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22 June 2007 flights
surveyed on 26 May 2007

Comparison of flight prices from Johannesburg to Durban

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British Airways

Kulula Airline

Mango Airline









Nationwide Airline is cheapest

Nationwide are usual

This is getting boring and predictable - Nationwide Airlines once again offer the cheapest flight (perhaps we don't need to do this survey anymore, just look at Nationwide's flights prices). On the 26th May 2007, we examined flights from Johannesburg to Durban leaving on the 22nd June 2007 between 1729 and 2031, and Nationwide flight CE438, cost R596, was the cheapest; the flight leaves Johannesburg at 1810 and arrives in Durban at 1920.

British Airways cheapest full service flight

In terms of full service flights, British Airways was cheaper than South African Airways, charging an airfare of R1229. Considering that British Airways offers a better ride than SAA and are cheaper , it seems a no-brainer to fly BA if you're looking for a full service flight.

Cost of airline tickets are soaring

SouthAfrica.TO carried out a survey on the 5th of May of the cost of flights from Durban to Johannesburg, and the average cost of a flight in that survey was R547. Now in today's survey, the cost of a flight from Johannesburg to Durban is R899; a massive R352 (or 64%) increase in price.

Nationwide's astonishing record of cheap flights

Out of our last 5 surveys conducted, Nationwide Airlines have offered the cheapest flights in 4 out of 5 of them. Well done Nationwide for helping keeping the cost of flying around South Africa down. For the record, here's a list of the surveys which Nationwide airlines topped:

Survey Date


Cost of Nationwide flight

28th April 2007 Cheap Flights Survey

flights from Cape Town to Durban


12th May 2007 Cheap Flights Survey

flights from Cape Town to Johannesburg


19th May 2007 Cheap Flights Survey

flights from Durban to Cape Town


26th May 2007 Cheap Flights Survey

flights from Johannesburg to Durban


Marijuana-crackUK not keen on SA marijuana

The United Kingdom are not as harsh as Thailand, but nevertheless Her Majesty's courts do not take kindly to visitors from South Africa bringing their stash of marijuana into the country with them. Natasja Williams, a South African, was stopped at Birmingham Airport after arriving on a flight from her home in Johannesburg, en-route to Belfast. Natasja had decided to bring along 18 kilograms (yes! Did she have space for clothes?) of the wacky weed with her, wrapped in a blanket in her suitcase. She will be detained for 18 months at Her Majesty's pleasure (one for each kilogram?) - which is probably better than spending the rest of your life languishing in a Thailand hellhole.




Mutiny amongst SAA crewMutiny amongst flight crew causes SAA pilot to turn back

While taxying out, an SAA flight with 244 passengers on board was told to hold due to bad weather. After waiting an hour, the crew told the captain they would exceed their flight and duty time limits on the 15-hour flight from Washington to Johannesburg, and were not willing to continue with their flight. However, according to SAA’s Flight Operations manual as well as international Air Navigation Rules and Regulations the captain has the discretion to extend duty time by up to 3 hours and he exercised this right. Nevertheless the crew flatly refused to continue and the captain had no option but to cancel the flight to Johannesburg. [The Sunday Times]

SAA gives a good ride to Johannesburg...and back to Cape Town

One of our correspondents took a flight from Cape Town to Johannesburg with South African Airways, and got to see the snowy snowy mountains of the coastal belt between George and Port Elizabeth. Read about it at SAA flight to Johannesburg., where he also shares his thoughts on Imperial Car Rental at Johannesburg Airport. Guess what, the next day he felt inspired to write a few things about his SAA flight back to Cape Town including a few tips on how to pay less for using the hotspot at OR Tambo International Airport., and comments on the meals at a major South African accommodation group.

Lemon of the week : Mango Airlines...unfortunately...again!lemon-of-the-weeki

Mango Airlines is on a roll - just like last week, Mango airlines has earned itself a lemon. The following comment was left on our Mango Airlines website by Peter: "Friday 12th May two passengers Mr B & Mrs J Gaffney discovered their flight from Bloemfontein to Durban by Mango had been cancelled. They had not been notified and only realised their predicament at the airport. These are international travellers that I had purchased the fares for on their behalf, over the internet.  They had to travel the next day by bus. Can I suggest that next time you cancel a flight that you make every attempt to inform the traveller!!"


USA's crappy air service agreement with South Africa

With most of its major trading partners, the United States of America has pretty liberal air service agreements - the exceptions are Australia, Japan, South Africa and countries in South America (China also used to be on the list, but on the 24th May China and the USA announced an agreement that will more than double the number of flights). It's a pity, an open skies agreement between South Africa and the USA would place significant downward pressure on air flight prices.

Africa: Aircraft Graveyard

The Kenya Airways crash is just the tip of the iceberg. We examine accident rates in Africa versus the other continents, look at the latest fatal plane crashes in South Africa, and compare South African Airways' and Kenya Airways' fatal crash statistics. Click here to read about the aircraft graveyard called Africa.




Security AsleepAirport security is beefed up

If you're planning on flying internationally from South Africa, make sure that your aerosols, gels and liquids are within ACSA's new airport security restrictions (not that we're convinced that ACSA will be able to police this properly, since they cant even spot a laptop coming through security).

Ask our lovely travel consultant your questions here. She would love to assist.

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