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Nationwide Airlines flights

Nationwide airlines ceased operations on the 29th April 2008. It operated flights within South Africa, and between London Gatwick and Johannesburg. This webpage shows details which were applicable when it was still operating.

Nationwide Airline's old contact details


0861 737 737

OR Tambo International Airport (Johannesburg)

+27 11 390 1660

Jobs at Nationwide Airline

www dot flynationwide dot co dot za/aboutrecruitment.php

Online bookings

www dot flynationwide dot co dot za

Nationwide flight routes were

Nationwide flights to Cape Town:

to Cape Town

to Cape Town

Port Elizabeth
to Cape Town

to Cape Town

Nationwide flights to Durban:

Cape Town to Durban

Johannesburg to Durban

Port Elizabeth to Durban

Nationwide flights to George:

Johannesburg to George

Nationwide flights to Johannesburg:

Cape Town to Johannesburg

Durban to Johannesburg

George to Johannesburg

to Johannesburg

London to Johannesburg

to Johannesburg

Port Elizabeth to Johannesburg

Nationwide flights to Livingstone:

Johannesburg to Livingstone

Nationwide flights to London:

Johannesburg to London

Nationwide flights to Nelspruit (Kruger Park)

Cape Town to Nelspruit

Johannesburg to Nelspruit

Nationwide flights to Port Elizabeth

Cape Town to Port Elizabeth

Durban to Port Elizabeth

Johannesburg to Port Elizabeth

Nationwide airline's website was at

Nationwide airline's website was www dot flyNationwide dot co dot za

Nationwide Airlines group

Nationwide Airlines was one of 4 companies in the group which includes Nationwide Air Charter, Nationwide Aircraft Maintenance and Nationwide Aircraft Support.

Nationwide's official name

Nationwide's official name was Nationwide Airlines.

Nationwide's commencement

Nationwide Airlines began operations in December 1995.

Nationwide Airline's Skytrax ratingo

Nationwide Airlines has a 3 star rating with Skytrax.

Nationwide airline's fleet

Boeing 767-300


Boeing 737-500


Boeing 737-200 ADV


Boeing 727-200 ADV


History of Nationwide Airline

April 2011

"I wasted 15 years of my life. In 15 years we never injured anyone but civil aviation kept pursuing us. They grounded our entire fleet and forced us to get all our aircraft assessed by Safair. Meanwhile SA Airlink had a number of grave incidents and was never pursued as we were. KLM was running international flights for us. Even their aircraft was grounded. We ended up with thousands of people stuck overseas. You can imagine the cost." Vernon Bricknell

17 Feb 2010

Nationwide & Comair v SAA in the Competition Tribunal.

10 Dec 2008

Three Boeing operated by Nationwide are sold for $1 070 000 (about R11 million), to an unknown bidder. This was the first time in South African history that Boeing Aircraft were auctioned in South Africa. The auction was held at the Southern Sun hotel in Kempton Park near Johannesburg O.R. Tambo International Airport. Bidders included Safair and Comair. The aircraft cannot be flown in the United States or western Europe, they are over 15 years old.

It was first speculated that the unknown bidder was Airtime Airlines, but then later that the purchaser was a family trust (VPB Trust) of Vernon Bricknell, former CE of Nationwide.

4 May 2008

The death spike in traffic - when an airline dies.

3 May 2008

When were Nationwide bankrupt ?

2 May 2008

Eturbonews are caught filching a photograph of a Nationwide plane.

1 May 2008

Nationwide liquidation documents are distributed by their provisional liquidator (Tshwane Trust). People owed money by Nationwide (including passengers) were asked to contact Michelle du Plessis (the provisional liquidator) of Tshwane Trust on 0861 874 926, the fax numbers 012 333 4672 or 086 618 9067, or by email to Inquiries should have include their names, address and contact number and the nature of the claim - e.g. an airline ticket or for services rendered.

30 Apr 2008

News24 are nabbed using a Nationwide photograph without permission.

29 Apr 2008

"We started the due diligence on the company on February 27 and on Friday April 26 came to the conclusion that it was not a viable opportunity for us. We were hoping that we could come in and continue with the airline's work... We were very passionate about the business, but our hands are tied," Reggie Naidoo of African General Equity explains why they decided not to purchase Nationwide

29 Apr 2008

Nationwide Airlines voluntarily cease operations, citing cashflow problems arising from increased fuel costs and decreased passenger loads. At 1500 on the 29th Nationwide is placed in provisional liquidation, with Michelle du Plessis of Tshwane Trust being appointed provisional liquidators. People owed money by Nationwide (including passengers) should contact the Michelle du Plessis (the provisional liquidator) on 0861 874 926, the fax numbers 012 333 4672 or 086 618 9067, or by email to

Inquiries should include your name, address and contact number and the nature of the claim - e.g. an airline ticket or for services rendered.

