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1Time Cape Town - Johannesburg

1time vs Mango vs Kulula vs Velvet
Battle of the low cost airlines

1time were so super-helpful on this flight, that it felt like they knew we were doing this review and giving us special treatment! Before takeoff Bryan, a 1time steward, got a cup for our infant to bite on - clearly somebody who knows children. Then Ingrid, a 1time air hostess asked the person in the row next to ours if he'd mind moving to give us more space (we were 4 in 3 seats). After our little one dropped his cup on the floor, Bryan brought us another one. During the flight the air hostesses were besotted with our 10-month-old, chatting to him, tickling him and asking questions about him. Ten out of ten, 10time! Give these people raises!


20 Jul 2012

Review of a 1time - Avis package purchase, from Cape Town to Joburg.

2 Jun 2012

1time quits flying to Lanseria Airport.

5 Mar 2012

1time begins CPT - Johannesburg Lanseria Airport flights.

25 Aug 2011

We were delighted to purchase 1time CPT - JNB tickets for R391 each :)

1time plane at Cape Town International Airport

What we did right

What we did right was booking a flight which took off at midday, when the planes are relatively empty - there were about 100 people on board. This means more space for passengers, and more time for cabin crew to give pax that special attention they crave.

SAA South African Airways plane at Cape Town International Airport

Where are we on our way to?

From Johannesburg, we fly with the Luftwaffe to Barcelona via Frankfurt, and we'll be going on a cruise with Royal Caribbean there. I'm not looking forward to the flights - not easy to travel with little ones for 24 hours - but once there I'm sure it'll be awesome.

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