The cheapest flight booking is shown on the right. Note that the return flight may be with a different airline to the outbound flight. For example, the cheapest flight from Johannesburg to Cape Town may be with Kulula, but the cheapest return flight from Cape Town to Johannesburg may be with Mango Airlines.

For assistance with flights (only), phone
021 468 5820

Earn travel vouchers

By making a booking on this page, you are eligible to earn a travel voucher for your next booking with us, by reviewing, photographing and/or videoing your trip, and emailing it to us. See our page on travel vouchers for travel content for more details.

EFT or credit cards

With all airlines credit card payments are acceptable. With some airlines, like SAA and BA, internet transfers may be accepted. American Express, Diners, Visa and MaterCard credit cards are the only ones accepted.

Domestic flights

South Africa's low cost carriers are Mango and Kulula Airlines; whilst British Airways and South African Airways offer full services. However, the low cost carriers do not always offer the cheapest flights - use the price comparison tool on the right to compare prices of all airlines.

When to book

Last minute tickets are often not cheaper, and also booking very far in advance does not always save money Airline prices fluctuate depending on supply & demand, so it's impossible to predict at what point it'll be best to book your flight, but research suggests that on average airline prices are cheapest on the Tuesday about 8 weeks before a flight and are more expensive on weekends (this obviously fluctuates and is in no way guaranteed).

Flight specials

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Unaccompanied children

Kulula & Mango airline only allow children 12 years and older to fly alone. Children under 12 years old need to fly with an adult 16 years or older.

BA & SAA have special rules for domestic flights, catering for children from the age of 6 years to 11 years to fly unaccompanied. They must travel after 8am and land before 8pm. You need to phone SAA (0861 359722) or BA (011 441 8600) and on a recorded conversation provide details of who is going to pick up the child and drop off the child.

Wheelchair assistance

Airlines have limited storage on board for wheelchair air travel. Should you require wheelchair assistance on your flight, contact your airline asap before the flight.

Pregnant women

With Kulula, if you are between 32 and 36 weeks pregnant, you need a Doctor's consent form, and after 36 weeks you cannot fly.

On Mango Airlines pregnant guests do not require the standard airline medical form provided they are less than 35 weeks pregnant, and they don't have any complications. Mango does not accept passengers over 35 weeks pregnant.

With SAA, domestic travel is allowed up to 36 weeks & 35 weeks for international flights for routine pregnancies. All pregnant women must provide a letter from their gynaecologists, stating the term of pregnancy, fitness for travel, whether it's a single, multiple or high risk pregnancy, and any possible complications.

With BA you can fly up to the 32nd week for multiple births & the 36th week for single pregnancies. After 28 weeks you need to provide a certificate from your midwife or Doctor confirming the estimated date of delivery & that there are no complications.


BA, Kulula, Mango and SAA do sometimes allow pets, but they are charged for (phone 0860435922 for BA, 0119783366 for SAA, 0861162646 for Mango) and it is the owner's responsibility to obtain the necessary certification. You'll need to check in earlier than usual. You can also work through Total Cargo Services (phone 011-9790836). See Kulula pet travel for info about their services, and Mango Airlines pet travel for help with their services.

Group bookings

The flight bookings engine on the right allows a maximum of 9 adults to be booked at a time. For group bookings larger than 9 contact the airlines directly (British Airways at, Kulula at or 0119210333, Mango at 0861 162646, SAA at 0861606606)

Book return separately?

As a rule of thumb (which sometimes doesn't hold), it is worthwhile looking to book outbound and return flights seperately for domestic flights, but not for international flights.

Be flexible

If you are flexible with your outbound and return dates, then check the dates surrounding your flight dates by clicking on the "SEARCH +- 1 DAY" button on the right. Flying at the beginning or end of school holidays is particularly expensive.

Direct flights are best

With each stop the chances of something going wrong (e.g. being stranded as a result of delayed flights) increases.


Getting spacious seating is just as important as getting a cheap flight. Most spatious seating is usually in row 1 and at the emergency exits. Arrive early to try get these seats. If you are travelling in a group the later you arrive the lower the chance you'll be placed together. If you cant get seats together, remember that you can often trade aisle seats for middle seats on the plane.

Luggage limits

If you are struggling to meet the luggage limits then put your heaviest clothing items (e.g. jackets) on, and heavy items in your pockets. Pack your luggage so that it can survive a 1m fall. For easy handling, use bags with a handle at the bottom as well.


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