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Flight path from Johannesburg to Amsterdam

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"Johannesburg to Amsterdam" by Pelthia "Amsterdam for tourists", by Alice Kühne

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Flights Johannesburg to Amsterdam

Only KLM South Africa operates direct flights from Joburg to Amsterdam. The way to make sure that you get on a cheap flight from Johannesburg to Amsterdam is to check the airfare of every airline. Flights leaving on Fridays are usually more expensive (everybody wants to get away at the start of the weekend).

News : Etihad Airways is now flying from Johannesburg to Amsterdam, via Abu Dhabi




  • 4 Dec 2013. Emirates add a second daily flight from Dubai to Amsterdam, creating more connecting options from Johannesburg.

  • 15 May 2013. Etihad commences Johannesburg to Amsterdam flights. Flight EY077 is scheduled to leave Abu Dhabi at 09h30 every day, and arrive in Amsterdam at 14h40. Here's the welcome from the fire engines after the first Etihad flight landed in AMS.

    Etihad lands in Amsterdam for the first time

Airlines flying from Johannesburg to Amsterdam

We carried out a snapshot survey of flight prices from JHB to Amsterdam and KLM was cheapest - when this happens you get the best of both worlds, both direct flights & cheapest prices (airfares will have changed since we looked).

Stops & time

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines

Johannesburg to Amsterdam (Schipol, AMS)

non-stop (11 hours)

Air France

Johannesburg to Amsterdam (Schipol, AMS)

1-stop (13 to 15 hours)
Paris De Gaulle (CDG)

Etihad South Africa

Cape Town to Amsterdam (Schipol, AMS)

1-stop (22 to 35 hours)
Abu Dhabi (AUH)

Kenya Airways

Johannesburg to Amsterdam (Schipol, AMS)

1-stop (16 hours)
Nairobi (NBO)

Virgin Atlantic Airways

Johannesburg to Amsterdam (Schipol, AMS)

1-stop (14 to 17 hours)
London (Heathrow)

South African Airways
(part codeshare with Lufthansa or KLM)

Johannesburg to Amsterdam (Schipol, AMS)

1-stop (14 hours)
Frankfurt (FRA) or Munich (MUC)

Turkish Airlines

Johannesburg to Amsterdam (Schipol, AMS)

1-stop (17 hours)
Istanbul (IST)

British Airways

Johannesburg to Amsterdam (Schipol, AMS)

1-stop (15 to 17 hours)
London (Heathrow)

Lufthansa (sometimes a codeshare with SAA)

Johannesburg to Amsterdam (Schipol, AMS)

1-stop (14 hours)
Munich (MUC)


Johannesburg to Amsterdam (Schipol, AMS)

1-stop (18 hours)
Cairo (CAI)

Emirates Johannesburg

Cape Town to Amsterdam (Schipol, AMS)

1-stop (19 hours)
Dubai Airport (DXB)

Iberia - suspended its Johannesburg flights from 1 May 2012

Qatar Airways
(part codeshare)

Johannesburg to Amsterdam (Schipol, AMS)

Doha (DOH)

Swiss Air

Johannesburg to Amsterdam (Schipol, AMS)

1-stop (14 hours)
Zurich (ZRH)

Turkish Airlines

Johannesburg to Amsterdam (Schipol, AMS)

1-stop (17 hours)

  • As the crow flies, it is 8986km from Johannesburg's O.R. Tambo International Airport to Amsterdam Schipol.

  • Even though it's usually not the cheapest way to get there, the most popular 1-stop flight route to Amsterdam from JHB is via London with British Airways, Virgin Atlantic or a South African Airways codeshare.

Flight radar:

As you can see there's a lot of air traffic around Schipol at any one time. This map of aircraft landing and taking off from Schipol is provided courtesy of

Johannesburg to Amsterdam flight path

"My trip from Johannesburg to Amsterdam"by Pelthia

"The furthest I had been from the hectic life of Johannesburg was as far as Durban. In those days I was considered the most privileged and spoilt kid in my dusty lok'shin (location). My English was not too bad either, providing me with access to modern society. I was not the dumbest kid in class, and I always knew that one day I go places, little did I know that those places were at least 10 000km away from all that I loved, knew and adored.

