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Kulula baggage limit exceeded

5 Tips to avoid penalty charges:
(1) Know what Kulula's baggage allowance limits are (duh)
(2) Wear your heavy clothes on your person, to reduce the weight in your bags. Put on your leather jacket and heavy shoes to reduce your weight, and pack your lead weights into your pockets.
(3) Sign up for a Kulula credit card - this will allow you to have 1 piece at 25kg instead of the usual 20kg maximum (not to mention the other moolah you can earn on your spend).
(4) Be polite & friendly to the check-in staff, and they may overlook that your bag weighs 20.5kg instead of 19.9kg
(5) Weigh your bags at home, and buy excess bags online rather than at the airport (where it costs more).

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Kulula Baggage Allowance

Clarification : When we refer to your baggage we're not talking about your ex's in-laws! Get to know Kulula's baggage policy, so that you don't get caught out (like us) having to repack your bags at the check-in counters! Before you leave home check the weight of your bags, and if necessary pay for additional bags.

Hand Baggage Allowance

Only one carry-on bag per person will be allowed onboard the aircraft. It must be 7kg or lighter and be smaller than 23x36x56 cm. In addition, ladies handbags (& men's manbags?), briefcases, laptop bags, vanity cases and other small personal items can be taken on board.

Checked Baggage Allowance

Checked in baggage consist of your toothpaste, clothes, shoes and night time teddy bear. Basically any personal effects that are carried in your suitcase. (1 piece or bag at 20kg = free). It excludes items such as dangerous articles (see list below) and pets not carried as 'free' allowance, there are special Kulula rates for pets and they will make sure to look after Fluffy! This baggage is placed in the aircraft hold (that's the belly of the aircraft where there's no friendly crew members offering food and drinks). We recommend that you don't pack valuables such as jewellery or electronic devices in your checked baggage, rather keep that stuff close to you when travelling.

The challenge for each passenger is to fit all their goods into one bag - because that's all you get for free, and it must weight less than 20kg and be smaller in volume than 75x43x90cm (no monster bags accepted). If you have an infant or a child you can take a child seat and a collapsible pushchair along for them.

Any piece of luggage over this weight is considered a 'heavy bag' and will be charged a 'heavy bag' fee.

If you can't fit all your stash in one bag then buy additional pieces of baggage online. With some careful planning you can save. Buy the extra bag allowance online before you travel and save yourself some money. Call the Contact Centre at 0861KULULA (58582) to add an extra bag to an existing booking and pay for the bag, or visit 'manage my bookings' online, and simply add it to your booking.

Infant's baggage

Infants, may be small but they pack big! Infants are charged per one way and are entitled to 1 free checked in baggage weighing up to 20kg, plus a collapsable pushchair and a child car seat for free. No additional bags may be purchased for infants.

Other Baggage Items

Non-standard baggage items such as musical instruments that are in addition to your 1 free checked bag, are charged as an extra piece of baggage. If these items weigh more than the allowed 20kg a heavy bag charge will levied at the airport. Pets have specific requirements for their transportation, and get treated as VIP's (Very Important Pets). There are also special requirements for bicycles, sports equipment. Anything posing a chemical hazard or which seems dangerous should not be allowed, no weapons or even toy guns are allowed on board.

Online Check-in

If you have checked in online, then remember to drop your luggage at the drop-zone for bags at least 40m before international flights & 30m before domestic flights.

Kulula plane parked at Lanseria Airport, Johannesburg

Baggage History

This is the Kulula baggage allowance before November 2011 - retained for historical references purposes alone.

Hand Baggage Allowance

Only one bag per person will be allowed onboard the aircraft. It must be lighter than 7kg and be smaller than 55x40x20cm - so most ladies' handbags can be taken onboard!

Checked Baggage Allowance

You're allowed a free checked baggage weight up to a maximum of 20kg. Any excess weight over 20kg will cost an additional R25 per kilo at the Airport. Excess baggage may be purchased at reduced rates (up to 50% discount) during the time of booking or up to 24 hours prior to departure via Kulula's website or Contact Centre.

No one bag may weigh more than 32kg. The maximum dimensions are: 158cm (L + W + H).

Infant's baggage

Infants are charged R50 per trip and are entitled to 1 free checked bag weighing up to 10kg plus a collapsible pushchair and a child car seat.

Other Baggage Items

Non-standard baggage items that are not sports equipment or infant items are weighed at check-in and charged according to their actual weight. This includes musical instruments. (Sorree a harpist would probably need to pay excess baggage).

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