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Mango Flights to Durban

Surf's up! If you want to fly to Durban on time then the big orange Mango is your airline - they were on time to King Shaka Airport 94% of the time in January 2014 (slightly less than South African Airways and British Airways Comair), and fly from both Cape Town and OR Tambo International Airport. Other airlines flying domestically to Durbs are Kulula (from all of Lanseria, OR Tambo & Cape Town), British Airways Comair and South African Airways.

  • Important statistics for February 2015 : Mango Airlines were the most on-time of all airlines for flights to Durban.

Mango flights to Durban are rated 4.7/5 after 6 reviews.

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Mango Airlines Boeing 737-800 flying with wheels out

Flight Attendants make Quadriplegic Comfy

2014-02-09. Rating 5/5. Please be advised I flew to Durban on the 8/12 with my Husband and my sons. My husband is a quadriplegic who has a spinal cord injury. And this was the first time we travelled by air. Mango has given us the best services. Your flight attendant has made my husband so comfortable that he did not have any problems travelling. They transferred him so careful and kept on coming to him to see if he was comfortable. I am so proud to say that if I fly I know my husband will be taken care. I really appreciate Mango for the best service. Keep it up. I am flying to Durban again on the 20/3 and returning on 26/03. Keep up the good service and I will let my friends know. Thank you again Mango to your staff and flight attendant. Sandy Chetty.

Mango plane in the clouds on its way to Durban
Photo taken by Nomfundo Makhubu: "This is one of my favourite pics I took while on a Mango flight home to Durban. Thanks to Mango's affordable prices I always have my head in the clouds".

Ticket Prices too Good to Say No to

2014-01-28. Rating 4/5. On the 30th December 2013, my husband & I made a last minute decision to fly to Durban on New Year’s Day to see a few friends we had not seen for a while. We are both originally from Natal but currently live & work for an NGO in Ghana. We were in South Africa for our annual Christmas holiday and were making the most of every opportunity that presented itself. The ticket prices that were on offer by Mango were too good to say “no” to. Besides missing our beautiful country & the pleasures so many people take for granted, we miss spending quality time with people who mean a great deal to us. Our early flight was extremely pleasant & the Captain & his crew were festive & caring considering they were working on what is (without a doubt) a celebration day. The weather on the flight from JHB to Durban was perfect and all in all, it was a great way to start the New Year. Thank you Mango. Susan Burns.

Too excited to sleep before my flight

2014-01-22. Rating 5/5. I was about twelve years old when I last flew on a plane. I was travelling on Mango. I was flying to Durban since my father could not drive us there as he was being held back due to his business. The night before, I was too excited to be able to sleep, but I did fall asleep eventually but when my sister woke me up, "It was like you were a robot!" she had said. I left home feeling really excited. I just wanted to be on the plane. I remember waiting a long time just to board the plane. We first had to get on a type of bus and from there enter the plane through a silvery type of thing. So, my family and I boarded the plane as the sun was coming up. We saw my father waving at us while the plane was still. Then it started moving. My excitement hit an all-time high, but was soon gone when my ears started to hurt. I was still enjoying myself, but not so much. What I really enjoyed were the snacks and fun stuff I was given. I wouldn't mind going on another flight now. Hopefully, my ears won't hurt so much now. Husna Shaikjee.

Epileptic so flying only option

2014-01-15. Rating 5/5. It's a real big Thank you to Mango Airlines for the prices of flights we are able to afford and get around. And more importantly for the great assistance on the flights. I am epileptic and not able to do long road trips so flying is my only option. On every flight I was so grateful for the assistance throughout the flight. I was given seating that was ideal and continuous support, as I am on the claustrophobic side. There were awesome Mango people on my last flight. To the point where I was even shown/introduced to the pilots to make myself feel more comfortable/safe knowing who was flying etc. I take pics to help from the memory side, so I am able to remember when I am told about something. So I am really grateful I was allowed to take those pics for my memory as well. Again, it's Thank You so much that I am able to move around in my condition and with such great help in that way as well as being able to afford the flights. Saloshni Chetty.

First Time Flyer

2013-09-20. Rating 5/5. Thank you Mango. I recently went to Durban for a weekend and used a Mango Flight instead of public transport. It was my very first time being on a flight.  I had an awesome experience both in Durban and using Mango flights to and from Durban. With Mango (also my favorite fruit) promoting very affordable flights and being very reliable, I would definitely use Mango again and again to travel all around the world, or by chance to visit Durban again. Thank you for having a friendly staff, comfortable seating, punctual flights and reliable. Gloh Mentor

Mango Plus

2012-04-07. Rating 4/5 Mango Airlines in Durban had no complaints with our heaviest bag weighing 29kg thanks to us booking Mango Plus - in a similar situation on our outbound Comair BA flight to Durban (booked through Kulula) we had to either pay a penalty or go on our hands and knees and repack our luggage at the airport. Added bonus was Mango giving our kids Easter eggs :) We had to change our Kulula credit card which we had used to book the flight, due to fraudulent transactions, but luckily we remembered the number and expiry date of the old card, as they wanted that. K Baker

Our first time with Mango Plus

Our Mango Lanseria flight at the end of 2011 was such a pleasure that we decided to fly with them again. And because we've never used Mango Plus, we decided to spoil ourselves and try that out too. The highlight of it was using the Bidvest lounge - in Durban's humid climate it's a pleasure to be in a lovely air-conditioned room. The lounge has free wifi, snacks and drinks.