It was a cloudy day but from the window of the KLM aircraft I could still see the landscape view of the beautifully green flat land. The long drive from Amsterdam to Rotterdam in a shabby Subaru station wagon did not put me off my admiration for the stretching windmills mills, appeasing smell of animal manure and the simple beauty of feeling safe. On one of our weekend getaways around Europe, while returning from a romantic weekend in Paris, I could not help asking my then lover how far we were from the statue of liberty. Viva lok'shin culta!"

We also cover flights from Cape Town to Amsterdam. , and have an Amsterdam flights page which also covers the top things to do in Amsterdam and best accommodation options.


Let's start with the airport, since that's where you're flying to:

Amsterdam Airport Schipol (AMS)

Operating since 16 September 1916, Amsterdam Airport Schipol ("Schipol" for short) "is situated a 20 minutes drive southwest of Amsterdam, and is the home to KLM Royal Dutch Airlines. Entertain yourself at the airport by viewing the art at the annex to the Rijksmuseum, visiting the airport library or going shopping. Schipol is accessible by bus, train or car. Go to our car hire page to rent a vehicle in Amsterdam. Avoid using a taxi as they're expensive.

"Amsterdam for tourists", by Alice Kühne

Ah, Amsterdam. Wooden clogs, marijuana and canals. Amsterdam is truly the perfect tourist destination, with fine museums in the day and its edgy night offerings; who would not enjoy Amsterdam? But besides the stereotypes of the city, Amsterdam has so much more to offer…

The Basics

Amsterdam lies in North-Holland province, in the Netherlands. The country is so called because most of the country, like Amsterdam, lies only just above sea level. Amsterdam is two metres above sea level. Amsterdam was named after the dam in the river Amstel, and started out as a small fishing village in the 12th century.

By the 17th century, Amsterdam was the wealthiest city in the world, thanks to the worldwide trading network and Amsterdam merchants’ large shares in the Dutch East India Company and the Dutch West India Company. Today, Amsterdam remains the financial and cultural capital of the Netherlands, it is also home to the oldest stock exchange in the world.

The official language in the Netherlands is Dutch, although they are generally fluent in English as well. The Netherlands is part of the European Union and so uses the Euro. Amsterdam has a cool oceanic climate, drizzle and light showers are quite common (waterproof jackets are recommended).


The Dutch are hard-working, hard-partying people. They are generally warm and welcoming, although they tend to be straight talkers—a character trait foreigners interpret as rude. The Dutch enjoy simple pleasures: cold beer, chips in a cone with peanut sauce (or mayonnaise), pickled herring “haring” with onions and pickles, riding bicycles through their scenic towns, pea soup, tulips, mature cheddar and a leisurely cruise on the canals.

canal in Amsterdam

Residents of Amsterdam are quite used to the sight of tourists and will offer directions (in English) if you look lost. If you speak Afrikaans you can use it with pleasure, but English is really common in Amsterdam, including signage and menus.

Getting around

Getting around Amsterdam is really easy. There are trams, trains, metro, busses and ferries that will take you to pretty much anywhere you would want to go. The most convenient of them are trams, especially when traipsing around the city centre. You can buy a disposable OV-chipcard that works on busses, trams and metros. These can be bought and topped up in Euros from Central Station or any other public transport company vending machine (look out for the GVB sign). You can also choose to buy day passes (choose from 1 to 7 days) that gives you unlimited travel in Amsterdam on the busses, trams and metros.

You can also opt for a canal bus where you can hop on and off all day. It is a great way to see Amsterdam and you won’t need to pay for a separate canal cruise. Tickets prices can be obtained at

If you are comfortable on a bicycle, it is a great way for getting around Amsterdam. You can rent a bicycle from one of the numerous bike rental companies. Most of them also offer scenic bicycle tours. Amsterdam is extremely bicycle-friendly, you will find bicycle paths everywhere. Thanks to the flat terrain, Amsterdam makes for easy riding. Bike theft is common especially in central Amsterdam, so it is wise to use your bicycle locks whenever you need to leave your rental bike unattended.

Where to stay

Amsterdam has loads of accommodation options. From backpacker’s hostels (try Hostel World real time bookings with travellers reviews), to five star luxury rooms, there are many choices to suit your budget.


