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1time countrywide specials
Cape Town to Durban 3 times daily

18 Jan 2009. Just got an email informing me of some pretty respectable 1time flight specials. I'll get back to the specials later in this note, but the other news is that 1time are increasing their flight frequency between Cape Town and Durban to 3 times daily from the end of March 2009. I'm very happy about this increased frequency, as I'm tired of 1time not featuring in our CPT-DUR surveys (see yesterday's for instance).

Flight price specials

I know our readers are most interested in the flight prices - the deal is that you have to fly between 19 Jan 2009 and 30 June 2009 (excluding Easter and the Argus weekend) - prices are subject to availability, terms and conditions and are for one-way flights.


JHB-EL: R389



JHB-PE: R389


CTN-PE: R389

CTN-EL: R389

Bookings can be made at 1time, and don't forget to compare the prices on our flight price comparison engine.

1time plane

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