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Did you know that you can get a discount on your next cruise by sharing your photos with us ( of a previous cruise booked with us? Heidi Everett took these wonderful photos on her new years cruise from Durban to Madagascar (Fort Dauphin/Tolagnaro), from the 28th December 2012 to the 3rd January 2013. We always recommend to clients to overnight in Durban so as not to have to worry about their plane being delayed; and after her flight from Johannesburg to Durban, she spent the night in Ballito, at Vetho House (not a bad view, as can be seen from the photo).

the view from Vetho House in Ballito

One of the pleasures of cruising is having a look at the ships in the harbour and the open ocean, and trying to figure out what they're doing and where they're going. Here's the wonderfully named "Grand Victory" in Durban Harbour.

Grand Victory in Durban Harbour

And away she goes - the floating palace that is the MSC Sinfonia, in full flight.

the floating palace that is the MSC Sinfonia

What's great about the longer cruises to Mauritius, Reunion and Madagascar is that you can get to know the folk on board. And things can get a little bit MAD on a trip to MADagascar - here's some of the fun onboard the Sinfonia.

lady dancing on the MSC Sinfonia cruise ship man dancing on the MSC Sinfonia

It's worth waking up early for views like this (if you've had a heavy night you don't even need to photoshop it!)

early morning mist on the MSC Sinfonia cruise ship

After a fun voyage at sea, Madgascar's mountains loom large from the decks of the Sinfonia.

Madagascar's mountains and a beach

And then the Sinfonia docks at the quiet harbour of Fort Dauphin.

MSC Sinfonia at Fort Dauphin in Madagascar

Anybody know what this sculpture symbolises? (perhaps ordered by King Julian...oh, wait - that's the movie!) Heidi took the photo from the bus as it drove past.

sculpture near Fort Dauphin, Madagascar

The locals in Madagascar are friendly.

Madagascar girls

The view of the habour, with the Sinfonia docked there, across Tolanaro bay.

Tolanaro Bay

And after all the fun is over, what better than to rise from dreamland and cruise into Durban harbour, whilst the sun rises on your next adventure.

Durban harbour sunrise

Flights to Madagascar

If you'd prefer to avoid sucking all that salt air into your lungs, and would prefer flying to Madagascar, then you'll want to book with either SA Airlink or Air Madagascar, both of whom operate direct flights from Johannesburg to Antananarivo.

Well done on reading to the bottom of the page! If any of your questions about cruises to Madagascar haven't been answered yet, then ask away in the section below - our travel agents would be thrilled to assist.

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