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Economy of the North West Province

Most economic activity takes place in the Southern, Eastern and Rustenburg regions. Much of the North West Province's growth is driven by its mineral wealth.

Transport link

The province has the advantage of being located in the heart of the subcontinent, with direct road and rail links to all the neighbouring countries.

Mineral production

In terms of mineral production, the North West is the dominant South African province.


The area surrounding Brits & Rustenburg boasts the largest platinum production area in the world (not to mention the marble mining).


Diamonds are mined at Bloemhof, Christiana, Koster & Lichtenberg.


Gold is mined in Orkney and Klerksdorp. Zeerust has Fluorspar mines.


Two new mines and smelters have recently been established at Boshoek.

Fabricated metals and non-metallic metals

Fabricated metals, food and non-metallic metals are manufactured in the North West, predominantly in the Brits, Klerksdorp, Rustenburg & Vryburg regions (Brits is geared towards construction, Klerksdorp to mining industry, Rustenburg & Vryburg to agriculture).

Other minerals

Other minerals extracted include granite, slate and cement.

Mining equipment

Plants supplying mining equipment are kept busy through all the mining activity.


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