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Tenille Watkins

"Though she be but little, she is fierce" ~ Shakespeare

Tenille is a motivated, determined little lady who has a love for new and interesting places. She has travelled around the world, been to at least 5 American states before the age of 6, survived a 12 hour Thai full-moon party as well as traipsed her way from Barcelona to Ibiza on a solo mission. She has been lucky enough to see many of the wonders that this world has to offer – Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Czechoslovakia, Thai Land, Dubai, Brisbane, Istanbul, Florida, Texas, Colorado, Greece, England, Scotland, Wales, France, Bangkok, Singapore - there are still many challenges to face, things to see and people to meet.

Having worked as a personal trainer for two years, Tenille now feels that it is time to pursue her second love, travel. More than that, it is time to develop a more driven, business related career path and to expand my skill set in addition to making more of myself as a person. Visiting foreign countries, dealing with people you have never met, over-coming situations with language barriers or navigating through an unfamiliar city, these are but a few of the invaluable lessons to be learnt through travel, adventure and exploration.


"You are probably the most friendly, helpful service provider I have encountered this year! Well done!" Sharmlin Moodley

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