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Car Rental Specials in South Africa

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Car rental specials in South Africa. Latest news and history of specials. Note that prices change continuously, and it's entirely possible that the prices listed below are no longer available.

If you hire an Avis car in June or July 2013 you stand a chance of winning a Seychelles holiday or a stay at Thornybush.

Best car hire quotes

I would like to rent a 4x4 for 4 adults to be picked up from Johannesburg Airport on the 29th of December 2013 until the 22nd of January 2014. How much can I expect to pay?

How about a Nissan Double Cab 4x4 or similar at R29 650 for the period? See Drive South Africa.

We are looking for a small car (3 people) pick up Durban Harbour 10:00 on 11 Jan 2013 and drop off King Shaka Airport 7am 12 Jan 2013.

A Chevy Spark or similar will cost around R231 from First Car Rental at Durban Airport, You can arrange with the branch to get the vehicle dropped off at the harbour for an extra R250. See First Car Rental.

I am looking to hire a car from the 22 July until the 11 September 2012, something in the CDAR group or higher and it must come with unlimmited millage and at a good price as the rental is 51 days, so please advise the best company to go to with regards to long term rental

The best price I could find was R13,260 (R260/day) for a Nissan Tiida automatic, with 100km free per day (or R14,637 for unlimited mileage).  See First Car Rental

I am looking for a mid size sedan like Toyota Corolla with manual transmission and air conditioning + gps with unlimited mileage from 0900 hrs on 14th May to 1600 hrs on 15th may 2012

Best price I could find was R568 for a Nissan Tiida.  See 
South Africa car hire

16 Apr 2012 Looking for a minivan/combi from the 8th to the 24th June for 8 adults and 3 children

I suggest going for the Toyota Quantum 14-seater for R10,171; see Car Rentals in South Africa

13 Apr 2012 Car with capacity for 5 adults & 2 children from the 22nd December to the 5th January 2013.

R5863 for a Toyota Avanza. See Car Trawler

8 Apr 2012 Car rental req. collect Drbn airport on June 28th at approx 12noon - return Drbn July 5th at approx 12noon

Best price I could find was R1176 (R168/day) for a Chev Spark with 100km free per day, see First Car Rental

30 Mar 2012 Arriving in PE on Monday 17 September 2012 at +/-14h00 and leaving on Sunday 23 September 2012 at +/-14h00.  Please quote on reasonable car hire. Preferably not a small car as we will be travelling with a little baby (and loads of luggage) will possibly need an infant car seat.

Hoping that R1,368 (R228/day) for a Nissan Tiida or similar is neat and tidy for you. It has boot space for 3 medium size suitcases, the infant car seat will be for an extra R250. See First Car Rental.

29 Mar 2012 Arriving Port Elizabeth 08h00 on 13 April and departing 14 April 14h00. Please quote on cheapest car hire.

I hope R360 (R180/day) sparks you in the right places. Thats for a Chevy Spark or similar by the way which comes with free 100km/day. See First Car Rental.

25 Mar 2012 We are arriving in PE on the 26th of October and looking to hire a car till the 12th of November. The cheapest car please.

Best price is R2550 (R150/day) for a Chev Spark/similar with 1700km free (thereafter R1.17/km).  See First Car Rental

22 Mar 2012 I need a car for the 05/04 to the 08/04 midday from the East London airport at a very reasonable price please.

The best deal that I managed to get was for R 511 for the 3-day period for a Chevy Spark or similar. See Budget Car Hire.

10 Mar 2012 I need to hire a bakkie from East London Airport from the 11th until the 13th March 2012

Try a Nissan Hardbody from R1084, see the vehicle rental comparison engine.

8 Mar 2012 We would like the best quote to hire a car from 24-31 March.  It should be big enough for 5 people, like a mini bus, or a 4x4 or a double cab bakkie. 

I suggest going for the Toyota Avanza 5-seater, for R2888 (can change), see Car Trawler. If you need more space for luggage you can find the Nissan X-Trail for R5216 or VW Kombi 8 for R5490 (can change) at the same link.

7 Mar 2012 Who would be cheapest on car hire from George to plett (1day hire)and back again a couple of weeks later please? It would be during May.  

The best quote I found is with Car Trawler using a Type A vehicle, Kia Picanto or similar depending on availability. The total price is R449.80 for Picking it up at George Airport dropping it at Plettenberg Bay on the 7th of May 2012 and Picking it up at Plettenberg Bay dropping it at George airport on the 28th of May 2012. You will receive 200 free km per day, thereafter the price per km is R1.32. See Car Trawler

6 Mar 2012 Im looking for a car from Port Elizabeth on the 2nd April to The 15th April, dropping off at Cape Town. 2 adults and 1 child. Best deal please, polo type or may Carolla depending on price.

The cheapest quote that I managed to get for you was for R 3,614 for a VW Polo or similar. See our car hire comparison engine. 

