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Mango Johannesburg to Cape Town Flights

Mango Johannesburg to Cape Town Flights are rated 4.5/5 based on 4 customer reviews

Mango Airlines offers regular flights from Johannesburg to Cape Town's International Airport (from both OR Tambo and Lanseria Airport). Contrast Mango flight prices using the tool on the left, and then use our travel vouchers to discount the airfare you get even more!

Flights are in Mango's signature orange-coloured B737-800 jets.

Flight Reviews

2014-02-10 Rating 5/5: It was Saturday morning of 11 January 2014, a beautiful day in Johannesburg when we boarded our “first ever flight together” to the beautiful Mother City Cape Town (we have the picture to prove it and we had to capture it as we got on board! ( a hurried pic as you can see) – It was a memorable moment for both of us as we had travelled everywhere together but never flew together since we met. It was a very eventful morning, and I laughed like a little girl from the moment I got on the plane. We were greeted in a friendly manner from the moment we checked in at the Mango counters to when we boarded the plane and were seated. I wanted it to be perfect – and I didn’t want to miss our flight! So there I was trotting along all dressed up with handbag in hand a little packaged gift for my niece whom we were going to spend the weekend with. As we move along to the boarding gate I faffed and fumbled and ran along and once we were seated, he said to me you should have seen yourself – the excitement as you were running along.. and he went on further to say – had we been entered to participate in “The amazing race” tv series, he would certainly have had to cut the heels off my shoes and put wheels on my handbag (lol). I burst out in laughter, along with a few other passengers and some of your staff who had heard his comments. We all thought that was so funny! (lol) My weekend in Cape Town was out of this world! Cape Town is truly what I call “God’s Grandeur” I saw a “little” of the “big” beauty of Cape Town all in one day and I hope to return there someday soon when I can spend a little more time and see the bigger beauty all of which God has created in His Splendour! I returned safely back to Johannesburg on the Sunday evening flight was which equally an enjoyable experience. The flight, the staff and service was truly pleasant on both trips! I could not have asked for a better way to start and end my short weekend holiday – thank you Mango Airlines for adding these beautiful moments added to my collection of special memories which I will always hold close and dear to my heart. Vijay Moodley

Best Flight Ever

2014-01-06 Rating 5/5: Me and my son Matthew went on Mango Airlines from Pretoria to Cape Town a few days ago and it was my best flight ever. It was my best flight ever because the flight attendants were very friendly and helpful to me and especially to my son. He is 2 years and we all know at that age they are 5 boys at once to handle. They kept him busy and spoke to us and also picked him up and walked with him in the plane and showed him everything on the plane and showed him the planes big wings and so on. Well they kept him so busy he got tired and fell asleep and slept almost the whole trip, which was 2 hours. So that to me was my best and comfortable flight experience ever, and the best so far against all the other airlines I've been on. Thank you so much Mango - you rock! Bianca

Bianca & her son at the airport

Booked Online & Amazing Flight

2013-09-10 Rating 4.8/5 : On the 8th of September I flew to Cape Town from Johannesburg. As always I was extremely impressed with the services offered. Firstly, having the option of checking in online is just amazing, second, when I had to drop off my luggage the attendant was extremely friendly and also informed me that my boarding gate will probably change because I was quite early. This was really good, because I knew I needed to keep checking if the gate changes. Yes, it did change, but the change was announced more than three times and in a reasonable time before we needed to board. On the plane the air host and hostess were very friendly and professional. They were ready to assist you at any point during the flight. I was also very happy when I saw how they helped the lady in a wheelchair. This service is definitely noted. We arrived at the Cape Town Airport on time, as scheduled, and the luggage came through very quickly as well. Thank you Mango, and keep up the great service, it is highly Appreciated. Zuneirah

Mango Airlines

Great deal with Mango, Velvet Sky was the worst

2013-07-18 Rating 3/5 : I flew from Johannesburg to Cape Town in September (2nd) 2011 for a friend’s wedding. I brooked with Mango because there was a special R299 a ticket and there was 5 of us flying so it was a great deal. I booked 3 weeks prior to flying and only booked one way because the deal was only valid to fly during certain dates. The flight was fine, I would rate it a 3 out of 5 . It was a bit crowded but I imagine it’s because the seats were on special. We had a 15 minute delay, but other than that everything went fine. I booked our tickets back for that same weekend with Velvet Sky - it was about R350 per ticket not on special but the worst flight I have ever had - I rate it 1 out 5 and only because it got me back home in 1 piece! The plane was dirty the seats were broken and so were the tables to eat from and carpets. During the flight I felt every bump, the air hostess was unfriendly / unprofessional, not seen most of the flight and not willing to help with anything.  If I could have I would have preferred to have paid a bit more for the flight and have gotten a better experience instead.

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