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Travel tip: chewing gum is illegal in Singapore.

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There are direct flights from Johannesburg to Singapore Changi Airport (SIN) with Singapore Airlines. To book a cheap flight to Singapore:

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  2. Use SouthAfrica.TO flights discount vouchers to further reduce your flight prices. If you've got none, then start earning them up with your flight to Singapore - simply email us a writeup of your flight, and we'll send you a flight discount voucher to reduce the cost of your next one.

Singapore Changi Airport

Best Airport in Asia/Pacific : Readers of Frequent Business Traveler have named Singapore's Changi Airport (SIN) as being the best in Asia/Pacific, in their GlobeRunner awards. Singapore Airlines was named the best airline in Asia Pacific, so there you go - you can fly from Johannesburg to Singapore in the best airline, and then enjoy the best airport in the region - best of both worlds!

Travel Reviews

2013-07-19 Rating 5/5 : Our next airport of call would be Singapore known for its cleanlness amongst other great traits. And the airport itself a shoppers paradise. We were quite amused as we noticed how they picked up after people who littered. Orchard road was captivating with its smart shops and a huge television screen where lunch time shoppers stopped to watch a movie. Lunch that day was at a downtown café that made traditional home-cooked meals. We got lots of curries/papadums/rice and rotis for our buck. After our electronic purchases for home at a mall we headed to our hotels. Our trip would not be complete but for another mishap. After landing in Johannesburg there was a delay of a half hour which wasn't too bad. Eventually after boarding and flying for about 10 minutes we were told we have to head back to Johannesburg as there was a leakage on the plane. The plane was apparently taking in air. This was dangerous. Lunch was provided to pacify most angry passengers who didn't appreciate the delay, as they longed to get home to their loved ones. After approximately 3 hours we headed for Durban tired and weary as we met with our equally anxious family members! Even after all of that I am not deterred, for I shall be travelling soon! I will also still fly on my favourite airline as I did on this trip - Singapore Airlines you have my vote of confidence! Jean

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