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SouthAfrica.TO : Cheap flights survey

Comparison of flight prices from Cape Town to Johannesburg

1time airline

British Airways

Kulula Airline

Mango Airline









Nationwide airline

Well done Nationwide Airlines! Early in the morning of the 12th May 2007, we examined flights from Cape Town to Johannesburg leaving on the 8th June 2007 between 1729 and 2031. Nationwide Airlines flight CE739 departing Cape Town at 1910 was the cheapest, at R481. Nationwide Airline got rid of their free meals on economy class earlier this year, and it seems that they have settled into the role of a low cost carrier - Nationwide offered the cheapest flights from Cape Town to Durban in our 28th April 2007 cheapest flight survey.

In terms of full service flights, British Airways was far cheaper than South African Airways, charging an airfare of R713.

This week 71 years ago

7 May 1936. Amy Johnson lands at Cape Town's Wingfield Aerodrome, setting a new record for a flight from England to Cape Town of 3 days, 6 hours and 26 minutes. In 1941 Johnson disappeared in bad weather while on a wartime aircraft delivery flight - it is thought that she was accidentally shot down by British anti-aircraft fire over the Thames.

What gives British Airways the edge?

A story of a British Airways flight from Cape Town to Johannesburg. Also read about what gives British Airways the edge?

British Airways


Crusaders Rugby

Lots of flying for the Kiwis

Shame, poor Kiwis - it's been a week of long flights for the hard rugby men of the Crusaders and Auckland Blues, and we report on it at our story, "Kiwis long flights to South Africa" (story written before the games on Saturday).




Mango Airlines' R1 ticket fiasco

Some people were lucky enough to get R1 tickets, however for most people it was just another demonstration of Mango Airline's website's inability to handle large volumes of web traffics. This comment sums up the experience: "Unsuccessfully tried gaining access to mango fares and flight information over the 'R 1 promotion period'. I was on every occasion told to try again later, I eventually gave up. Will be travelling with 1 time instead", Brian Johns. Read about it at Mango Airline's R1 ticket fiasco.

lemon-of-the-weekiLemon of the week

On SouthAfrica.TO's Mango Airlines website by Andre Visser "The seats are way too closely spaced & small. One cramps up beefor one hour flying. So, calculate this: The flights are usually 1 hour delayed, where they make you board and sit & wait on the tarmac, thus, even before yor yourney starts, cranps & tempers starts flying!! Not so WELL DONE!



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