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Mango Flights with Edgars Card

Did you know that when you book Mango Airlines flights with an Edgars Account you can pay it off over a 6 month period (using your Edcon Thank U Account Card)?

  • 22 April 2015 : Edgars Club Members can earn a R100 Mango Voucher when they book their Mango flights during the month of April using their account cards. The voucher is valid for online and app bookings made during May and June 2015. Unfortunately these vouchers are not redeemable on Happy Day Sale flights.
  • 26 August 2014 : Edgars Club Members can once again enter their Card numbers on the Mango booking system for savings and to access the Mango Happy Day Sale an hour earlier. This follows a brief absence from the booking engine.

Only Mango flights, Greyhound & Citiliner

Note that you can only use your Edgars card to pay for flights on Mango routes, whose only international flight is to Zanzibar. So, you can't for example use your Edgars card to fly to the United States, where Mango doesn't fly yet. Edgars does also have a partnership with Citliner and with Greyhound, so the card could potentially be used to travel with their intercity coaches.

Possible 10% discount

On selected flights (not all) you may even be able to get an extra 10% discount (but not if there are other Mango Airlines specials running on the flights). When you're booking at Mango enter your Edgars Account number in the space indicated in the picture below (on the left hand side of the Mango bookings engine, just to the right of the "1-month low rates" section).

Mango flight bookings tool

Then you carry out a search for your flight and you see all these discounted fares:

10% discounts to Edgars Account holders on Mango Flights

You now select your payment option. If you pay with your Edgards card there is an 8% service charge. The best way to do it is therefore to use your Edgars card to secure the discount, and then use a normal credit card to pay with (which doesn't attract the 8% service charge). Note that the spot on the Mango Airlines bookings process where you place your Edgars Account card details, has changed.

Mango Airlines payment options

To take advantage of the Edgars Club offer you have to book at least 2 days before the flight. For assistance with booking, phone 086-100-1234, 011-086-6100 or 021-815-4100; or email

Mango & Edgars makes cancer trauma easier

1 October 2013: Rating 5/5 : In September last year I was phoned with terrible news. My dad has lymph node cancer and would possibly not make it to the end of the year. I urgently needed to make a plan to get to Cape Town to see him. I went onto Mango's website and with their partnership with Edgars it made the whole event so much more bearable. We were able to arrive in the Cape quickly AND I was able to pay the tickets off over 6 months. The whole experience as well as the crew were fantastic and provided the best service I have ever received on a plane. Thank you Mango. Hopefully I will get to go see my dad again this year and will definately be flying Mango again. Karin Esterhuyse

Mango Airlines

To Durban with Mango & Edgars

4 September 2013 : Rating 5/5 : My boyfriend and I decided it was time for a holiday. We got a good price on accommodation in Uvongo, but how to get there? We jumped on the internet and booked flights on Mango through our Edgars account. It was 1,2,3 and done - most user friendly site I have used. Then we went on the cheap car rental site for Durban car rentals. To our surprise it wasn't as expensive as we were dreading it to be. In a few easy steps we booked a nice Toyota, so we could get from point A to B and then C. The flight itself was awesome as it was my first time on a plane. Everyone was so friendly and I felt right at home. At the airport in Durban we didn't struggle to get the car we booked. Once again everyone was very frienldy and helpful. I didn't feel lost for one minute. So off we went in our car. That was the holiday that my boyfriend proposed to me on the beach. It was a memorable holididay thanks to the people from cheap flights and car rentals South Africa! Today we are married and have a beautiful baby girl and we are going to to the same this year! Our flights are booked already and the staff was so friendly and answered all of my questions regarding taking our baby with us on the plane. Cheap flights and rental South Africa, you guys rock! i will recommend you to anyone and everyone! Author : Janita Jacobs

proposing on beach in KwaZulu-Natal

News & History

  • 18 Dec 2013 : Mango's Hein Kaiser says that allowsing customers to buy tickets with an Edgars hard "has given us access to a market segment that had not been able to use air travel before".

  • 20% off in November 2013. During the month of November 2013, Mango was offering 20% off for all Edgars/Jet Thank U Account holders.

  • 2013 : Here's what the old Mango Airlines booking engine looked like before the website redesign.

Mango Airlines Edgars card booking space

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