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The Kingdom at Victoria Falls

Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe and Zambia

African Sun's closest hotel to the Victoria Falls is "The Kingdom at Victoria Falls" (although it must be said that the Victoria Falls Hotel has better views). The Kingdom was completed in 1998 just before Zimbabwe began creating problems for itself. Besides being within about a 10m walk from Mosi-oa-tunya, the main attraction of the Kingdom is its traditional-style-design, based on the Great Zimbabwe ruins.

Review of The Kingdom at Victoria Falls

We stayed at The Kingdom at Victoria Falls in April 2010.

The bath in our room was peculiar in the sense that it was widest right at the taps and narrowed at the end at which your body rested, meaning I was squashed up (or maybe I'm just getting fat).


At supper at The Kingdom we saw these awesome african dances they have to entertain their customers. Our toddler LOVED them. Breakfast was good, but please guys don't fry the pancakes with the same utensils and in the same oil as you are frying the eggs.

Monkeys and baboons

There are both monkeys and baboons which frequent The Kingdom's grounds. When the monkeys are there, the baboons don't come and when the baboons are there, the monkeys don't come. There's a guard who carries an airgun to prevent the monkeys and baboons from becoming too much of a nuisance (the monkeys and baboons flee on merely seeing him in his khaki uniform).

Gambling at the Kingdom

The Kingdom has a casino with roulette tables, blackjack tables and one-arm bandits...but it was VERY quiet when we were there. I didn't see the blackjack tables or one-arm bandits being used, and saw only one person on the roulette tables.

Children's play area

The children's play area is in a state of disrepair and the electronic games weren't working. There were no other children there.

Our booking details

Thank you for choosing The Kingdom at Victoria Falls for your travel arrangements.
A reservation is confirmed in the name of Jane Doe for 3 night(s) at the Property(ies):

The Kingdom at Victoria Falls
The Kingdom at Victoria Falls
Victoria Falls, 0
Business: 2631344275

Your confirmation number for this booking is abcdefg

Property: The Kingdom at Victoria Falls
Status: Booked
Check-in: Friday, April 09, 2010
Check-out: Monday, April 12, 2010
Number of Adults: 2
Number of Children: 1
Room: Family King PACRO
Quantity: 1
Average Daily Rate: $116.00 USD
Tax Information: 1.0 Pct government Tourism Tax

Cancellation Policy:
Cxl 14day before arv or penalty of 100PCT stay

Guarantee Policy:
Credit Card Guarantee is Required upon Booking
Your booking was guaranteed by Visa ending in 1234

Driving Directions(The Kingdom at Victoria Falls): From Victoria falls Airport, turn left into the main road that passes in front of the airport. Follow this road into Victoria Falls Town. After crossing the railway line, take the first right into Mallet Drive, and drive straight on to The Kingdom at Victoria Falls. Approximately 20 minutes drive from the airport.

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