27 Feb 2008

Nationwide enters into talks to sell a 51% stake to the African General Equity Group (these talks do not come into fruition).

26 Feb 2008

A Nationwide flight from Johannesburg to Cape Town, shuts down an engine due to reduced oil pressure and returns to Johannesburg's O.R. Tambo International Airport.

Feb 2008

Nationwide receives an out-of-court settlement payment for an undisclosed amount, after suing SAA for anti-competitive behaviour (this followed the South African competition commission fining SAA R45m for anti-competitive behaviour in 2005).

4 Jan 2008

Nationwide airlines wins SouthAfrica.TO award for most regularly offering the cheapest flights in South Africa in 2007. Nationwide are also recognised as setting the record cheapest flight from Durban to Johannesburg and from Johannesburg to Durban.

7 Dec 2007

Nationwide operations resume with a flight from Johannesburg to London Gatwick.

29 Nov 2007

In the evening of the 29th November, Nationwide receives a fax from South Africa's Civil Aviation Authority, removing its technical subsidiary's licence and effectively grounding the airline.

29 Nov 2007

In the evening of the 29th November, Nationwide receives a fax from South Africa's Civil Aviation Authority, removing its technical subsidiary's licence and effectively grounding the airline.

7 Nov 2007

The number two engine of Nationwide Airlines flight CE723 exploded off the wing whilst it was taking off for a flight from Cape Town to Johannesburg. The Boeing 737-200 returned on one engine to touch down safely at Cape Town International Airport (none of the 106 passengers were injured).

13 Jan 2007

Nationwide Airlines does away with free food in economy class (introduces paid-for products), effectively becoming a low-cost carrier hybrid.

1 Aug 2006

Altitude Magazine is launched, an inflight magazine

1 Feb 2006

Business class is introduced on flights between London and Johannesburg.

Jun 2005

Direct flights between Cape Town and Nelspruit commence.

Apr 2005

A businessman, AC Hoffman, is removed from a Nationwide flight from Johannesburg to Cape Town, after an incident involving him reading Loslyf magazine escalated into him telling an air hostess that she was f%#$%$g rude.

28 Nov 2003

Flights from London to Johannesburg commences, with 3 weekly flights.

Sep 2002

The first Nationwide Airlines flight from Johannesburg to Nelspruit is flown.

Aug 2002

Nationwide Airlines restarts Port Elizabeth - Johannesburg flights.

Mar 2002

Nationwide Airlines resumes flights between East London and Johannesburg.

Apr 2001

Nationwide Airlines commences flights from Johannesburg to Livingstone (Zimbabwe).

Nov 2000

An alliance is formed between Nationwide Airlines, City Lodge Hotel Group and Tempest Car Hire. Nationwide Airlines is the first South African carrier to offer car hire reservations onboard their flights, as well as reduced tariffs at City Lodge Hotels.


Sabena Nationwide is rebranded as Nationwide Airlines.

Mar 1997

Nationwide Airlines enters a code-share agreement with Sabena Airlines, with Nationwide Airlines being marketed as Sabena Nationwide.


Nationwide Airlines is now operating flights to Port Elizabeth, George, East London and Durban.


Nationwide Air Charter purchases Care Airlines (which was operating scheduled flights between Johannesburg and Margate) and renames it Nationwide Airlines. On the 5th December 1995 Nationwide Airlines operates its first passenger flight from Johannesburg to Cape Town.


Nationwide Air Charter's first British Aircraft Corporation 1-11-400 and 1-11-500 aircraft arrives and, the 1-11-400 is converted into a cargo aircraft and the 1-11-500 is set in full passenger configuration.


Nationwide Air Charter (Pty) Ltd. started business as a South African international and domestic charter flying operation.


4 Jan 2008

Nationwide airlines most regularly the cheapest South African airline in 2007

15 Dec 2007

Nationwide up and flying

7 Dec 2007

Nationwide flying again

5 Dec 2007

SACAA boss resigns

3 Dec 2007

Nationwide saga update

2 Dec 2007

CAA has some explaining to do about grounding of Nationwide

30 Nov 2007

Nationwide aircraft grounded

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