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Flight path from Johannesburg to Entebbe

The Kampala Serena Hotel is the spot to be. Enjoy the swimming pool, waterfalls and walk between the ponds. When not supping at the hotel, try the Khyber Pass Indian restaurant. The Crafts village is within walking distance. Ask for a room on the top floor looking out over the pool - this provides the best view and is quieter (for convenience the room should preferably be near the elevator).

Cheap Flights from Johannesburg to Entebbe

Only South African Airways operates direct flights from Johannesburg to Entebbe (Uganda), which is 35km south-west of Kampala. Use the flight price comparison tool on the left to compare their prices with those of 1-stop flights on other airlines (indirect flights are often cheaper, but can take far longer).

Terrorism Alert "Red" in Kampala

Ugandan authorities increased the terrorism alert in Kampal to "red" on the 18th October 2013, due to threats of a terrorist attack. Travellers should avoid soft targets, like shops, churches, bars, markets, restaurants & public transport hubs.

Flight Path

The shortest flight path from Johannesburg to Entebbe is some 2932km; taking you over South Africa, possibily the eastern corner of Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Tanzania (look out for Lake Tanganyika) and finally Uganda (look out for Lake Victoria which straddles the Tanzania/Uganda border).

Airlines from JNB to Entebbe



Johannesburg (JNB) to Entebbe (EBB)

1-stop (19 hours)

Ethiopian Airlines

Johannesburg (JNB) to Entebbe (EBB)

1-stop (10 hours)
Addis Ababa (ADD)

Kenya Airways

Johannesburg (JNB) to Entebbe (EBB)

1-stop (8 hours)
Nairobi (NBO)


Johannesburg to (JNB) Entebbe (EBB)

non-stop (4 hours)

Air Uganda does not yet fly the route.

Top review

Becca & Scott enjoyed the view of Lake Victoria as they flew from Johannesburg to Entebbe, before exiting into the hot humid atmosphere outside the plane: "Entebbe is a smallish town...We went on one long walk to town to see their main attraction , a zoo which features rescued chimps."

camel at Lake Victoria, Entebbe

Road trip

A road trip from Johannesburg to Entebbe isn't recommended, for the simple reason that it's 4080km and will take you over 50 hours of driving! However, if you've got your heart set on it here's a route from Europcar in Johannesburg to Entebbe Airport. You'll pass through Harare (Zimbabwe) and Lusaka (Zambia), Kabwe; cutting in between Lake Malawi and Lake Tanganyika into Tanzania; past the Tulawaka Gold Mine, round Lake Victoria and you arrive in Entebbe.

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Direct flights from Johannesburg to Entebbe

SAA (South African Airways) is the only airline operating direct flights between Johannesburg and Entebbe:

Number of weekly SAA flights from Johannesburg to Entebbe

1 Mar 2008

7 a week

Feb 2008

5 a week

May 2007

4 a week.


SAA starts flying from Johannesburg to Entebbe, with 3 flights a week.

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