1 Mar 2012 I'd like to pick a vehicle up in Pretoria & drop it off in Ermelo, both on the 5th March. Cheapest please.

The best price I could find was R246 (can change) for a Chev Spark. See Car Rentals Quotes

28 Feb 2012 Me and my boyfriend need a car in Cape Town from the 6th of March until the 21st of March. The smallest and most affordable will do for us. Preferably with 200km per day or unlimited kilos. Pick up and drop off at Cape Town Airport.

Best price is R2738 (can change) with Car Trawler., see Car Trawler. This gives you 200km free per day, thereafter R1.09/km.

27 Feb 2012 I need a car to rent for 2 people from the 21st of March to the afternoon of 26 March from PE Airport.  Im looking for the cheapest deal - spark, polo etc. 

The best deal that I could get for you was R775 (including 100 free km per day) for a Chevy Spark. To book see First Car Rental

24 Feb 2012 I need a rental for 2 people from 27th March to 8th April. I am flying in and out of PE on 1time. Whatever is your cheapest deal would be good

The best quote that I could get for you was R1860 for a Chevrolet Spark (or similar). Price is subject to change. The deal includes 100 free km/day; R1.17/km thereafter.  Deposit: R500. See First Car Rental.

16 Feb 2012 I am looking for a rental from PE travelling to CT - around March 14-23.  It needs to be big enough to hold 4 adults and LUGGAGE - we don't travel light! :)

I'm assuming you're picking up the vehicle at PLZ & dropping it off at CPT.  How about a Renault Megane for R3191?  Book at  Car Trawler

13 Feb 2012 Looking to Hire car. Budget type with aircon. In CT from 11h15 Tuesday 14th Feb to 05h30 Friday 17th Feb 2012.

Best price I could find was R683 for the 3 days. See
Car Trawler

12 Feb 2012 I would like you to help me to get the cheapest car hire from Friday, 17 February 2012, 20h30 from Cape Town to Tuesday 21 February 2012, 10h00 to Cape Town.  

The cheapest car hire is a Kia Picanto for R865 (R217/day), with 200km free per day, thereafter R1.32/km. See Car Trawler

11 Feb 2012 Looking to hire a car accomodating 5 adults and a couple of pieces of lugagge from the 4th June till 7 June. 

I suggest going for a Renault Megane for R927 (can change).  See Car Trawler.

9 Feb 2012 I'm looking for a long term rental ie 5months, who has the best prices for long term?

Let's assume you're looking at hiring for 5 months from Johannesburg from  17 February until 16 July 2012.  The best rate I could find was R19,800 (R132/day) for a Chevrolet Spark.  See First Car Rental

8 Feb 2012 I am looking for a hire vehicle in P.E. from22/12/2012 until 12/01/13 (will be returned in Cape Town). 3 Adults with 3 suitcaSES. Power steering and air-conditioning please.

It’s good that you hire early, as typically vehicles at year end get sold out. I suggest going for a Nissan Tiida, which you can hire from R7638 (R364/day). See Car Trawler

2 Feb 2012 I need  three cars for a rent. One should be at least 8 seater. Another is same type. The other is mini or economy type car. My plan to be in your country(P.E, South Africa) is staying for 3 months. but I couldn't make a reservation on Avis homepage. . 

Let's assume that your 3 months starts on 1 March 2012. For the economy car the cheapest is R132/day (R12,144 total) for a Chev Spark, see First Car Rental. For the 8-seaters I suggest getting 2 Volkswagen Caravelles for R646/day (R59397 total) each. See Car Trawler

1 Feb 2012 Looking for a small vechicle to hire from 7.00am 23th  Feb to 13.00pm 26th Feb - Pick-up and drop off at Durban International Airport

How about a Chevy Spark with free 100km/day for a total quote of R 620 (price subject to change). Book it from First Car Rental

28 Jan 2012 We need a vehicle for 3 adults and 2 children in Nelspruit from the 24th March and returning the following Saturday.

This is going to depend on how much luggage you’ve got, and how big you guys are. The smallest car I think you’ll get away with is the Volkswagen Polo, but that’s only if you have minimal luggage & are small people. The VW Polo is going for R1449. More realistically, I would suggest going for a Renault Megane, for R1973. See Car Trawler

27 Jan 2012 Require a vehicle in Cape Town on the morning of 10/5/2012 and will return on 14/5/2012 at about 2pm.

The best quote I found for a car rental in Cape Town is with First Car Rental. It is R155 per day, R775 in total. You receive 100 free km per day, thereafter it will be R1.17 per km, see First Car Rental.

26 Jan 2012 Require quote for sedan arrival Cape Town Int 4 Feb and depart Cape Town Int 13 Feb 2012. Age of driver 50 years.

Best price is R2520 for a Renault Megane (can change). See Car Trawler

22 Jan 2012 We are looking to hire a car, pick up P.E Airport  12 March drop off P.E Airport 22nd March. Traveling to St Francis  Bay not sure if I need unlimited mileage, 110km one way, plus sight seeing. Three passengers with luggage.

