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We recommend staying at Protea's Hotel's The Ranch Resort. If travelling as a family ask for golf course chalet with 2 rooms, a kitchen, lounge, dining room & verandah with braai. Pre-book the lion walk, where you can walk through the bush with adult lions.

Polokwane for tourists

Polokwane was known until fairly recently as Pietersburg, and its new name "Polokwane" means Place of Safety (Polokwane has arguably got the best ring to it, out of all South Africa's cities!). The city Polokwane is contained in the Polokwane Municipality.


Walk with lions at the Ranch Conservancy.

Bakone Malapa Northern Sotho Open-air Museum

Gemco Arts, Crafts and Curios Centre

Hugh Exton Photographic Museum

Moletzie Bird Sanctuary

Polokwane Game Reserve

Concentration Camp Cemetery



Polokwane is a city in the Limpopo Provice of South Africa, in the north of South Africa (Limpopo borders with Zimbabwe). It lies 1300m above sea level on the tropic of Capricorn.


In the 1840s, Voortrekkers (early Boer emigrants) under the leadership of Andries Potgieter established Zoutpansbergdorp, a town 100 km to the south east of Polokwane. Because of clashes with the local tribes, the Zoutpansbergdorp had to be abandoned and Polokwane was founded in 1884. The Transvaal Republic bought the eastern section of the farm Sterkloop and named the town that they established there after the Voortrekker leader, Commandant General Piet Joubert, the then President of the Transvaal Republic.

The apartheid-era house where the secret Afrikaans society,
the "Broederbond" (Band of Brothers), used to meet


Rustenburg has almost all year sunshine. Summer temperatures average 27 °C, with frequent afternoon thunderstorms (Summer rainfall varies between 400 - 600 mm per year). Winter is the dry season with temperatures averaging 20°C.

Getting to and from Rustenburg.

By air

Polokwane Airport/Pietersburg Airport has daily flights with most major cities in South Africa (but not with all airlines).

By bus

Translux, Greyhound and the Intercape connect Johannesburg to the major South African cities.

By car

Polokwane lies on the N1 highway, which runs through Pretoria and Johannesburg to Cape Town.


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Polokwane Municipality

Wikipedia: Polokwane

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