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Mango Johannesburg to George Flights

Residents of George are now spoiled for choice; as not only do they have Kulula and SA Express flying there, but since the 18th November 2013 Mango Airlines are operating flights from Johannesburg to George. If you book your Johannesburg to George flight via SouthAfrica.TO you qualify to earn our unique travel vouchers - simply send a writeup of your flight to and we'll send you vouchers (tip: long high quality writeups with photos earn more).

(if you're flying in the opposite direction, see the Mango George to Johannesburg flights)

Mango Airlines air hostess inside a Boeing 737-800


  • 24 February 2014 : Mango ran a survey for those who have either flown from JHB to George or George to Joburg in the past 3 months, or plan to fly the route in the next 3 months. They wanted to know the reason you are flying the route (Business/Leisure), how often you fly the route, which days of the week you like flying on, what time of day you like flying at, who you travel with (alone, with business colleagues, with a partner or as a family), whether you usually fly or drive, which airline you mostly use (Kulula/Mango/British Airways/SAA/SA Express), what your preferred airline is, the reasons for choosing your preferred airlines and whether it is booked by your business and you don't have a choice. They wanted to know how important the following factors are in the choice of your airline : price, loyalty card/points/scheme, easy booking options, customer service and overall experience. Participants stood the chance of winning a free plane ticket.

  • 18 November 2013 : Mango Airlines' first flight from Johannesburg to George was successful, with a traditional waterspray welcome from the fire engines.

  • 27 August 2013 : Checked flight prices, and 1-way flights on the 18th November 2013 from Johannesburg to George were going for R837* (will change)

  • 19 August 2013 : It's announced that Mango JNB-GRJ flights will commence on 18 November 2013: "The route between Johannesburg and George as well as its frequencies and scheduling were designed particularly with the leisure market in mind. As the midway point in the Garden Route with spectacular natural beauty, George provides access to close-by destinations such as Knysna, Plettenberg Bay and Wilderness among others. It represents a totally new market for Mango with traveller volumes expected to show sustained growth over the next twelve months. The routes have been performing particularly well indicating that there is a strong demand for value driven air travel along the Eastern Cape and lower Western Cape seaboard. The Johannesburg George route's potential commercial value is concomitant to research measuring demand along our coastline." says the Chief Executive Officer of Mango Airlines, Mr Nico Bezuidenhout

Flight Schedule

Flights are scheduled to take an hour and 55 minutes, and all depart from OR Tambo International Airport. Here's the flight codes and expected departure times from Johannesburg (the Monday departure time at 07h35 will best suit business travellers from Johannesburg):

  • Mondays : JE813 (07h35)

  • Tuesdays : No flights

  • Wednesdays : No flights

  • Thursdays : No flights

  • Fridays : JE823 (14h45)

  • Saturdays : No flights

  • Sundays : JE823 (14h45)

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