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There are some brilliant airfares to Amsterdam on the Emirates sale which is running until tomorrow (16 May).

Amsterdam Flights from R6111*

Spend less on flights so that you've got more to spend on whatever you get up to in Amsterdam (we wont guess!). Note that this is a snapshop of flight prices, on specific dates. Prices will change from the below, perhaps even by the time you read this.

Return flights

Johannesburg to Amsterdam
Cape Town to Amsterdam

May 2013

R6111* (22nd - 31st May)

R7327* (19th - 29th May)

June 2013

R6111* (10th - 18th June)

R7327* (10th - 19th June)

July 2013

R6119* (16th - 25th July)

R7327* (18th - 30th July)

August 2013

R7207* (12th - 28th August)

R7327* (1st - 9th August)

September 2013

R6119* (1st - 8th September)

R7237* (2nd - 9th September)

October 2013

R6119* (1st - 9th October)

R7327* (1st - 8th October)

November 2013

R6107* (10th - 18th November)

R7327* (3rd - 11th November)

December 2013

R6111* (1st - 9th December)

R7327* (1st - 9th December)

January 2014

R6857* (20th - 28th January)

R7327* (15th - 25th January)

February 2014

R6857* (10th - 20th February)

R7327* (2nd - 10th February)

March 2014

R6857* (2nd - 9th March)

R7327* (16th - 24th March)

April 2014

R6857* (2nd - 11th April)

R7327* (1st - 10th April)

* This isn't an offer, just a snapshot of airfares we took last night. These return flight prices to Amsterdam will change (perhaps even by the time you read this).

Flight path from Johannesburg, Cape Town to Amsterdam


We recommend staying in the Wilderness at the Hildesheim Guest House in the village of Hoekwil, for its views, tranquility & swimming pool.

South African Airways have extended their double Voyager miles deal on Joburg to Maputo flights, to the end of July 2013.

Please note that there aren't any airlines which accept puppies for travel, which are less than 10 weeks old.

Congratz to the stand winners from the 2013 Tourism Indaba: Tourvest Destination Management, Tourism Signature Collection, Calypso Travels, Springbok Atlas, Europcar, Avis Rent a Car, Leading Hotels of the World, Molori Safari Lodge & Tsogo Sun.

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I imagine there's quite a few of us who have been in a similar situation, to the one our reader tells us about on her flight from Maputo to Johannesburg: '"Please God let me keep it in until we arrive, we almost there"... Whatever! Next thing I ran to the on board loo.. On my way there the air-hostess tried to stop me as we were about to land and we had to buckle up. Soon after that there was a knock and I heard her voice again ~'Ma'am could you hurry up, and return to your seat please, you have to buckle up for landing. How funny... was my thoughts at the time... How does one hurry up when one is having a runny tummy because of nerves? lol 'Please why don't you people make provisions for emergencies like these inside the toilet too? What about seat belts?' Well guess what? I landed quite safely sitting on the loo without buckling up!'

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