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SouthAfrica.TO survey
18 January 2008 flights
surveyed on 22 Dec 2007

Compliments of the season to all our readers. We trust that you are enjoying a well deserved break. The good news is that SouthAfrica.TO will continue producing travel news throughout the festive season (we love this job!). There are tons of tourists recounting their thoughts of South Africa - and we will bring you all the interesting news...

Flights from Johannesburg to Durban
Bus trips from Johannesburg to Durban

British Airways

R 600

Baz Bus (7 day pass)

R1 020

Kulula airways

R 618

Citiliner bus

R 120

Mango airways

R 492

Greyhound bus

R 195

Nationwide airways

site not working

Intercape bus

R 140

1time airways

R 429

SA Roadlink bus

R 99

South African Airways

R1 336

Translux bus

R 100

Cheapest flight from Johannesburg to Durban is 1time airline (R429) while the cheapest bus trip from Johannesburg to Durban is the SA Roadlink bus (R99), more than four times as cheap.

1time airline

Nationwide - what a pity

Up to yesterday Nationwide had offered the cheapest flight in every single survey we've carried out of flights from Johannesburg to Durban...today their website wasn't providing flight price quotes...what a pity for them to lose their fantastic track record in this way. For the record, here's Nationwide's record of flight prices on the Joburg to Durban flight route:

Flights from Johannesburg to Durban




22 Dec 2007



26 May 2007



7 Jul 2007



18 Aug 2007



29 Sep 2007



10 Nov 2007



Kulula wet-leasing from Transavia airline

Kulula flight operated by TransaviaWhile checking the flight prices above we noticed that one of the Kulula flights are operated by Transavia airlines. This is how Kulula manages to put on extra flights in the summer - by wet-leasing aircraft from Trasavia airlines (there's less demand for European airlines in their winter, so it makes sense for them too). Transavia is an independent part of the Air France-KLM group, based in the Netherlands.

Kulula more expensive than British Airways

Kulula and British Airways are owned by the same stable - Comair. Now Kulula are meant to be the low cost airline and British Airways the swanky full service brand, yet British Airways is pricing its flights more cheaply than Kulula...Comair must have a reason for it somewhere....perhaps struggling to fill the British Airways seats - has Kulula become a more powerful brand in South Africa than British Airways?

Delta flying to Cape Town

In a bit of fantastic news for Capetonians, the US's Delta Airlines will be operating direct non-stop flights from New York to Cape Town.

Clifton Fourth Beach Cape Town

The photo above is of Clifton beach, Cape Town's trendiest beach. If you liked the photo, go to Clifton beach photos to see the complete set.

On the web last week

At this time of year there are tons of people visiting South Africa and blogging about it.

President of BotswanaSA scores 7, Botswana gets 8.5

Sam Crawley, from London, visits Botswana and when interviewed by Radio Botswana rates it higher than South Africa. Wearing crocs at a wedding, Crawley bumps into the President of Botswana (Festus Mogae) at a wedding function (see photo on right). Some other comments: "There is little in the way of art or culture", "frankly Johannesburg makes me feel sick with worry", "with one dominant 'tribe', the Batwanas, there is no fear and division in society", "Accommodation is very very expensive", "Mugg and Bean is one of the food highlights of Gaborone!"

Vancouverite on travelling in South Africa

Kathleen DigaKathleen Diga, a Vancouverite studying at the University of KwaZulu-Natal, shares the tricks she's picked up about negotiating OR Tambo International Airport. We've got to agree with her, ACSA's wi-fi network is a godsend.

JZ gives Communists & Zimbos a democracy lesson

We had a few visitors to the country in Polokwane this week, and none-other than the new ANC President, Jacob Zuma mentioned them in his acceptance speech: "Our most sincere gratitude is extended to our comrades and friends in fraternal parties in SADC such as SWAPO, FRELIMO, MPLA and ZANU-PF and others. We also thank the representatives of international fraternal parties such as the Communist Party of Cuba, and others who graced the conference. I hope they all witnessed how internal democracy plays itself out in the ANC." Yes JZ, we're all hoping with you that those commies learn something about democracy!

Roberto Ramirez visits Cape Town

Ostritch in Cape TownAfter travelling from Maputo to Cape Town, Robert tells us his thoughts of the "windy city" (and I don't think he's referring to Port Elizabeth):

  • "a cross between Miami Beach and Sydney"

  • "If you're a student backpaper you'll have tons of fun, but for others it's a bit undefined."

  • "Anybody that just visited Cape Town should never ever claim to have seen Africa. It's like going to Disney World and telling everybody that you've seen the United States..."

  • Ostrich farm - "Some serious inbreeding was going on there and we're not referring to the animals."

  • "The nicest trip was the tour to Cape Point."

  • Johannesburg - "In short: don't go there! The only reason to visit Joburg would be the Apartheid museum. "

Jen & Kristen's trip to Cape Town

Bokaap suburb of Cape TownAfter catching a flight with Ethiopian Airlines to Johannesburg and then an onwards flight from Johannesburg to Cape Town, Jen tells us the story of her trip to South Africa (with her friend from Boston, Kristen):

  • "if you want to go to Africa and not leave the comforts of home behind then go to Cape Town!"

  • V&A Waterfront - "It is like the Embarcadero in San Francisco but way nicer!"

  • "The crazy part came from Ferdinand, the owner and tour guide. H`e apparently won the first Big Brother South Africa and I can see why. He was a bit over the top and obnoxious, but he did make the wine tour interesting."

  • Shebeens - "The women brew the beer but are not allowed to drink it."

  • "It was ridiculously windy and cold."

  • Soccer World Cup 2010 - "I also saw quite a lot of signs for preparations for the 2010 World Cup in Johannesburg and in Cape Town. But can you find one T-shirt? Nope."

