The Mango Tempest Sixt team

Whilst strolling through Canal Walk shopping centre on my way to watching the Incredible Hulk movie (overrated), I spotted a stand which Mango Airlines had set up together with Tempest Car Rental and Sixt car hire. They had Mango's orange sheeting, a spot for the children to play and two computers set up for you to make car rental and flight reservations. They were also giving out these flyers:

Sixt Tempest car rental flyers

According to the Sixt Tempest car rental flyers, you can hire a Group J car for from just R165 a day on weekends.

Mango Sixt & Tempest car hire flyer

Mango Airlines flyer

Mango Airlines are advertising their Johannesburg - Durban flights as being from R311, their Johannesburg - Cape town flights as being from R411, their Bloemfontein - Cape Town flights as being from R588 and their Cape Town - Durban flights as being from R437 (these aren't as cheap as the R299 and R329 flights which 1time have recently been advertising).

Mango Canal Walk flyer

You can book the Mango flight specials at the Mango website, or by phoning 0861162646 (and using a credit card or even booking a flight with Mango on an Edgars card or Jet Store card) or by paying at any Shoprite / Checkers / Checkers Hyper Money Market counter.

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