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Argus Car Hire

Hoping to burn rubber in the CAPE ARGUS this year? It's always an awesome occasion. People come from far and wide to our beautiful little Cape Town to climb the treacherous hills, ride the smooth effortless downhills and to encounter the curvy paths that are etched into the side of the 12 Apostles Peaks. This really is a breathtaking cycle tour and, to help make your life a little easier, we have a few bike tips as well as a wonderful selection of bicycle-accommodating vehicles for hire in and around Cape Town.

First off, if you are wanting to go the bike-rack route, there are a variety of options, Europcar offers car hire with this service on all of their vehicles, otherwise if you want your own rack, one can simply be attached to your tow bar, in addition there are those that fold up into your boot. Of course, all come with their price and can end up being quite a hefty expense. In addition, these racks take quite a while to put together, can end up scratching your car and your beloved bike will inevitably rattle around quite a bit - not optimal. The best bet is to have or to hire a car that can accommodate your ride in the best way possible. If you are comfortable with dismantling your bicycle for transport, then you'd get along just fine renting a pleasant hatchback like a Toyota Yaris. Some people even show up
early in a showy Mercedes and assemble their bicycle at the venue.

Bicycles lined up in preparation for the Cape Argus.

To save on petrol costs (this is, after all, a 'green' event) you could even hire a larger car, such as a Toyota Minibus, a Quantum Kombi, Hyundai IX35, a Volkswagen Kombi or Caravelle and take a few bikes altogether in one go. If you're travelling from elsewhere in South Africa, chances are you will not be wanting to fly or take a long haul bus carting along a heavy bike rack with you. Luckily, we have a myriad of car hire agencies that offer hatchbacks, 4x4's, 2x4's, SUV's, bakkies and minibuses (or similar) from Cape Town Airport. Even more conveniently, because we are affiliated with so many wonderful car rental agencies, you can pick up a car in one part of the Western Cape and drop it off in another. For example you could gather the cycling troops in Stellenbosch and return the vehicle to Cape Town CBD if you wish or, travel from Johannesburg to Cape Town for the big day and back again when you're all cycled out. We can provide for just about all of your car hire needs for this occasion. For more info on budget friendly, reliable vehicles that are available for the Argus cycle tour, please visit our homepage, use the booking engine that is available on any of the car hire pages or feel free to call in and chat to one of our consultants.

Car Rental Agencies

To save you some trouble we've contacted a few car hire agencies to find out how they can help you with your transport needs for the event. Here are their suggestions:

  • Avis: Bike racks are available to rent with any of their vehicles.

  • Budget car hire: No racks are offered. Consider a Quantam bakkie, or a Quantum kombi. Bike racks can be attached on these vehicles.

  • Europcar: Yes, bike racks are available and are self fitting, and they can accommodate up to three bicycles. They can be attached to any of the vehicles that Europcar offers.

  • First Car rental: Bike racks are not offered. Try a ten-seater Quantum kombi.

  • Hertz: No bike racks available. A bike rack can be attached to one of their hatchbacks, such as a VW Polo, or a Toyota Yaris.

Ask our lovely travel consultant your questions here. She would love to assist.

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