Bidvest Premier Lounge at Durban's King Shaka International Airport

Security check-in admiring my camera

As I was going through the security check-in at King Shaka Airport, one of the security personnel was admiring my camera & asked how much it cost - he was gobsmacked when I told him that without the battery or lens it costs R20k, saying that he would never be able to save up that amount in his lifetime. I'd cry if I lost my Canon 5Dii, and keep her close to me at all times :)

Paying to choose seats

We threw in an extra R105 to choose our seats. Having read the tips on surviving plane crashes, we chose the row behind the emergency exit (cant get the one on the emergency exit with kids). All in all, we coughed up R3326 for 2 adults, a child & an infant.

A fellow passenger was joking that we're flying with "Sardine Airlines", because of the lack of legroom. You usually pay the cheapest prices but there's no getting away from that Mango offers the least legroom of the airlines in South Africa. On our BA flight to Durban our daughter sat on the floor at our feet & played on her iPad - on the return leg to Cape Town with Mango she again tried this, but found out to her dismay that there isn't enough space. In order to work on my laptop I had to sit with it half closed on my lap.

Mango Plus

Mango Plus gives us the convenience of unlimited flight changes without penalty fees, an extra 10 kg checked-in luggage, a R50 meal voucher to take advantage of while on-board, & the use of Lounge facilities while you wait and 10% off executive car port at OR Tambo Airport.

It's a bit difficult to spend the R50 each when they've run out of goods - for example, we wanted to buy 2 kiddies packs for R60 - sorry, they didn't have any in stock. In the end we only spent R60 out of the R150 we had available on crisps, peanuts & colddrinks.

Details of ticket

Confirmation Details

Thank you for booking with Mango! This email confirmation is your itinerary and receipt. Please print this page and keep it available on your journey, along with the ID used to make the booking. The ID is required in order to obtain a boarding pass.

Booking Details

Reference Number:


Mango VAT Number:







ACSA Passenger Service:


ACSA Passenger Security:


SACAA Passenger Safety:






Flight Details





Cape town


Sat, 07 Apr 2012





Flight No:


Payment Details



R3325.50 (Credit Card)


Passenger Details





Mrs SouthAfrica.TO




Mr SouthAfrica.TO




Ms SouthAfrica.TO




Mr SouthAfrica.TO




Your booking confirmation has been received:
This serves as confirmation for booking made against the following Credit card in use. Merely go directly to check-in, present the credit card used in this transaction and receive a boarding pass.

Note: the boarding pass will not be issued unless the Credit card is presented.


Proof of identity (a valid passport, RSA ID book or valid driver's license) will be required when checking in. We do not accept copies of temporary travel documents, whether certified copies or not, as proof of identity. Children and infants must travel with their birth certificates as identification or RSA ID book. A reservation is only valid until full payment has been received.


Check-in desks open at least 90 minutes and close 40 minutes prior to your scheduled flight departure time. Present proof of Identity (and credit card) if applicable at check-in. Boarding gates close 15 minutes prior to your scheduled flight departure time. Not being present or having the necessary documentation at Check-in or at the Boarding gates, as per the above timings will results on your seat being forfeited without refund or credit given.


Mango does not accept firearms or dangerous goods as baggage. Mango will not provide storage for such items under any circumstances.


Checked baggage is limited to 20 kg per person, and no single item may weigh more than 32 kg. Infants have a 10 kg baggage allowance but have no seat allocation. Sporting equipment, inclusive of Golf bags, but excluding bicycles are included in the checked baggage allowance of 20 kg. Pets and bicycles are not included in the checked baggage allowance of 20 kg per paying guest. Excess baggage charges will be raised, irrespective of the weight of any other checked baggage.


Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an individual 16 years in age or older. Reservations are not refundable. Certain items will only be carried subject to availability of space. A handling fee may be charged for such items, see our terms and conditions for more information.


For detailed terms and conditions, see click here. For special requirement information, click here (link removed as it stopped working).
For flight changes please go to Manage Travel on or contact the Mango call centre at 08611 MANGO/08611 62646


Mango Guests are advised not to include valuables such as cell phones, laptop computers, iPods, jewellery, money, personal documentation or similar items in their check-in baggage. It is recommended that such high-value items be carried on your person or packed securely in your carry-on luggage.

First Catering and Mango Airlines plane


  • 17 August 2015: Mango has announced that they are adding Durban-Lanseria flights to their scheduled offerings from the 15th of October 2015.

  • 3 December 2013 : Mango has increased its flight frequencies into Durban by 20%. "Durban has long been the trade gateway into Southern Africa with one of the busiest ports on the continent; Mango believes that air travel will follow suit in tandem with growth forecasts for the region. As the Dube Trade Port develops alongside King Shaka International Airport and traveller numbers continue along a positive trend, we have taken a long term view and invested in the city. KwaZulu Natal is well known as one of the country’s top leisure destinations,” says Bezuidenhout, “but business travel forms a substantial part of traffic in and out of the city with enormous potential as one of the most industrialised cities in South Africa where the bulk of our imports and exports are handled. Durban will remain firmly on our radar as a growth point for Mango." said Nico Bezuidenhout, the Chief Executive of Mango Airlines.

Flight routes

Mango operates flights to Durban King Shaka Airport, on the following routes:


As a major hub, all of the large airlines in South Africa fly to Durban - South African Airways, British Airways Comair, Kulula and SA Express.

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