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Cheap Cruises from Cape Town to Durban

During the 2015/2016 cruise season one cruise departs from Cape Town to Durban, and one cruise departs from Cape Town to Durban during the 2016/2017 cruise season.They are a great way to see the South African coastline and this also means that you won't require a passport to travel.

  • 22 - 25 January 2016, MSC Sinfonia SI18 - Cape Town, Durban (one way cruise)

  • 23 - 27 January 2017, MSC Sinfonia SN23 - Cape Town, Port Elizabeth, Durban

The MSC Sinfonia cruise that departs on the 23rd of January 2017 also offers the opportunity of cruising into Port Elizabeth.

(see Durban to Cape Town cruises, if you're sailing in the opposite direction)


You may need to book a flight to Cape Town or from Durban - here are some pages to assist you:

Cruise Review

We did the cruise to Durban from Cape Town, what an experience. A must for anyone especially those with children. So cost effective - all entertainment and meals included! You get 5 star treatment and all staff are so friendly. They go all out to make it an unforgettable experience.

on the cruise ship's deck

Book a window cabin

It's so worth booking a window cabin, the views are breathtaking as you travel up the coast. Make sure that you are on the side of the ship that is facing land most of the time (on the cruise from Cape Town to Durban that is the port side of the ship).

Go on an official excursion at PE

Do the day trip, we didn't at Port Elizabeth and we regretted it! We would have been happier to go to the elephant park than roam around aimlessly in PE at a mall - next time, we will take the bus, join the excursion...

Don't be put off by US$ pricing

Don't be put off and do the conversion from rand to $ - its not that bad when you think about it - cocktails are only like R30 - less than most places... So let your hair down and just enjoy it!! It is sooo worth every penny...

I took my husband and daughters- 11 and 1yrs (had to leave my son-16yrs behind) but I am sure he would love it so next time, he's in DEFINITELY!


waiter holding a toddler on the cruise ship

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