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Direct flights

From Johannesburg you can fly directly to Europe with Air France (Paris), British Airways (London), KLM (Amsterdam), Lufthansa (Frankfurt), SAA (Munich, London) and Virgin Atlantic (London).

From Cape Town you can fly direct to Europe with Air France (Paris), BA (London), KLM Royal Dutch Airways (Amsterdam), South African Airways (London) and Virgin Atlantic Airways (London).

There are no direct flights from Durban to Europe. Either fly via Johannesburg or with Emirates via Dubai.

Cheap flights to Europe

From a fuel consumption point of view it doesn't make sense, but the cheapest flights to Europe are often with Emirates, Etihad and Qatar Airways.

Time zones

The time difference between South Africa and the UK varies from being 1 hour ahead in the South African winter (when the UK has daylight saving) to 2 hours and in the South African summer.


Cape Town, Johannesburg

Frankfurt, Munich



Map of Europe with direct airports pinpointed



Here's video footage from shore excursions to Izmir (Turkey), Istanbul (Turkey) and Dubrovnik (Croatia).


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