The Netherlands is famous for its tulips. But unless you have been to Amsterdam and experienced the beautiful results of the Dutch Tulipomaniaat the Singel Flower market, you will not understand the true extent of a tulip’s allure. Stall upon stall of exquisite blooms on sale will take your breath away. Best time of year to see tulips is March-May

A visit to Amsterdam’s Red Light District is unavoidable. As it lies right the in the heart of Amsterdam, it’s hard to miss. The Red Light District is very safe at all hours, and it is home to many Coffee shops (not for coffee but for marijuana), Sex shops, restaurants and theatres.

Amsterdam is home to a cornucopia of fantastic museums. To name a few: the Rijksmuseum, Stedelijk Museum, Van Gogh Museum, Anne Frank House, Rembrandt House, and lots more. See Old Dutch masters’ work like Vermeer and Rembrandt. And if you prefer contemporary art, Amsterdam caters for you too.

Shake hands with Madiba or hug Robbie Williams, Madame Tussauds and their collection of wax replicas of celebrities is fun and provides lots of photo opportunities.

Go to the I Amsterdam website to get the latest events and festivals in Amsterdam. The site also offers last-minute tickets at half price, and the I Amsterdam City Card, perfect for short stay tourists, which includes a smartcard, a public transport ticket, a pocket guide and many free and discount vouchers to use at tourist spots.

For lovers of architecture, Amsterdam is a real treat. Most of the centuries-old buildings in the centre of Amsterdam are well preserved and a feast for the eyes. Row upon row of picturesque facades lined by cobbled streets and canals offer romantic strolls and many Kodak moments.

My Amsterdam

I made myself at home in an attic of one of the little skew buildings that leant on each other for support. Central Amsterdam is full of buildings hundreds of years old with lots of tight interior spaces to navigate. My home for six months was in the attic of an “apartment” building, with a pizzeria on the ground floor and potheads on the first floor. The main staircase was about 70 centimetres wide and the whole time I lived there, there was half a slice of pizza on the seventh step and smoke enveloping the staircase. Our communal bathroom was one square metre with a toilet, basin and shower, all on top of each other. The higher you climb, the narrower and steeper the staircase. By the time you get to the “staircase” to my room, it was pretty much a stepladder—what my father described as “not even fit for monkeys”.

But what I lacked in space and mod-cons was made up by location. I lived in the heart of old Amsterdam, truly a place so picturesque and quaint (what the Dutch call “gezellig”), I never did tire of having my breath taken away. I used to go for long walks after supper until the sun went down at around nine o’clock in summer. I felt safe, very safe, especially in the “dodgy areas” like the Red Light District, because there were CCTVs and police patrolling everywhere. Also, it was just so busy. Central Amsterdam has a perpetual supply of stoned tourists, stag parties, and retired grey heads buying museum posters. (Amsterdam attracts more than 4.6 million international tourists a year!)

One of the highlights of my time there includes Queen’s Day (Koninginnedag), a national holiday that turns Amsterdam bright orange with floats, balloons and party people dressed in orange. The city transforms into one big flea market where anyone and everyone can find a floor space and sell anything they no longer want. I found a French fondue set for one euro, but was most surprised to see second hand sex toys for sale!

Amsterdam is a “beginner” tourist destination. It is accessible, it is beautiful, and it is hard not to like this little Dutch gem of a city. Whether you are after a bit of culture or exciting nightlife, I would recommend a visit to Amsterdam at least once a life time!

Amsterdam accommodation

The best rated establishments in Amsterdam are:

  • Hotel Seven One Seven. Offers a delicious continental breakfast to get your day going. The location allows for an easy walk to many attractions. Room tip - ask for a room with a canal view.

  • Museum Suites. This is a small but charming hotel. Heated floors make it extra pleasant in winter. Room tip - the Mondriaan Suite at the top requires climbing a number of typical Dutch steep staircases.

  • Barangay Bed & Breakfast. Right behind Harlemerstraad and it's easy to get to from the train station, and a short walk to the Ann Frank house and other attractions. Note that there are steep staircases. Room tip - if you require it to be quiet to sleep, avoid the rooms facing the street.

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