The cheapest car is a Kia Picanto going for R1844, but I don't think it'll have enough luggage space for you.  I suggest going for a Renault Megane for R2794.  This has 200km free per day (i.e. 2000km in total).   Book at 
Car Trawler

21 Jan 2012 Pls can you give me a quote for a month for an automatic car in jnb! Getting quotes for R10000.00

I'm looking at prices from 1 to 29 Feb from JNB. Best price I could find was R8064 (R288/day) for a Nissan Tiida Auto, see First Car Rental.

16 Jan 2012 Please help with the quotation for a cheap car hire that will accommodate 6 adults in Durban for three days from the 21st March until the 24th March.

Best price I could find was R2509 for a Volkswagen Caravelle.  See  Car Trawler

14 Jan 2012 We need a rental car from Cape Town airport, 9 to 13 March for 2 adults & 2 children.

I'm not going to suggest you go for the cheapest, as it sounds like you might have a fair bit of luggage. I suggest going for a Renault Megane for R1217, see
Car Trawler

13 Jan 2012 I would like a quote for a large vehicle, there will be 4 adults, 4 suitcases, and 4 hand luggage, from april 8th 2012 with pick up in Capetown, till 10th May to leave at Joburg

In order to fit in your luggage, I suggest going for a Volkswagen Caravelle.  This was going for R20697 when I checked, see 
Car Trawler

11 Jan 2012 Cheapest transport for 9 people in and around JHB during the period 11/03/2012 till 18/03/2012. Arrive and depart OR Tambo Int. Airport.

I suggest going for a Volkswagen Caravelle for R5490 (R610/day).  Book at 
Car Trawler

10 Jan 2012 Quote me on a truck, from LAX, 8 June to 15 June

From the 8th to the 15th June you can hire a Ford Escape for R2250. See Car Trawler

7 Jan 2012 We will be arriving in Durban on August 3 and would like to hire a small car to travel in and around Durban till the 10th. What is the approximate cost and kilo's included?

Best price I could find is R1240 (R155/day) for a Chev Spark.  This includes 100km free per day. Book at First Car Rental.

6 Jan 2012 I am in need of a vehicle rental from East London. My dates are 03 March to 04 March 2012.

I managed to get you a sparkling R 180 for a Chevy Spark with a free 100km/day.Book it withFirst Car Rental by clicking here.

3 Jan 2012 I am travelling to SA in August would like cost on hiring a small vehicle for 3 weeks.

How about a Hyundai Atos for R3,497 with Car Trawler

3 Jan 2012 Cheapest car in Cape Town from 26/11/2012 to 14/12/2012

Hiring a Chev Spark in Cape Town from the 26/11 to 14/12, best price is R2700 (R150/day).  Click here to book. 

20 Dec 2011 I am looking for cheap car rental from Durban Airport and drop off at the Durban Airport preferably 200km per day from the 30th December to 8th January.

There’s a Hyundai Atos available for R1603, see (1800km included in the rental).

17 Dec 2011 Am looking to rent a car from Thurs 9 Feb 14.30 PE airport. Return car on 13th Feb at 13.30.

Best price is R792 for a Hyundai Atos/similar.

15 Dec 2011 We would like to rent a small car with aircon to pick up on 6 January 2012 and drop off on 9 January 2012 at Cape Town Airport

Best price for a vehicle with aircon  is R630 for a Kia Picanto.  Book at Car Trawler.

14 Dec 2011 I need quote on cheapest car with aircon from 10 jan to end march please, Cape Town

Best price is R13,523 for a Kia Picanto. Book at Car Trawler.

13 Dec 2011 I'm looking for a cheap small type car with aircon and power steering  to rent from 16/12/2011 to 26/12/2011 in Cape Town. 

Best I could find was a Toyota Yaris going for R3825.  Book at Car Trawler.

12 Dec 2011 I'm looking for a Kia Picanto to hire from 16.12.11 - 4.01.12  with aircon and powersteerig to hire in CT.

Best price for a Kia Picanto is R3896.    Book at Car Trawler.

9 Dec 2011 I'm looking for a small type car from the 16th december collected till the 4th of january return - cape town.

Best price I could find was R3896 for a Kia Picanto. Book at Car Trawler.

8 Dec 2011 I'm looking for a small type car from the 16th december collected till the 4th of january return - cape town.

Best price I could find was R3896 for a Kia Picanto. Book at Car Trawler.

5 Dec 2011 Need a car for 4 "big and tall people" with luggage from 20th January 2012 to 30th January 2012.  Unlimited mileage and super cover (no excesses).  Pick up and drop off at Cape Town Airport.

I wouldn't go for anything smaller than a Nissan Tiida, for unlimited mileage and zero excess this will cost you R2910 (R291/day).  

Europcar at Johannesburg Airport

Old car rental quotes

I'm looking for a Kia Picanto to hire from 16.12.11 - 4.01.12  with aircon and powersteerig to hire in CT.

Best price for a Kia Picanto is R3896.    Book at Car Trawler.


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