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Mango Flights from George to Johannesburg

There are regular Mango flights from George to Johannesburg OR Tambo International Airport (there are no Mango flights from George to Lanseria). By booking your Mango GRJ-JNB flight via SouthAfrica.TO you qualify to earn our unique travel vouchers - simply email a writeup of your flight to and we'll send you vouchers in accordance with how good we think it is.

(if you are travelling in the opposite direction, see the Mango Johannesburg to George flights page)

Flight Schedule

Mango flights from George are scheduled to take 105 minutes, and are flown in Boeing 737-800 aircraft (the only plane Mango uses). The friday afternoon flight and Sunday return flight is perfect for spending a weekend in Johannesburg.

  • Mondays : JE814 (takeoff at 10h00, land at 11h55)

  • Tuesdays : No flights

  • Wednesdays : No flights

  • Thursdays : No flights

  • Fridays : JE824 (takeoff at 17h15, landing at 19h10)

  • Saturdays : No flights

  • Sundays : JE824 (takeoff at 17h15, landing at 19h10)

Mango Airline plane parked at Johannesburg International Airport

Other options are to fly SA Express or Kulula from George to Johannesburg.

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