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On the web last week

The "most irresponsible travel article ever"

There are some who are extremely against air travel. While we at SouthAfrica.TO are not quite that extreme, we do advocate choosing not to use air travel where there are reasonable alternatives (because of the carbon emissions), and we certainly aren't afraid of linking to articles which convey alternative opinions (humbly remembering that nobody has a monopoly over the truth). In this blog, the writer takes umbrage with a UK paper which advertised weekend trips to Cape Town, which is "a distance of nearly 25,000 miles". Apparently flights from London to Cape Town (and back) "emit 2.8 tonnes of CO2".

Carol Capece visits Cape Town

After an arduous flight from New York to Cape Town via Johannesburg, Carol shares her experiences:

  • Carol's thoughts about SAA - "a pretty nice airline - I recommend it".

  • And the eighteen hour flight from New York to Cape Town - "wasn't quite as bad as I thought it would be".

  • Her thoughts about females forming 100% of their volunteer group "proves again that women are the superior gender" !

  • South African Airways' food - "edible"

A trip to South Africa

Mark shares (in detail) his thoughts about his flight from Ontario, California to Atlanta (Georgia), and then from Atlanta to Johannesburg via Dakar:

  • On his neigbouring passenger on the flight from California to Atlanta - "when I sat down he had lifted both of the center arm rests so that he could get more comfortable."

  • On the racial composition of the passengers on the flight from Atlanta to Johannesburg - "what struck me the most is that 99% of the people on the flight were either Americans or white South Africans".

  • New flight attendant's comment on the switch of air crew in Dakar - "The previous flight attendant told me you two were trouble."

  • "the longest flight that I have ever taken in my life"

  • ACSA seem to still be taking forever to process the luggage at Johannesburg Airport - "the couple who was sitting behind me on the flight started talking to me.  Their luggage was taking forever as well."

Melinda's Cape Town Adventure

Melinda, a Canadian, is on a working holiday in Grahamstown and has blogged about her Christmas trip to Cape Town:

  • Bloukrans bridge - "Chantelle did the World’s highest bungee jump"

  • Plettenberg Bay hostel - "we were scammed by the owner who closed the hostel over 6 months ago but was still taking bookings"

  • Jeffreys Bay - "I tried surfing in one of South Africa’s most famous surfing spots"

  • Two Oceans Aquarium at Cape Town's Waterfront -. "I’ve seen many aquariums and to my disappointment this was not the most impressive one".

  • Top of Table Mountain - "One of the coolest things I’ve ever seen!"

Clifton beach babes - Cape Town

International flight news

Looking for a job with an airline?

Many visitors to SouthAfrica.TO are looking for jobs at cabin or ground crew, and where we can we've provided information for them to take this further. We were interested to read the following job requirements at Jagson Airline (in India):

Ground staff


Under 25 years.

Weight :

In propositions to height

Qualification :

Well groomed
A pleasant personality
Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
Ready to work in shifts

Cabin crew


Between 18-27 years.

Height (Bare foot) :


Weight :

In proposition to height

Qualification :


Other requirements :

Clear Complexion Unblemished, Unscarred, etc.

Language Proficiency :

Speaking, reading and writing in Hindi and English is compulsory

Nationality :

Indian resident

It's probably easier to get a job with a cruise ship, so if you don't meet the above requirements click here to enquire - worth the try.

Mumbai's Gateway to IndiaIndia flights

In South Africa we regularly survey flights from Johannesburg to Cape Town, Cape Town to Durban and Durban to Johannesburg. In India, our regular flight price comparisons are for flights from Delhi to Mumbai, Mumbai to Chennai and Chennai to Delhi.

Ryanair's views on SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome)

A Life in Full Flight
"We would appreciate it if, the next time the Department of Transport wants to panic and pander to some manufactured media controversy in order to threaten even further international confidence in the Irish tourism industry, you might consider actually consulting with one or two of the larger airline/ferry operators and then put in place proportionate and realistic measures that bear some relationship to the magnitude of the threat to the health and safety of our passengers, our staff and the population of the country. I have never read such a ridiculous, spineless load of nonsense." Michael O'Leary (the man in charge of Ryanair flights) explaining why Ryanair was not broadcasting the Irish government's 48-second SARS alert; as written in the book by Alan Ruddock: s "A Life in Full Flight: The story of the man who made Ryanair take off".

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