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Mango OR Tambo to Cape Town

Rated 5/5 based on 2 customer reviews.

Mango Airlines' first flight ever was from OR Tambo to Cape Town International Airport (JNB - CPT) on the 15th November 2006. The airline now offers numerous daily flights on the route in its B737-800s.

Flights to Cape Town from OR Tambo are expected to take 2 hours and 15 minutes.

If you have flexibility in where in Johannesburg you're flying from, then also get a quote for Mango Lanseria to Cape Town flights - they're often cheaper than from OR Tambo to Cape Town.

Travelling with Sick Baby

2014-01-20 Rating 5/5 : "My sister and I travelled from OR Tambo to Cape Town with her 10 months baby on the 17 November 2013. On our travel her baby got sick on flight and the air hostesses was friendly and helpful we were so embarrassed cos baby vomited all over we were told not to worry they will clean up. I always travel with Mango airlines they always on time when I have used them and the cheapest".

Edgars Club

2013-08-17 Rating 5/5 : "I have found that Mango Airlines are very helpful and also very reasonable with their prices for flight tickets. They normally have cheap flight specials on various occasions throughout the year. We went from OR Tambo to Cape Town last year and we were lucky to get a good price for R750 return each and an extra discount of 25% from my Edgars card above that. The crew were very friendly and made a joke whilst they welcomed all the passengers on board. We enjoyed television watching which kept us entertained for some time. What is so awesome is that they discuss the change in weather and what they are going to do to avoid bad turbulence and air pockets and the captain referred to certain areas where we passed where there are good tourist attractions. They really take the passengers interest seriously. We enjoyed delicious sandwiches and refreshments that were sold during the flight. Everyone was relaxed and the 1 hour 55 minutes went so quickly before we landed in Cape Town. I certainly will use Mango for my next domestic flight again. Well done and keep it up MANGO!".

Flight Schedule

List of Mango flights to Cape Town from Johannesburg's OR Tambo International Airport:

  • Mons, Thur, Fri & Sun : JE123 (06h30), JE129 (08h45), JE131 (10h55), JE137 (14h00), JE149 (16h00) & JE165 (18h30)

  • Tuesdays : JE123 (06h30), JE129 (08h45), JE137 (13h00), JE149 (16h00) & JE165 (18h30)

  • Wednesdays : JE123 (06h30), JE129 (08h45), JE131 (10h55), JE149 (16h00) & JE165 (18h30)

  • Saturdays : JE123 (07h15), JE129 (09h15), JE137 (14h00) & JE149 (16h00)

  • Sundays : JE123 (07h15), JE129 (10h15), JE137 (14h15), JE149 (18h25) & JE165 (20h45)


6 Jul 2013. Mango increases its OR Tambo to Cape town flights from 33 to 43 flights a week.

Here's the old schedule:

  • Mondays : JE123 (06h05), JE129 (09h15), JE137 (13h25), JE149 (17h10) & JE165 (19h35)

  • Tuesdays : JE123 (06h05), JE129 (09h15), JE137 (13h25) & JE165 (19h30)

  • Wednesdays : JE123 (06h05), JE129 (09h15), JE137 (13h25), JE149 (17h55) & JE165 (19h30)

  • Thursdays & Fridays : JE123 (06h05), JE129 (09h15), JE137 (13h25), JE149 (17h10) & JE165 (19h35)

  • Saturdays : JE123 (07h30), JE129 (10h15), JE137 (14h25) & JE165 (19h30)

  • Sundays : JE123 (07h15), JE129 (10h15), JE137 (14h15), JE149 (18h25) & JE165 (20h45)


Two passengers in a Mango Airlines plane bound for Durban

There are also Kulula flights from OR Tambo to Cape Town.

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