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Numbers for your little black book:
· Kulula Flights : 0861 585 852
· Kulula Durban : 032 436 7018
· Unfortunately there is no direct number for Kulula Lanseria.

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Kulula Durban to Johannesburg
Kulula flights from Lanseria to Durban

Kulula Flights from Durban to Lanseria

Had your fill of Durban curries & want to see what's on offer in Gauteng's concrete jungle? If you want to fly from King Shaka to Lanseria Airport you have a lot of choices - (1) you can fly Kulula with insurance against delays, (2) Kulula with with a Discovery Vitality discount, or (3) JPK - just plain Kulula :) They're the original and only airline flying the DUR-HLA route, the best and the worst, and have been doing so since the 29th October 2007, operating 36 flights a week between the 2 airports.

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Flight Schedule

It takes about 1 hour and 10 minutes to fly the 514km from Durban King Shaka Airport to Lanseria Airport. Here are the airline's scheduled flights (and departure times):

  • Mondays to Thursdays: MN504 (06h15), MN594 (07h55), MN502 (13h00), MN506 (15h30) & MN516 (20h05)

  • Fridays: MN504 (06h15), MN594 (07h55), MN502 (13h00), MN506 (15h30), MN512 (19h45) & MN516 (20h05)

  • Saturdays: MN594 (07h55), MN530 (12h00), MN534 (14h30) & MN536 (18h30)

  • Sundays: MN594 (07h55), MN530 (12h00), MN534 (14h30), MN536 (18h30), MN538 (19h05) & MN540 (21h50)

Kulula plane at Lanseria Airport


As mentioned, there's a dearth of competition on this route - the only Mango flights from Durban to Johannesburg are to OR Tambo International Airport, and this is why DUR-JNB flights are often cheaper than DUR-HLA. Your other options are to fly from Durban to OR Tambo or to drive.


  • 28 Oct 2008 : Kulula increases its frequencies of Durban to Lanseria flights to twice daily on every day, except Saturdays.

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