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book a flightFeeling nostalgic and want to know what it was like to fly with 1time airline? Here's a list of reviews. If you've done a review, please email it to us so we can list it here (you're welcome to send us a file & pictures to publish).

  • 5 Feb 2014 : "On October 28 2012, it was my brother’s 50th birthday bash which I had to attend in Johannesburg! Even though I had heard of 1Time’s financial problems I thought: Well, they are still flying, let’s take a chance! So we flew up on the Friday, 27th, had an amazing week-end in the big city, a fantastic ”birthday jol” and flew back on the Monday morning, well-earned hang-overs packed in with the hand luggage! So, understandably, my blood ran a little cold a few days later, exactly a week to the hour after our Cpt - Jhb flight, that I heard that 1Time had finally crashed; figuratively speaking of course! So, unlike so many other travellers, my last experience of 1Time was a good one; great comfort, cheap fares and always on time". Mike Pearlson, Somerset West.

  • 30 Nov 3013 : Anita rates her 1time flight to Port Elizabeth 5/5, citing the pilots as being "good and experienced".

  • 7 May 2013 : My family and I were travelling to Cape Town for New Year 2011, we boarded 1-Time Airlines on a beautiful sunny Johannesburg morning. I was seated next to my husband one side and my daughter the other, my son was in the opposite row but still next to my husband. We settled down and the flight took off with the usual smoothness we are so accustomed to. Half an hour into the flight the drinks trolley came along. My son and husband ordered their vodka and coke's along with a beer, my daughter and I each had a cold drink, we all poured our drinks into the small plastic cups given when suddenly the seatbelt lights flashed, before we could do anything, the plane 'dropped', we grabbed our drinks but whoosh it dropped again, this time making us all rise out of our seats with the momentum, all the passengers ooh'd and aah'd and ALL the drinks went "flying" into the air and forward, we were covered in cokes, sprites, beers appeltisers, you name it, whatever the passenger a few rows back were drinking, landed on us and ours landed a few rows ahead. It only lasted a couple of seconds, but the force with which the drinks flew forward was amazing. Settling down, soaked in whatever had landed on us and giggling with fits of hysteria, a lady a few rows infront, came to my husband and said "I believe this may be yours" and returned his beer! Well that finished us, we laughed uncontrollably for the rest of the flight.  Really bedraggled and sticky, with stained clothing, we eventually arrived in Cape Town none the worse for wear, to the amazed look on the faces of our family meeting our flight. Penny

  • 20 Jul 2012 : We want to check out what their planes look like without the front toilets, so have booked a 1time - Avis combo package (the Avis part to take advantage of the special car hire prices if you book through 1time).

  • 5 Dec 2011 : We paid R1387 for the 4 of us (2 adults, 1 child & 1 infant) to fly from Johannesburg to Cape Town with 1time.

  • 6 Sep 2011 : 1time rocked my plane (in a good way!) on this Cape Town to Johannesburg flight, with providing more space for us and giving our little one a cup to suck as the plane took off - take care of my kids and I'll love you!


1time Airlines plane parked at Cape Town International Airport, South Africa

  • 25 Aug 2011 : I loved the legroom on our 1time Cape Town to Johannesburg flight (which got off to a rocking start, we booked our flights for R391 each).

4 Feb 2011

Review of a 1time flight from Durban to Cape Town. Be warned, if you arrive to early at the airport you wont be allowed to check your luggage in.

12 Apr 2010

We thought we'd be doing a review of a 1time Livingstone flight, but ended up finding out a lot about car rentals! For the first time, saw a 1time plane with Avis Car Rental advertising on it, and when we got to Livingstone Airport discovered that Imperial Car Rental (now Europcar) isn't dead yet.

19 Sep 2009

1time JNB-CPT flight for R299.

14 Sep 2009

1time CPT-JNB flight for R299...but we were dissapointed with their baggage handling.

24 Apr 2009

A fine flight with 1time - they've improved their menu...but earmuffs would have come in handy.

28 Dec 2008

Kulula vs 1time - which of these fine airlines is better?

10 Jul 2008

1time advertises R309 flights between Durban and Joburg, and R429 anywhere else in the country (except on the Cape Town - East London oligopoly).

22 Dec 2007 - 1time cheapest from Johannesburg to Durban

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