following a complaint that it was not available.

  • 20 Aug 2012 Mango's CEO updates us on their wifi:

  • August 2012 Mango Airlines offers a 50% discount on its WiFi facilities on the Cape Town - Johannesburg flight route, and also offers Facebook & Twitter for free (bar video uploads). Nico Bezuidenhout, the Chief Executive of Mango Airlines said that “Uptake of in-flight Wi-Fi has been phenomenal. Approximately 8% of all Guests on enabled aircraft are online during flight at this time. This is in line with global usage benchmarks. Discounting usage as we approach the end of the beta phase as well as opening up social media at no cost should drive increased adoption of the service.”

Mango Airline flight reservations

Phoning from inside South Africa :

  • 086 100 1234 (individuals & groups smaller than 10)

  • 0861 010003 (group bookings)

  • 0861 1010210 (Corporate Desk)

  • 0861 1010214 (medical requests)

  • 0861 010002 (Guest Care)

  • 0861 010211 (Refunds)

  • 0861 010217 (Head Office)

  • 0861 010216 (Flight schedule changes)

  • 0861 010002 (Guest Care)

  • 0861 010211 (Refunds)

  • 0861 010212 (Travel Agent helpdesk)

Phoning from outside South Africa :

Email enquiries :

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  • (fraud)

Cellphone apps :

  • Blackberry 10

  • iPhone

  • Android

How to Book flight online

(navigate to Kulula Bookings to see the bookings process for Kulula Airlines)

Step 1 : Navigate to Mango website.

Step 2 : Fill in where you're flying from, where you're flying to, the date of your departure, the date of your return (leave out if you're flying 1-way), how many adults, how many children and how many infants are flying. Then click "FIND MY FLIGHT".

Mango flight bookings tool

Step 3 : A list of flight options with arrival times, departure time, flight duration, the flight number and airfares will then be displayed (note that the airfares are for 1 adult, not for your whole group). The cheapest flight on the previous 3 days and next 3 days are also shown. Above this is a button saying "Plus/Flex rates" - be sure to click this, as sometimes Mango Flex or Mango Plus is cheaper! Select the flight you'd like to book using the radio button on the far right next to the price.

List of Mango flight options from OR Tambo to Cape Town

Step 4 : The full price for all passengers is now calculated and shown in the orange bar below the green "basket" on the right. Now, fill in the details of all passengers who are being booked on the ticket. Be sure that the passenger details match the information on travel documents (you can't be born before 1890! Otherwise the engine will ask you to enter a valid age). Then click "CONTINUE" at the bottom right.

Filling in the passenger details for a Mango flight booking

Step 5 : Select the Extras you'd like to book : Mango travel insurance, SMS confirmation, transporting your bicycle, Bring your golf bag, in-flight wifi (Mango is the only airline in South Africa offering this), Choose your seat, Bidvest Premier Lounge or donating to UNICEF. Then click "CONTINUE". Selecting extras in a Mango flight booking

Step 6 : Payment

Select the way you want to pay for your Mango flight (the newest is paying with SAA Voyager Miles), and then click "CONTINUE":

  1. By credit card

  2. By FNB Cell Pay Point

  3. With Nedbank Greenbacks Mango Vouchers

  4. With Amex Membership Rewards Voucher

  5. With a Mango Voucher

  6. At a Shoprite, Checkers & Checkers Hyper Money Market Kiosk (There are booking facilities for Mango flights at Shoprite & Checkers Money Market Kiosks in South Africa).

  7. With an Edgars Thank U Account Card - and you can pay it off later using this method

  8. Through Internet banking - SID

  9. With South African Airways Voyager Miles.

Mango Airlines payment options

If your payment method requires further steps, then complete those (e.g. making payment at a Shoprite/Checkers Money Market kiosk). Then wait for your email to arrive confirming your booking, print it out, and take it with you when you check in at the airport.

ATM showing Mango Airlines payment methods - SAA Voyager Miles, Momentum Multiply, Nedbank Greenbacks or Edgars Thank U Account Card

Mango Flex & Mango Plus

In addition to their standard economy class tickets, Mango offers Mango Flex tickets which allow holders to change the date, time and destinations of their tickets. For those passengers wanting even more, Mango Plus tickets also allow holders to utilise a business class lounge, 10kg extra luggage, and vouchers for "free" meals. We have found that Mango Flex tickets are sometimes cheaper than standard Mango Airlines tickets.

Wheelchair assistance

Mango Airlines are able to assign someone to assist at the airport. Mango have on board storage for wheelchairs, but it is limited for each flight, and so travellers should call 011-086-6100 to reserve one for their booking.

Mango Airlines humour

Kulula is more famous for its humour than Mango, but here's a clip of legendary MSC Sinfonia stand up comedian, Stephen Cloete, on Mango Airlines: "Now we've got Mango Airlines, gosh who thought of the name Mango for an airline - not the world's fastest fruit is it. But I tell you what I would love to see that one in Afrikaans - Veselperskelugdiens."



Mango Airline's fleet consists of 8 new generation Boeing 737-800s, of which 6 have G-Connect wifi fitted.

Mango received 2 new B737-800s in August 2013, which were fitted with a new seating arrangement, offering between 6 & 7.5cm additional legroom. The seats also weigh less, and the design allows the same density of seats currently offered. Up to April 2014, Mango are replacing their entire fleet's seats with the new seats.

Mango Brother International branded planeMango Airline leases six B737-800 aircraft from its parent company, South African Airways (South African Airways, in turn, leases the aircraft from a leasing company, Gecas, which owns the aircraft).

