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Hopefully we'll be back to exploring London's magical streets soon! South Africa is currently on the UK's Red List, which means only British nationals are allowed to travel from South Africa to the UK and then they have to complete 10 days quarantine in a hotel. There are no direct flights connecting South Africa to the UK currently.

flight path from London to Johannesburg

Cheap JNB-London from R7,487*
(British Airways- depart 9 April, return 16 April 2019)

Cheap CPT-London from R9,184*
(Emirates- depart 9 April, return 16 April 2019)

Cheap DUR-London from R8,134*
(British Aiways- depart 9 April, return 16 April 2019)

Direct JNB-LON from R10,577*
(Virgin Atlantic- depart 11 April, return 18 April 2019)

Direct CPT-LON from R7,837*
(British Airlines- depart 14 May, return 21 May 2019)

Premium Econ. JNB-LON from R14,747*
(Virgin Atlantic- depart 14 May, return 21 May 2019)

B. Class JNB-LONfrom R22,571*
(Kenya Airways- depart 14 May, return 21 May 2019)

B. Class CPT-LON from R23,791*
(Kenya Airways- depart 16 May, return 23 May 2019)

1-way JNB-LON from R5,229*
(Emirates- 18 April 2019)

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Flights from Durban to London

You want to get on the cheapest flight from Durban to London. The way to make sure that you get on a cheap flight is by comparing airfares of every airline operating London flights from Durban.

Airlines operating flights from Durban to London

There are no direct flights from Durban to London.


British Airways

(Only from 29 October 2018)

Durban to London (LHR)



Durban to London (LHR)

1 stop

South African Airways

Durban to London (LHR)

Johannesburg (JHB)

Virgin Atlantic Airways

Durban to London (LHR)

Johannesburg (JHB)

There are more airlines operating flights from Johannesburg to London and Cape Town to London. Check combinations of flights:

shortest flight path between London & Durban


  • 22-05-2018: British Airways will start operating direct flights from Durban to London Heathrow from the 29th of October 2018. They will operate three weekly flights. Flights from Durban will depart on Tuesdays, Fridays and Sundays and return flights from London will depart on Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays.

  • 09-05-2011: It is reported in Business Day, that Comair is to start Durban to London flights., in accordance with an agreement reached with the Dube Trade Port and the KZN government. It's not clear whether the flights will be under the Kulula or British Airways brands, but the flights will be to London Gatwick Airport. There is "still a huge amount of work we need to do", said the Chief Executive Officer of Comair, Mr G Novick.

  • Mike Mabuyakhulu, the KZN Economic Development and Tourism MEC said “This deal is a massive tourism and aviation industry coup for KZN… Comair have seen what we are doing here at Dube TradePort; they see now that this is more than just an airport and have bought into our greater vision. We have signed an agreement, which is the basis of a much bigger potential public-private partnership. We have secured a long-term strategic partnership with Comair, which we envisage over the next 12 months will see the establishment of a long-haul air route out of Durban’s King Shaka International Airport to London’s Gatwick International Airport. There will also be a new route out of Durban to Nairobi’s Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, with a view to investigating a number of other regional links to African cities including Harare, Lusaka, Luanda, Dar es Salaam and Maputo. With Comair, we have a competitive private sector partner with a proven track record, which we believe will see us achieve our goals and see King Shaka fly to new heights.”.

  • Novick said that “Dube TradePort is a mind-boggling development… It is a state-of-the-art world class project that we are proud to be now getting involved with. I realised this was an excellent opportunity for Comair. There is now a huge amount of work ahead of us to get all the regulatory approvals to start flights to London and our plans for Africa. This includes getting permission from British Airways to possibly use their brand in operations to Gatwick. There are other options, like using our low-cost brand, but British Airways would be our first choice on that route.

Time differences

The time difference between Durban (South Africa) and London (UK) varies from being 1 hour ahead in the South African winter (when the UK has daylight saving) to 2 hours and in the South African summer.

South Africa

GMT + 2


GMT + 1 until Sunday 25 October 2009 01:00 GMT
GMT + 0 from Sunday 25 October 2009 01:00 GMT

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