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  • December 2013 : SAA switches to bigger planes on its flights to East London to accommodate increased demand.

South African Airways flights to East London are rated 4.2/5 based on 3 customer reviews.

A Trip to East London

26 November 2013: Rating 4.5/5: After a hectic week of wedding festivities (daughter's wedding), my body mind and soul were yelling out, "break away". Initially when my hubby suggested a work weekend away to East London, I was not moved, however my heart decided otherwise and I went along simply with the intention of accompanying my better half. Our SAA flight was quite enjoyable and relaxing. And for once, our flights were on time. We were met by a very bright smile and a sweet hello as we stepped on to the runaway. The friendly staff at the airport brought about a change in my mindset. Our first stop was at 36 on Bonza Roadd (Beacon Bay), which is where we were booked in for the weekend. This picturesque Bed and Breakfast was most welcoming and I already knew I was on a terrific break. My husband, who is involved in the local horseracing industry, had to attend rural horse racing in Tsomo (Transkei). Our two hour drive from East London to Tsomo was terrific. We were held in awe with the views. After a little rain the scenery was one of lush green grass and fully leafed trees. Cows, goats and sheep were roaming around so freely. My Self realization was that life in the rural areas is so much simpler. Why the heck do we thrive on leading such complicated lives? Saturday afternoon was enjoyed amidst the locals and their thoroughbred racing machines. Their frolicking and banter provided the entertainment. Supper was at the Spur and Pannarottis. A drive through the town and coffee at a mall, and we were ready to call it a day. Breakfast was delectable (especially due to the fact that I am a vegan)and the fruit salad platter was to die for. The walk along the beach was relaxing, the grains of sand against my feet felt as if I was undergoing a reflexology session. Hemmingways shopping mall was our stop over for lunch and tea. Losing a small amount of money at the casino was nothing more than having fun. Our 6:25pm flight was also very relaxing but rather brief due to the tailwind. Although my weekend in East London was rather a short one, it was very welcome indeed. A very enjoyable trip,a boost for my mind and body. But the cherry on top was exploring East London with the love of my Life. .

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23 November 2013 : Rating 3/5 : I flew to East London and wanted to see the place so landed there and went to the harbor and nmi motor industries then had to fly back the same day because of a family emergency. I couldn't see much on the trip. I wish I could see more. span>

A fairy tale with a happy ending

18 November 2013 : Rating 5/5 : I found out I was adopted when I was 18. At 55 I found my biological mother. Firstly my husband and I flew down to East London to meet my mother and my father who got married 6 months after giving me away. The VIP lounge was organised at the airport where we met for the first time. I found out I had 2 biological sisters. That flight was the most memorable of all the flights I have ever had. I knew my dad for 7 years and my mother for 10 years before they both died. My adopted parents had been dead for many years before I met my biological parents. A fairy tale that started "once upon a time and ended with "they lived happily until death departed". This is a story that brought closure and happy memories. We flew from Jhb to East London. SAA is always a 5 on a scale 1 -5.

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