One of the Mango planes has had Brother International branding on it since January 2013.

Boeing 737-800


Boeing 737-800
Cruise Speed
900 km/h
39.5 meters
35.8 meters

Baggage allowance

It's usually Kulula that runs the ads which take a dig at their competitors, such as the "Most South African Airlines" & the "Man Go" radio ad; but on 18 February 2014 Mango came out with this one: "With Mango pay only R30 per extra kg. Makes our competitors green with envy". The ad is in Kulula green :) And of course Mango has only one competitor in the budget carrier mould - Kulula. I think it's the first time the airline has run an ad with competitor connotations.

Mango baggage charges dig at Kulula

There are 2 types of baggage:

  • Checked Baggage which is kept in the hold of the plane away from the passenger cabin. Passengers have a free baggage allowance up 20kg, and infants up to 10kg. Those flying on Mango Plus have a 30kg baggage allowance (the same as Emirates and Qatar Airways on international flights). An excess baggage charge applies if these weight limits are exceeded, but no bags will be allowed onto the plane if they weight more than 32kg.

  • Carry-on luggage which passengers keep in the cabin (either in the overhead lockers or under the seat in front of them - if both these are full, then it's possible that the cabin crew will place it in the hold). One piece of carry-on luggage is allowed per passenger and may not be larger than 55cm x 40cm x 20 cm or weigh more than 7kg (as well as a handbag & overcoat). Anything that could be used a weapon, or appears as if it could, will not be allowed on board the flight.

There are special rules regarding the transport of bicycles, bowling equipment, diving equipment, dry ice, fishing gear, golf bags & equipment, liquids, surfboards, tennis racquets & weapons.

It's possible that the above requirements have changed since this page was set up, be sure to check the latest conditions when you purchase your Mango Airlines flight ticket.

Travelling with pets & bikes

Pets may travel in the cargo section of the plane. See Mango pet travel for details.

There are special rules for transporting bikes with Mango (click to read).

Do-It-Yourself Check-In

With DIY Check-In you can select your seat, and leave your baggage at the drop-off counter at the airport. Note that:

  • Online check-in opens 24 hrs prior to flight departure & closes 3 hrs prior to flight departure

  • Bookings made within 24 hrs of flight departure cannot use online check-in

  • Travellers must print out their Boarding Pass

  • Travellers must confirm the relevant Gate Number

  • Travellers must have valid Identification ready at time of boarding

  • Travellers with check-in luggage must report to the drop off desk one hour before flight departure

  • Carry-on baggage may not exceed one piece of 7kg and not exceed 115cm in dimension

  • Travellers must present the credit card used to make the booking, at the boarding gate - failure to do so will result in travel being denied. This unfortunately does happen from time to time.

Other Mango-related links

We are all familiar with the airline called Mango, but there are a number of other defintions of Mango and shops using the Mango label:


Mango airlines is a low cost airline operating in South Africa (the only other one is Kulula Airlines). It is a subsidiary of South African Airways (SAA), a state-owned carrier. The first Mango flight was on the 15th November 2006, from Johannesburg to Cape Town.

Owned by South Africa's government

Other South African airlines like are upset about the fact that Mango airlines is owned by SAA which in turn is owned by South Africa's government, and therefore using tax which is inter alia generated by its competitors (e.g. Kulula airlines) to finance its operations.

Starting capital

South Africa's Mango Airline was loaned R100m by SAA to cover starting costs and for working capital. When asked about the loan, Public Enterprises Minister Alec Erwin sad: "This information is commercially sensitive and accordingly the information can only be provided in the context of the SAA financial statement and with regard to Mango’s financial statements at the end of the financial year."


Mango Airline's logo ends with the letter "O" comprising a circle surrounded by 3 rings and dots around it, which is coincidentally similar to the logo of the fictional accident-prone airline used in the TV series "Lost", called "Oceanic Airlines".

Mango airways financial details

Enterprise Name: Originally registered as TULCA (PTY) LTD now Mango Airlines SOC Ltd.
Enterprise Number: 2006/018129/07
Enterprise Type: Private Company Last Type Date: 2006.06.12
Enterprise Status: Code 03 - In Business
Registration Date: 2006.06.12
Date Commenced: 2006.06.12
Industry Code: Code 65 - No Description
Tax Number: 9499780154
Year End: February
Effective Date: 2006.06.12
Authorised Capital: 1000 Authorised Shares: 1000
Issued Capital: 120 Issued Shares: 120
Director Type: Director Date Appointed: 2006.07.20
Director Status: Active Last Status Date:
ID Number: 7608105247087 ID Number Status: VALID (not verified)
Director Share: 0.00 % Birth Date: 1976.08.10
CM 29 Date: 2006.07.20 CM 29 Received:
CK 1-2 Date:
Private Company details published electronically by CIPRO during August 2006
Director details published electronically by CIPRO during July 2006
Financial details published electronically by CIPRO during August 2006
Address details published electronically by CIPRO during August 2006


If you're looking to apply for a job at Mango airlines, drop your CV off at Johannesburg or Cape Town airport. You can call Mango HR at 011 978 1773.

Mango juice

Mango juice is Mango Airline's inflight magazine.

Mango's Partners

Tempest Car Hire, Tsogo Sun, Momentum Multiply, Edgars, Checkers, Shoprite & Travel Guard.


Kyle Hwang of Raydon Designs made this sketch of a Mango Airlines livery.

Mango Airlines livery


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