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flight path from Johannesburg to Port Elizabeth

Mango PE Airport : 041-507-7444

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Mango Flights to Port Elizabeth

There are regular Mango Airlines flights to Port Elizabeth (PLZ):

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Mango Airlines has cancelled their Cape Town - PE service. The airline will stop flying on the route from the 15th of October 2015.

Johannesburg flights are from O.R. Tambo International Airport. It is expected to take 1 hour and 45 minutes to cover the 907km from JNB to PLZ.

A Trip to Port Elizabeth

29 October 2014. Rating 5/ 5 We decided to visit Port Elizabeth after one of our best friends moved there. We would never have decided to visit this city if he hadn't moved. The reaction of most people that we informed, was to ask us why we were off to P.E? According to most people Port Elizabeth is an unpleasant, windy city. Our friend was about to turn 30 and we were not going to let him spend this big birthday alone! So with our very low expectations for the city we boarded our Mango flight, on time as always. Taking off I felt very excited for my first time in Port Elizabeth and especially to see our friend again whom we missed dearly. The flight was very smooth and quick, we were there in no time. Climbing off the aircraft, the P.E wind was the first thing to greet us! My heart dropped into my shoes, as I thought that this wind was going to bother us for a whole week. As soon as we entered the airport the wind was forgotten and our little adventure began! We drove a little bit through the city to pick up a few supplies. What a beautiful city! We saw little trucks actually sweeping and washing the streets. The people are all so friendly and talkative at every stop we made, whether it was 13:00 at the garage station or 3:00 in the morning at McDonald's! We had an absolute blast in P.E.! From snorkeling in little rock pools to having McDonald's on the main beach at 3:00 in the morning after a very enjoyable night at Club Shakes in town. We even went down to the harbor to buy fresh fish for a braai one day. I definitely lost a little piece of my heart in P.E. On lazier days we went for a walk on the beach just simply to smell the ocean and feel the grains of sand between our toes. Before we knew it our week was over and we were back at the airport ready for our flight back to O.R Tambo. The goodbyes were very sad, but we knew that this wasn't the last time that P.E would see us! We arrived home as smoothly as our flight to P.E. The first thing we did when we got back, was to plan our next trip to Port Elizabeth!

Signboard saying "Mango flies to and from PE...Mango flies daily between PE, Joburg and Cape Town"
This signboard was spotted in Cape Town on the R44 between Somerset West & Strand. Photo credit : Andre Beukes

Baggage Lost & then Found

12 November 2013 : Rating 5/ 5 : I was in Port Elizabeth in September 2013. I used a We travelled ok. I, reached the airport, to find out when I need my luggage it it was not there, but the gentleman that helped me was so worried and he took all my details and within 3 days he phoned me telling me the luggage was found in Johannesburg so I got my luggage. I didnt wait for it - I simply went to the hotell I had booked - it was near the sea and I enjoyed a lot.

Mango Flight Schedule between Johannesburg & Port Elizabeth


Mango flight JE525 is scheduled to leave Johannesburg at 09h45 and land in Port Elizabeth at 11h30

Mondays, Thursdays, Fridays

Mango flight JE525 is scheduled to leave Johannesburg at 06:45 and land in Port Elizabeth at 08h30

Tuesdays & Wednesdays

Mango flight JE525 is scheduled to leave Johannesburg at 10:40 and land in Port Elizabeth at 12h25

Saturdays departing Johannesburg:

Mango flight JE535 is scheduled to leave Johannesburg at 13h15 and land in Port Elizabeth at 15h00



  • 5 December 2012. Mango Airlines launches flights from Johannesburg to Port Elizabeth (this follows shortly after 1time airline went into provisional liquidation, and stopped flying the route).

  • In the 6th June 2011 South Africa Travel Online kicked off an online campaign to try convince Mango Airlines to fly to Port Elizabeth. And in the end, they did! "We call all lovers of Port Elizabeth to gather together and have your voices heard as one, to petition our airline (yes, Mango is owned by us, the people) to start flying to Port Elizabeth. We call upon you to rally with us to petition the people’s airline -  Mango Airlines -  to fly to the new frontiers of the city of Port Elizabeth. We now have Mango Lanseria to Cape Town flights, so Johannesburg has a second airport with Mango flights before Port Elizabeth has its first. In South Africa mass action is the language of the people. Once 10,000 people have "liked" the Mango Port Elizabeth Facebook page we will take the next step of approaching Mango."

Mango cabin crew member demonstrates how to buckle your seatbelt

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