  • "The cable car actually rotated 360 degrees as it went up. Very cool."

Table Mountain in Cape Town, South Africa
South Africa has run out of gold

It's fascinating to read travellers thoughts about South Africa. I don't know what they're telling tourists at Gold Reef City these days, but Adele left with the impression that "South Africa used to be the world's leading producer of gold until the supply was used up" - whilst 2007 will probably be the first time in many years that South Africa don't produce the most gold in the world (the Chinese are overtaking us), the gold supply is a long way from being used up.

  • Adele's thoughts on the Voortrekker monument - "pays tribute to the europeans that took off from capetown and travelled by caravan to settle in joburg, bringing civilisation and modernity to the then rural and tribal area of south africa."

  • about the lions - "the lions were a little skinny"

  • about the lion cubs at the Rhino Lion reserve - "the cubs kind of stank"

  • Sun city - "basically a city built by some sun company"

  • Fishmongers - "we waited nearly 1 hour for the food...food finally came and they missed out one dish. we ended up eating at another restaurant after that."

  • "flew to capetown from joburg. we took a budget airplane, kulula...the seats are painfully small."

  • Table mountain - "it was. CLOSED."

  • Stellenbosch - "considered a 'living museum' because most of the houses in the town are over 100 years old, nearly every single one. so all the houses were protected."

  • Cape Point - "standing at the lighthouse the pacific (sic) and indian ocean stretched in frong (sic) before us", "the cape of good hope was just a rock really"

Paula's flight from London to Cape Town

Paula tells us about her flight from London to Cape Town on board a South African Airways Airbus 340-600:

  • "every seat has it’s own entertainment screen… which is larger than any other in seat configurations I’ve seen"

  • Something for the Civil Aviation Authority to take note of - "They have a totally different culture of in-flight safety...If you get up when the seat belt signs are on, they don’t have any problem. You can go back and ask them for a snack or a drink while they are on and they don’t say a thing."

Holiday recommendations for 2008

A great way to spend the holiday season is planning the next one - that way the end doesn't feel so bad. Here's some recommendations for holidays in 2008.

Wanted - airlines flying to Pietermaritzburg

Pietermaritzburg municipality (Msunduzi) officals are fed up with the below par service they have been receiving from SA Airlink, and are inviting other airlines to start operating flights from Johannesburg to Pietermaritzburg.

Zulu dancers near Pietermaritzburg

South African Airways Open

The South African Airways Open was hosted at Pearl Valley Golf Estate in some of the most interesting weather Cape Town has seen in a while - 2 days of howling gales, one day of unbearable heat and then it rained on the Sunday. If it was their first time in the Cape they may never come back again!

Pearl Valley Golf Estate

South African Travel Site rankings

We've updated our rankings of South African Travel Sites, to for the first time include coachliners (Greyhound is the highest ranked website of a South African coachliner). SouthAfrica.TO and Kulula Airlines continue to show strong improvements in rankings.

Make your complaints to ACSA

Anecdotal evidence has it that a Mango Airlines pilot encouraged passengers (from a Johannesburg to Cape Town flight) to complain to ACSA, after the flight was delayed for half an hour as a result of ACSA taking longer than usual to pack luggage. We're not really surprised, we wrote last week about how ACSA staff had changed the welcome sign at OR Tambo airport's international arrivals hall to read "F*** You", and we have written on several occasions how this couldn't care-less-monopoly talks a lot about customer service but its actions demonstrate the contempt it has for its customers.

Gaborone in BotswanaNew flight routes

Johannesburg to Gaborone flights

If you haven't been to Botswana, why not make a flight booking from Johannesburg to Gaborone.

Emirates flights to Cape Town

From the 30th March 2008, Emirates will be operating direct flights to Cape Town...hallelujah....this is certain to drive flight price to Cape Town down, as Emirates flights are well known for their bargain prices. The new flights will be between Dubai and Cape Town, but as Emirates has connections to all over the world this opens up opportunities for cheap Emirates flights between:

And many more connections. This is very exciting news for Capetonians.

Pietermaritzburg to Johannesburg flights

One of the smaller provincial capitals in South Africa is Pietermaritzburg, where the municipal officials are fed up with SA Airlink and want some competition introduced by other airlines - that's enough of a warning for us, and we're now covering flights from Pietermaritzburg to Johannesburg.

easyJet flights from Birmingham

easyJet airline are now operating flights from Birmingham to Geneva (their first flights from Birmingham).


Sydney Opera HouseJohannesburg to Sydney

Fancy a visit to Australia - land of Shane Warne and Flight Centre's owners, we're now listing the airlines flying from Johannesburg to Sydney.

Flight news from the rest of the globe

Flight, bus and train prices from London to Paris

easyJet Airline are offering the cheapest ever flight price from London to Paris.

Survey date

Flight date

Air France

British Airways



National Express *

Eurostar train

16 Dec 2007

11 Jan 2008



£31.99 ¹


no busses


Air Namibia increases its stock

Air Namibia has taken delivery of 2 Boeing 737-500 aircraft - leasing them from Capex Leasing for 5 years. They'll use the Boeings to operate flights between Johannesburg and Windhoek, Winhoek and Cape Town, Windhoek and Luanda.

Silverjet airline's online academy

Silverjet airline, a business-class only airline which operates flights from London, New York and Dubai, have launched an online training academy.

F^%$ the French

A Life in Full Flight
"We love Boeing. F$$K the French." Michael O'Leary (the person who makes Ryanair flights occur) delivering a speech to 2000 cheering Boeing employees after Boeing had won a massive Ryanair contract ahead of Airbus - as told in Alan Ruddock's book, "A Life in Full Flight: The story of the man who made Ryanair take off".


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