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Kulula aircraft parked at Johannesburg Airport O.R. Tambo International

Kulula vs Mango (there are also plenty of Mango flights to Johannesburg)

Kulula Flights to Johannesburg

To book a cheap Kulula flight to Johannesburg:

  1. Use the comparison tool on the left to search, contrast and identify the best flight deal (it will search both Kulula flights to Lanseria as well as to OR Tambo International Airport).

  2. Use SouthAfrica.TO travel vouchers to further discount the airfare you found in (1). If you don't have any, then now is the time to start earning - send us a review of your flight to Johannesburg; including at least why you chose to fly Kulula and how the flight went. Everybody gets a travel voucher, but those that send photos and better quality writing get bigger vouchers.

Flight routes

Note that on the Durban to Johannesburg and Cape Town to Johannesburg routes, Kulula flies to both OR Tambo as well as Lanseria Airport. Kulula operates flights to Johannesburg on the following routes (for convenience we also include flights operated by British Airways Comair - both Kulula and BA Comair flights are operated by Comair):

Flights to OR Tambo International Airport (JNB)
  • Cape Town to OR Tambo International Airport (CPT-JNB)

  • Durban to OR Tambo International Airport (DUR-JNB)

  • East London to OR Tambo International Airport (ELS-JNB)

  • George to OR Tambo International Airport (GRJ-JNB)

  • Harare to OR Tambo International Airport (HRE-JNB, British Airways Comair)

  • Livingstone to OR Tambo International Airport (LVI-JNB, British Airways Comair)

  • Maputo to OR Tambo International Airport (MPM-JNB, British Airways Comair)

  • Mauritius to OR Tambo International Airport (MRU-JNB, British Airways Comair)

  • Port Elizabeth to OR Tambo International Airport (PLZ-JNB, British Airways Comair)

  • Victoria Falls to OR Tambo International Airport (PLZ-JNB, British Airways Comair)

  • Windhoek to OR Tambo International Airport (WDH-JNB, British Airways Comair)

Flights to Lanseria International Airport (HLA)

Flight Reviews

South Africa Travel Online does not necessarily share the views shared in these flight reviews

Kulula to Johannesburg is Rated 4/5 from 3 customer reviews

To Johannesburg Lanseria to Propose

27 July 2013. Rating 5/5 : Well my last flight was from Cape Town to  Lanseria and back with Kulula to see my chick who I'd like to propose to next time I go up (so if you want to give me a free flight it would be muchly appreciated!), 6 weeks without seeing each other isn't ideal! It's always a pleasure to fly with them especially in their new planes, they're much more comfy than mango I find. But I prefer the old paint jobs!  I would give them a 5. They have nice new comfortable planes, the staff are nice too, always guaranteed some eye candy too ;) makes the flight just that tiny bit more enjoyable. The pilots are informative with flight info and the host/hostesses incorporate some humor into the safety brief which is entertaining, and they have incredibly quick change overs. The only thing I find a let down is that I normally fly in the evenings so the food they have for sale is fairly limited.Bruce.

Kulula's "This way up" plane

Sunset on the Kulula flight to Johannesburg Lanseria:

sunset on a Kulula flight

Thunderstorm-delayed Flight

13 May 2013. Rating 5 : Our Kulula flight from Cape Town to Johannesburg was delayed for an hour due to thunderstorms around O.R. Tambo International Airport, but other than that everything went smoothly. I was surprised that the flight was so full, as it's not season or school holidays or anything - while it would have been nice to have a few rows to stretch out like a cat, it's also good to see full flights as it means that the airline is doing well. From Johannesburg I met up with my family and we flew with Lufthansa to Athens. Natasha

Free Flight

6 Feb 2012. Rating 4/ 5 : Brilliant start to our Kulula Johannesburg - Cape Town flight, as the check-in queue was non-existent, and they offered to take our baby chair for us (this contrasts with Cape Town Airport, where you've got to drop off your fragile goods yourself). The couple just behind us in the queue weren't as lucky, getting nailed R300 for having one too many items to check in (study the Kulula baggage allowance before you fly to ensure the same doesn't happen to you).

The good & the bad of O.R Tambo

I discovered something quite interesting, whilst enjoying a hearty meal at the Wimpy, and that is that the wireless data I purchased at City Lodge can also be used at O.R. Tambo International Airport :) On the other hand O.R. Tambo's powerless - I couldn't find a single powerpoint which worked at the airport (including the ones at the vodacom lounge).

We flew up to Johannesburg with South African Airways, but our flight back is with old faithful, Kulula. As is often the case we paid nothing for our flight (for 4 people!), instead using Kulula Moolah we'd built up with our Kulula credit card. It's really brilliant marketing by Kulula, as we felt compelled to fly with them, as our Kulula was expiring this month if we didn't use it!

Can't change seats with an infant

We wanted to change our seats the night before our flight, but found out that this was not possible, as if you've got an infant you cant change seats. In fact Kulula are REALLY smart, as they place all the infants in rows next to each other. The kids love this, as they enjoy interacting with each other, and it also minimises the disturbance to those without children as the crying is isolated to one area. Those in the middle emergency rows of the plane do take strain, but it's difficult to feel too much sympathy, as they benefit so much from the extra legroom.

Toilet Trouble

Somebody had dropped their guts in the toilet and this foul odour hit me as I entered . Since I didn't have a gas mask handy or sufficient time to wait for the odour to clear (24 hours), I retreated and headed for the relative cleanliness of the lavatories at the back of the plane.

