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· Kulula JNB: 011 921 6032

George to Johannesburg OR Tambo flight path

Also see Mango flights from George to Johannesburg & SA Express GRJ-JNB flights.

Kulula George to Johannesburg

From George there are 23 Kulula flights to Johannesburg's O.R. Tambo International Airport every week. To book cheap George to Johannesburg flights:

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(if you are flying in the opposite direction, see our Kulula Johannesburg to George flights page)

Family Holiday

16 August 2013 : Rating 5/5 : A few weeks ago I visited my family (Aunt & Cousin). It was a wonderful stay in Grootbrak Rivier. Such a wonderful place! I flew from George back to Johannesburg with Kulula and it was a wonderful experience! Staff was helpful and friendly! Amazing service. I'm definitely going to book another flight for the 31st of August 2013. Going back to my aunt for her Birthday. Can't wait to fly again with kulula! I will rate my flight with Kulula a 5! No doubt about that! Especially for the food & drink menu to choose from! I will be flying with Kulula very soon again.  Ester Coetzee.

Kulula passenger

Flight Schedule

Kulula flights from George to Johannesburg are scheduled to take 1h45m. Here's the flight numbers and scheduled departure times:

  • Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu: MN910 (10h15), MN926 (13h30) & MN902 (17h00)

  • Fri: MN910 (10h15), MN926 (13h30), MN902 (17h00) & MN908 (19h40)

  • Sat: MN904 (09h15), MN926 (13h30) & MN906 (14h05)

  • Sun: MN904 (09h15), MN926 (13h30), MN906 (14h05) & MN914 (18h55)

Kulula plane parked at Lanseria Airport, Johannesburg

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