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Please note that we no longer offer the Cruise Buddy service.

Want to go on a cruise but need someone to share a cabin with or want to meet new people? Then this is perfect for you.

You can save up to 70% on a cruise booking by letting us find you a cruise buddy! The cruises in December normally charge up to 80% single supplement (you pay 80% extra of the cabin fare on top of your price) and on some in January 2015 there are no single person bookings in a cabin allowed.

We think it’s silly to pay steep rates or not end up going on your dream cruise if there are people out there also looking for the same deal.  So we offer this convenient service for only 10% of the cruise fare.

How does it work?

Simply send an email to, and our team will let you know as soon as they can find a possible match for you. We'll connect you with someone with the age and gender specified in your email.

TIP: The more flexible you are, the more options you’ll get to choose from and the more likely you are to find someone.

Terms & Conditions: The purpose of this service is simply to bring people together. South Africa Travel Online does not perform any pre-screening on any individuals signing up to the service. Any use of this service is entirely at your own risk, and South Africa Travel Online and its employees will not be held responsible. By using the service you are agreeing that you wont hold South Africa Travel Online or any of its owners or employees responsible for any damages or other losses you might suffer. Anybody you choose to share a cabin with is your decision alone, and you take all the risks associated with it - including any injury or losses (e.g. theft) which may occur.  After connecting you with your buddy and you decide to make the booking, the rest is up to you to make your cruise fun. If for some reason you have issues with your buddy and don’t get along on the cruise itself, we accept no responsibility and you wont be able to make any changes. After confirming the reservation with full payment, no changes will be allowed (ie the cancellation fee is 100% of what you have paid). Only open to over 18's. Terms & conditions of the cruise line will also apply.

REVIEW of a Single Cruise

10 August 2013. Rating 5/5 : I had never been on a cruise ship before. I had imagined what it would be like but in July 2012, my dream became a reality. I came across an advertisement on a bidding website for a 5 night local cruise for 2 and although I didn't think I stood a chance of winning, I went ahead and bid. A few days later I got an email that congratulated me on being the winning bid. It felt unreal and I admit I was a bit suspicious at first because you always read about these internet scams. I decided to just make the payment and hope for the best.

in the theatre on the MSC Sinfonia cruise ship

Two weeks before the cruise departure date, l received my tickets as promised. I was beyond excited but that excitement quickly passed as my boyfriend (now ex-boyfriend) made the choice that he did not want to accompany me on the cruise. I felt embarrassed about going alone and seriously considered just cancelling and forfeiting the money but then I decided to go and to just make the most of my situation. I went through the embarkation procedure and boarded the MSC Sinfonia at Cape Town Harbour.

pirate photo on the MSC Sinfonia

We were almost ready to depart when the wind picked up and the Harbour Master advised the Captain that no ships were going to be allowed to leave until the wind subsided. In the meantime, I explored the ship's decks and took part in the onboard activities that were going on. I was so impressed with the service of the staff and the food and entertainment. It no longer bothered me that I had boarded the ship alone because it wasn't long that I made friends and actually started to feel excited once again. The only downside was that the Sinfonia could not leave the harbor for 2 days due to the strong winds that were not letting up but that did not stop me from having the time of my life. I would meet my new friends every morning for breakfast, then we would laze around on the pool deck soaking up the sun or participate in the afternoon games and dance classes. After lunch and the daily afternoon shows we would retreat to our cabins to rest a little and then freshen up. We arranged to meet in the various lounges for happy hour and after dinner, we would head to the theatre for the evening shows and then dance the rest of the night away till the early hours at the disco. Finally, in the early hours of the 3rd morning, the Captain was given the go ahead for the Sinfonia to leave the harbor and begin its cruise to nowhere, as we did not have enough days to continue with the scheduled itinerary that was originally sold to the passengers. It was amazing watching the ship being led out and into the open water. I was enjoying so much that I had actually forgotten that we had still been docked at the harbor. That night we had the Captain's Gala Evening and got the opportunity to meet and take a photo with the Captain, Commander Ciro Pinto of the MSC Sinfonia. Dressed to perfection and feeling like it couldn't get any better, I was proven wrong because out of all the woman in the theatre that night, I was the one Cpt. Ciro Pinto chose to share a dance with on stage. That was the highlight of my cruise.

photo with the Captain on the MSC Sinfonia

Our final night aboard the Sinfonia my friends and I decided not to sleep, we partied the night away then sat in the lounge talking and exchanging contact details until it was time to collect our luggage and head off for our meal of the cruise. We said our goodbyes to each other and the friendly staff and disembarked. We have since stayed in touch with each other and have booked another cruise on the Sinfonia for November 30th, 2013 which will mark exactly one year since our last cruise. I am so looking forward to experiencing it all again but I will forever treasure the memories of my first cruise, even if it did not start out as originally planned, it was far more than I could have ever hoped for and so, so, so much more. Thank you , Captain Ciro Pinto and all the crew and staff aboard the MSC Sinfonia for an unforgettable cruise experience. See you soon ;) Lara

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