Kulula plane at Cape Town International Airport

Naughty pilot jumped the queue

Sadly our flight was delayed. Just after the pilot pulled out of the parking spot, he stopped for 20m, explaining that there was another aircraft which had jumped the queue.

Khuluma magazine

Working in the travel industry, I'm always interested to see who's advertising in the in-flight magazines. In the Khuluma magazine it was Kulula Holidays (but of course), Champagne Sports Resort, Aquila Valentines Day special and Inverdoon Game Reserve.

Here's a Velvet Sky plane I saw at CPT

Velvet Sky airline at Cape Town International Airport

Rob Baker
Booking confirmation
  • Use your valid ID or drivers licence with the booking reference (above left) to check in for your flight/s 90 minutes prior to your flights scheduled departure time. Keep your identification handy for boarding the plane.

  • If your flight number has 3 digits, you can choose your own seat and check-in online 24 hours prior to departure

  • Read the important travel information section within this document.
    Alternatively visit's 'info and customer care' page for more info and travel queries.

  • Be green, only print this if you need to and help us save a tree. travel itinerary








Seat status



Mon, 06 Feb 2012

O.R. Tambo (Jo'burg)







Mon, 06 Feb 2012

Cape Town




Age group



Lady Doe


Please don't!

Sir Doe


Please don't!

Madam Doe


Master Doe

INF (DOB 2010-11-07) computer generated copy tax invoice


Tax invoice

Invoice date

Booking reference

Invoice no.

Sun, 08 Jan 2012





Karen Doe

Comair Limited t/a
1 Marignane Drive, Bonaero Park,
Kempton Park, 1619, South Africa
0861 (kulula) 585852
Vat reg no: 4840104261

Item qty

Description of item(s)

Sub total

3 flight fare JNB to CPT - Mon, 06 Feb 2012



Infant charge(s)




Vat at 14%


Description of items for which VAT cannot be claimed

Airport Taxes and charges


Good Deed - Jes Foord donation


Grand total


KAREN, as a jetsetter you've earned R0.00 kulula moolah on this booking.


Transaction details


Payment type



Sun, 08 Jan 2012

Jetsetters payment received

kulula moolah


Grand total paid


Amount outstanding


Important travel info

Bring to the airport

Bring your booking reference and a valid ID book, drivers licence or passport to check-in for your flight/s. Keep your indentification handy for boarding the plane.


Online check-in opens 24 hours before the departure of your flight and closes 2 hours before departure. Seats may change if there is an aircraft change. Print your boarding pass at home and drop your bag at the 'fast bag drop off' zone, this closes 30 minutes prior to your departure. Airport check-in opens 90 minutes before take-off and closes sharply 30 min before your flight departs.

  • You can only use online check-in if your flight number has 3 digits.
  • The home printed boarding pass is not accepted at Nelspruit airport, you'll need to print your boarding pass at the airport kiosks/check-in counters.
  • There is no online check-in available for any short haul international departures.


Take the one bag challenge of 1 free bag weighing up to 20kg at check-in. Any bag with a weight over 20kg will be charged a 'heavy bag' fee at the airport. Save some money and purchase extra bags at reduced rates up to 2 hours prior to departure via our website or Contact Centre.

Infant's baggage
Infants under the age of 2 years are charged R75 per trip. For R75, you get to take 1 free checked bag weighing up to 20kg plus a collapsible pushchair and a child car seat, for free.

kulula credit cardholders get an additional 5kgs free baggage by waving their super cool green credit card at the check-in counters.

On-board entertainment: kulula munchies and magazine

Read our hilarious onboard magazine, khuluma. This is guest edited by South Africa's top comedians. You can even take it home with you if you like.

Onboard munchies : Take some cash or a credit card along and let our friendly crew hook you up with some yummy food from Woolies. We have all sorts to settle any craving.

Travel insurance

We know how precious your belongings are and when you travel, you tend to take your Sunday best with you. Insure with us, and have peace of mind when you travel. Get cover for flight cancellation (due to medical or other specified conditions); flight delay and personal accident cover. Safeguard your baggage and valuables against loss, damage, delay or theft. For only R26 per person per flight.

Changing your booking

The fee for changing a booking will cost you R130 per person per sector. Bookings made via our Contact Centre or Airport Ticket Sales are charged at an additional R50 per person per sector (all fees are inclusive of vat), PLUS the difference between your old fare and the new fare available. Our tickets are non-refundable. If you can't make your flight, please don't forget to contact us more than 48 hours before scheduled departure to change your booking to another date, cause if you miss it without changing it first, you'll lose the full value of your ticket. What a waste!

Name changes

If the person's name on the ticket needs to be changed, it will cost you R150 per name change online. It's cheaper to make these changes online and it's simple too. All you have to do is click on 'manage my bookings' and have your flight reference number handy. Changes made through the Contact Centre or Airport Ticket Sales will be charged an additional R50 service fee (inclusive of vat). Please note that only future dated bookings can be changed.

No name changes will be permitted on Windhoek, Harare, Vilanculos, Mauritius, Livingstone or any Discovery flight bookings.

Dangerous articles

Dangerous articles (such as compressed gases, corrosives, explosives, flammable liquids and solids, radioactive materials, oxidising materials, poisons and infectious substances) must not be carried in baggage. Ask us if you are unsure what items are regarded as dangerous, 'cause we can't allow you to travel with this sort of stuff in your bags.

Unaccompanied minors

Kids under 12 have to travel with at least one adult aged 16 years or older and unfortunately we don't accept unaccompanied minors, sorry.

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