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JNB Baggage : 011 086 5524
DUR Baggage : 087-310-4033

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Mango Flights from Johannesburg to Durban

Mango Flights from Johannesburg to Durban are Rated 4.1/5 based on 7 customer reviews. Have your say & earn travel vouchers.

Mango Airlines offers multiple daily flights from JHB to Durban's King Shaka International Airport (JNB-DUR). Mango now operates flights to King Shaka International Airport from OR Tambo and Lanseria (15 October 2015).

Flights are scheduled to take 70 minutes and are usually on time (Mango was the most on-time airline to Durbs in 2013) and most often the cheapest (Mango flights were cheapest 68% of the time in 2013).

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Flight Reviews

2014-03-28 Rating 5/5 : Mango Airlines....a friendly, courteous experience from Johannesburg to Durban and back. We travelled from Botswana to Durban to visit family and our travel experience in South Africa was memorable. From the minute I made my booking with Mango, I knew I had made the right choice of airline to fly on. The friendly staff at the check in counter greeted me and my kids with big, warm smiles and booked us onto our flight. We made our way through to the departure lounge where more friendly faces checked our boarding passes. We were shown to our seats and the kids were buckled in and given a friendly chat by the airline staff, with a little humor thrown in to relax my somewhat nervous children. The flight was smooth and the service quick and there was always a happy smile with ever request. Mango Airline and their staff were outstanding and as I make regular visits to Durban to see family, I will always fly Mango and will readily recommend it to anyone looking for a safe, comfortable price friendly airline in South Africa. Keep flying Mango and I can't wait for the next trip which will be soon! Yours in happiness, Starr Lindeger.

Tailfin of a Mango Airlines Boeing 737-800

Most Mango Flights are Safe & Relaxing

2014-03-19 Rating 3/5 : My family and I always flew Mango airlines and every flight was safe and relaxing. On the 8th of March 2014 my wife and I flew from Johannesburg to Durban, and our flight was leaving at 7:15 in the morning. All passengers where put onto the airport bus and waited at the bus parking for almost 25 minutes with the bus idling and all the diesel fumes coming into the bus and making everyone feel sick The drivers were busy having a morning chat and delayed even further. We were only taken to the plane at 7:35am and when we got to the plane we had to wait even longer in the bus because the plane was still getting cleaned inside. Your staff were busy removing refuse bags from the plane. We only left Jhb at 7:50 am. Very bad service. Our return was on the 9th March 2014 on board the JE 248 at 2:05. The plane was a 737 Boeing - very nice plane but I don't think the pilot could handle that plane well. When we left Durban our take off was fine, only to find that when we approached JHB the pilot started to descend very fast and the passengers on board started to complain about their ears and stomachs being upset. The flight started to get very bumpy and it felt as if the plane was just going to fall out the sky. The pilot then said he needs to circle around Standerton for 12 minutes - not giving the passengers a clue what was the delay to land. While circling the plane felt as if it was going into potholes - a very scary feeling. When it was time to land the plane came down the runway with such a speed and bang it felt as if it was going to break into 2 pieces. When the plane was trying to slow down on the runway it felt as if it was going to spin around because of the runway being wet. I understand it was raining but try and be more cautious. The drama didn't end there - when the plane came to stand still the luggage was being taken off the plane while the passengers were still on board and we could see how your staff were just taking out the bags from the plane and throwing it into the luggage trailer waiting to be taken away. To our surprise there were a couple of bags damaged and my suit ase which was bought last week and used for the first time had a hole on one side. I reported this matter to the luggage department and they are busy handling it. This is the first time I am experiencing this type of service please let it be the last one. Rakesh Harrycundh

Frequent Flyer misses flight

2014-01-25 Rating 1/ 5 : I am a frequent flyer who was an avid mango customer. My experiences from a trip over December was just shocking. After paying almost r6000 to fly mango from or tambo to Durban in dec 2013... I got to the airport to find the longest queues. Having explained to 2 staff at the check in counters that there we would be late or miss our plane, they couldn't have been less interested. Needless to say we did miss our plane. I then had to pay a further r2600 to book my family and I onto the next available flight. That was the worst start to our long anticipated holiday. There was no final boarding call for us or anything. Time and Money wasted. I will not be flying mango ever again. The experience at the hotel we stayed at was the total opposite- the Beverly Hills in Umhlanga prides itself on service and go out of their way to keep guests happy.

