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flight path from O.R. Tambo International Airport to East London Airport

Kulula Flights to East London

Kulula operates its twice daily flights to ELS in modern B737-800 planes: the first flight (MN801) leaves O.R. Tambo International Airport at 06h45 and arrives in ELS at 08h15 (perfect for getting to that morning business meeting in East London), and the 2nd (MN805) leaves Johannesburg at 15h55 and arrives in East London Airport at 17h25 (great for East London businessmen getting home).

Kulula East London Flight Reviews

Holiday in East London

11 November 2013. Rating 5/ 5 :Had an amazing holiday in East Londen (Gonubi). More a break away than holiday! Flew out Thursday and flew back on Sunday. Had not much sleep because I wanted to do as much as possible in the short time that I was there. Fun, good food, cocktails and the sea! What more does one need! Had an amazing time and a good flight back to JHB. My flight was with Kalulu. Hostesses were friendly and efficient, flight was nice and not delayed. My kids are flying with them on 26 Nov again and I'm very happy with their service.

Better than a Bus

9 August 2013. Rating 1/5 : I was homebound on Kulula on Monday morning 5 August from JHB to East London. We were booked on this airline going there with my group of 16 (14 kids and 2 adults) to take part in the International festival for Marimbas and Steelpans over that weekend. I dislike flying because I am a tall big woman and can therefore not sit comfortably apart from extensions that I have to use and never received for this return flight. The flight there was fine because the kneebackcovers were soft leather, however, on my return it was stiff leather and we had to resort to swopping of seats and my husband landed up in the row in front of me and I had a row all to myself. This was upsetting as I had just said my goodbyes to my daughter who works in JHB and here I was alone in a row, although it had been meant for my comfort, for which I was grateful. On a scale of 1 to 5 I would rate this flight as 1. I feel that we had booked through in April as Kulula offered discounted rates booking with the company, so long before the competition. When the day came I wished I was a skinny little person because planes seem to cater just for small to average sized men and women not oversized ladies who also have a part in building the nation. Thank you however for bringing my group of learners, who had won two trophies, home to our work place, as it would have taken two days by bus.

Kulula to East London is Rated 3/5 from 2 reviews

First flight & specials

Yayness! Greeted by a jet of water sprayed by a fire tender, Kulula operated their first flight to East London on the 1st March 2013, celebrating the flight with give-aways and dancers. These flights fill the gap left by 1time airline, when it filed for bankruptcy in November 2012, and stopped flying to East London; leaving only South African Express flying the route. This is the 2nd bit of good news for East Londoners over the last week, the other being Blu Crane Air offering flights from Port Elizabeth to East London. Now, let's hope that they will also start flying from Cape Town to East London - Capetonians desperately need this route.

Discounted East London vehicle rentals

They also ran a special on East London car rentals through Europcar - if you book a flight to East London between the first March 2013 & the 30th April 2013 you save up to ten percent off your car hire (must be from 2pm on a Thursday to 2pm on a Monday, must include a Saturday, minimum two days, maximum four). Plus there's a free upgrade to the car group applicable to car groups A, B, C & T only (East London branch only). T&Cs apply.

Colin Underwood at the opening

Here's Colin Underwood, magician and entertainer, about to board the Kulula plane on its way from Johannesburg to East London.

Colin Underwood with a Kulula crew member at East London

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