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There are no direct flights from South Africa to the Iran, but there are 1-stop flights to Tehran. To book the cheapest flight to Iran:

  1. Use the flight booking engine on the left to compare all airlines and make a reservation with the cheapest airfare offered.

  2. Use SouthAfrica.TO flight discount vouchers to further reduce airfares found in (1). If you have no flight discount vouchers then start earning them with your trip to Iran. Simply email us a writeup of your flight and we will send you a flight discount voucher to reduce the cost of your next trip.

From Johannesburg
From Cape Town
From Durban
When to Go

Johannesburg to Iran

Fly from Johannesburg to Tehran Imam Khomeini International Airport (IKA) with Turkish Airlines (via Istanbul), Emirates (via Dubai), Qatar Airways (via Doha) or Lufthansa (via Frankfurt).

Fly from Johannesburg to Shiraz (SYZ) with Turkish Airlines (via Istanbul).

Cape Town to Iran

Fly from Cape Town to Tehran Imam Khomeini International Airport (IKA) with Turkish Airlines (via Istanbul), Emirates (via Dubai) or Qatar Airways (via Doha).

Fly from Cape Town to Shiraz (SYZ) with Turkish Airlines (via Istanbul).

Durban to Iran

Fly from Durban to Tehran Imam Khomeini International Airport (IKA) with Emirates (via Dubai).

Visa Requirements

Visa requirements for South African citizens to enter Iran include:

  • Signed and completed application form

  • Passport valid for six months after departure date from Iran

  • Copy of passport (data page with photo only)

  • Two colour 3 x 4 cm photos

  • Original Pathologist test / Report for HIV – TB – Hepatitis B Shot- Hepatitis C Tests. Results cannot be more than three months old at time of application.

  • Itinerary of flight or copy of ticket

  • Application fee and original proof of payment

  • Employment letter from applicant’s South African employer

  • CV of applicant

  • Applicant must demonstrate their social, economic and/or family ties to South Africa and also their duration and purpose of travel

For the latest up to date requirements, visit the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran or contact them at 012-342-5880/1 or Their physical address in South Africa is Block A2, Iparioli Office Park, 1166 Park street, (Cnr of Park and Duncan Street), Hatfield, Pretoria. Note that the embassy is closed on Iranian public holidays.

South African Conslate General in Iran

Keep these contact details handy in case you lose your passport, or something happens in Iran requiring embassy assistance:

  • Physical address: No 5 Yekta Street, Vali-e-Asr Avenue, Tajrish, Tehran

  • Email :

  • Phone number : + 98-21-2270-2866


The currency used in Iran is the Iranian rial.


Persian is most commonly spoken however most signage is in English as well. English is commonly spoken by those who work in the tourist industry but not by the general populace.


Places of interest in Iran include:

  • Persepolis throws into dramatic relief the ancient empire of Achaemenid. The massive staircases and gateways as well as intricate reliefs provide insight into this former grand civilization and its exquisite city. Only part of it remains but it’s still counted as one of the greatest remnants of ancient Near Eastern civilization. Bring water and a hat during summer as the heat can be oppressive.

  • Kerman is the best launching point to experience the southeastern portion of Iran, including the UNESCO World Heritage site Shazdeh's garden. This desert trading city is a mix of various cultures which makes for a not-to-be-missed bazaar. Other attractions include museums, traditional tea houses, mosques, the National Library, and historic castles.

  • Esfahan is considered the finest Islamic city and Iran’s crowning jewel. This gorgeous city really does live up to the hype with its blue mosaic tile, energetic bazaars, elegant bridges, lush gardens, and elegant tea houses. Take a walk and soak up the local culture by chatting with locals before heading into one of the remarkable mosques.

  • Tabriz is surprisingly comfortable given that it’s a huge city.  The people are incredibly friendly and you’ll have no trouble finding a very convivial guide. The bazaar provides a great slice of Iranian life. Make sure you head out to Kandovan, a picturesque resort town with its famous troglodyte houses, some of which are over 700 years old.

When to Travel to Iran

Weather in Iran varies greatly so you’ll need to know your destination(s) first before plotting out what time of year to go. Spring and autumn generally have the fairest weather however the Persian Gulf coast is best braved in winter when temperatures hover in the 20’s and the humidity is low. Elsewhere, winter is bitter and snowy. Be aware that between May and September temperatures can hit the 40s, especially along the coast.

Public holidays in Iran

You may either want to time your visit to Iran to coincide with a public holiday and join in the fun, or avoid the date so as to avoid additional travel costs (and possible crowds):

  • 11 January (Demise of Prophet Mohammad)

  • 12 January (Martyrdom of Imam Reza)

  • 10 February (Victory of Islamic Revolution)

  • 19 March (Nationalisation of Oil Industry Day)

  • 23 May (Imam Ali’s Birthday)

  • 24 June (Imam Mahdi’s Birthday)

  • 29 July (Martyrdom of Imam Ali)

  • 1 September (Martyrdom of Imam Sadegh)

  • 15 October (Feast of Sacrifice)

  • 23 October (Eid al-Ghadeer)

  • 12 November (Tasua)

  • 24 December (Arbaeen)

Floating Public Holidays:

  • Persian New Year

  • Eid al-Fitr, End of Ramadan

  • Islamic New Year

  • Ashura

  • Shab-e-Miraj

  • Birth of the Prophet

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