Travelling with Mango Only

2013-11-21 Rating 5/5 : I flew from Johannesburg to Durban and the service was excellent! Thank you and keep up the good work. The flight attendants were very helpful and friendly. I would rate it 5! or 10 :). I prefer travelling with Mango only. Fatima

Would Never Opt for a Bus Again

2013-11-17 Rating 5/5 : In fact I was a regular bus goer, and in October 2013 I took my first flight from JHB to Durb on Mango Airline and WoW it was amazing. I would never opt for a bus again. My flight was short and smooth, the plane was really neat and tidy, the hostess's were so friendly and our pilot was so professional and informative - flight timing was accurate! I'd definitely fly Mango again, thumbs up! Mayendri Govindasamy

First Flight

2013-10-21 Rating 5/5 : My first flight was from O R Tambo to Durban with my daughter on Mango Airline. Firstly, my one daughter gave us the wrong information regarding flights & we ended up missing our flight. We had to re book another plane at the airport with an extra charge which was to land in Durban at night. We spent the whole day at OR Tambo. We really had so much fun making friends with people at the airport. Then came the time to board our plane, I was excited but my daughter was scared. The take off was worse for her. I reassured her that everything will be fine. I enjoyed every moment and eventually my daughter started enjoying the flight. We really had fun & she wants us to take a trip together again Babsie Mohalane

Dog Travel

2013-08-26 Rating 5/5 : I love to . Since I started flying I have been using Mango. The people are lovely and last week when I went home to Toti from Jhb and back they were so kind to help me with my little dog. He loves the people and flight as much us I do. I also love the SAA people who were always friendly like Mango on a flight on which I took my son to Zambia. The food is excellent. I fly every month with Mango to get to my work in Delmas, Pretoria (I stay in Amanzimtoti, KZN). Wish there was a special or points that I could use every month - it costs me a lot on my flights and also my dog costs R300 per trip. Magda M.M. Roos

Mango Flights (Johannesburg to Durban) is Rated 5/5 based on 1 customer review

Flight Schedule

Mango flights to Durban from OR Tambo International Airport (JNB), are scheduled to take 2 hours and 10 minutes. Here's Mango Airline's flight schedule showing flight numbers and the times they are scheduled to leave Johannesburg:

  • Mon, Thurs, Fri & Sun : JE241 (06h45), JE245 (09h15), JE247 (12h05), JE253 (14h15), JE267 (17h50) & JE271 (19h40)

  • Tuesdays : JE241 (06h45), JE245 (09h15), JE253 (14h15) & JE267 (19h50)

  • Wednesdays : JE241 (06h45), JE245 (09h15), JE253 (14h15) & JE267 (17h50)

  • Saturdays : JE241 (07h25), JE245 (09h45), JE247 (12h05) & JE267 (17h50)

Mango flights to Durban from Lanseria Airport are scheduled to take 1 hour and 10minutes.

  • Mon-Sun : JE612 (07h50) & JE638 (16h30)

(if you are flying in the opposite direction, see our Mango flights from Durban to Johannesburg page)


17 Aug 2015. Mango Airlines announced that they will start flying between Lanseria and Durban from the 15th of October 2015. They will have two return flights daily.

6 Jul 2013. With the arrival of 2 new planes, Mango Airlines increases its Joburg to Durbs flights from 28 to 31 flights a week.

Here's the old schedule:

  • Mondays : JE241 (06h05), JE245 (10h30), JE247 (13h30), JE267 (15h15) & JE271 (18h45)

  • Tuesdays : JE241 (06h05), JE245 (13h25), JE267 (15h15) & JE271 (17h15)

  • Wednesdays : JE241 (06h05), JE245 (10h30), JE267 (13h55) & JE271 (17h15)

  • Thursdays & Fridays : JE241 (06h05), JE245 (10h30), JE247 (13h30), JE267 (15h15) & JE271 (18h45)

  • Saturdays: JE241 (07h20), JE245 (11h45), JE267 (15h10) & JE271 (17h15)

  • Sundays : JE241 (07h05), JE245 (11h35), JE247 (14h40), JE267 (15h45), JE271 (19h45) & JE273 (20h35)

Two passengers in a Mango Airlines plane bound for Durban

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