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Cape Town to Rome

Cheap Flights from Cape Town to Rome

The way to make sure that you get on a cheap flight from Cape Town to Rome (Italy) is to check the airfare of every airline using the flight price comparison tool on the left. Then use SouthAfrica.TO travel vouchers to discount your flight more! If you've got no travel vouchers, then start earning them on your flight from Cape Town to Rome - simply email us a review of your flight, and we'll send you travel vouchers.

Airlines flying from Cape Town to Rome

Unfortuanately there are no direct non-stop flights from Cape Town to Rome. We did a snapshot survey of flight prices and ordered the airlines from the cheapest at the top (this will have changed):


Qatar Airways

Cape Town International Airport (CPT)
to Rome Fiumicino (FCO)

1-stop (19h35m)
Doha (DOH)


Cape Town International Airport (CPT)
to Rome Fiumicino (FCO)

1-stop (20 to 25 hours)
Dubai International Airport (DXB)

Turkish Airlines

Cape Town International Airport (CPT) to
Rome Fiumicino (FCO)

1-stop (19 hours)
Istanbul (IST)


Cape Town International Airport (CPT)
to Rome Fiumicino (FCO)

1-stop (16 to 18 hours)
Frankfurt (FRA)

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines

Cape Town International Airport (CPT) to
Rome Fiumicino (FCO)

1-stop (16 to 17 hours)
Amsterdam (Schipol)

Virgin Atlantic

Cape Town International Airport (CPT) to
Rome Fiumicino (FCO)

1-stop (23 hours)
London (LHR)

British Airways

Cape Town International Airport (CPT) to
Rome Fiumicino (FCO)

1-stop (16 hours)
London Heathrow (LHR)

South African Airways
(in partnership)

Cape Town International Airport (CPT) to
Rome Fiumicino (FCO)

London / Rome

Other routes

The Cape Town to London route is much more competitive than the Cape Town to Rome flight route. It may be cheaper to fly from Cape Town to London, and then catch London to Rome flight.

See our South Africa to Italy flights page for a full list of airline connections between the 2 countries.

Flight route

Here's the direct flight route from Cape Town International Airport (CPT) to Rome Fiumicino Airport (FCO). As you can see, not many lines of longitude are crossed.

flight path from Cape Town to Rome

Trip from Cape Town to Italy

June 2012. We appreciated the efficient and helpful staff at Emirates in Cape Town and at passport control. Announcements on the loudspeaker at Cape Town International were not made in "crystal –clear tone" but were audible and comprehensible. Dubai International Airport later proved to be the leader of the announcers.

The catering by Emirates on the trip to Dubai rivalled experiences in recent years on Singapore & Turkish airlines. The staff were well trained and gave us no cause for complaint (apart from one individual whose shoe vibration on the floor disturbed my slumbers during "sleep time" as he pounded up the aisle with meaningful purpose to attend to unknown chores. Perhaps slippers or softer shoe material would lessen the impact.

Many hours were spent at the gigantic Dubai International Airport or as it dubs itself "Dubai Duty Free". There we fell asleep amongst many fellow travellers, on sunbed like loungers, under a high semi-circular roof and awoke under an impressive sunny dome with light pouring in from the numerous windows. The ubiquitous Facility Care Team driving battery powered boarding cars and cleaning vehicles saw to the needs of passengers and kept the magnificent airport spick and span.

On our return to the airport 2 ½ weeks later on the duties of the Facility Care Team seemed to have been taken over by the "Members of the Engineering and Service Department"


True to his word Damiano held aloft his "idiot board" on our arrival at the airport of Rome. He had sacrificed watching on TV a part of the match of his beloved football team Napoli playing Iuventus. A 25 minute trip by Mercedes at great speed to the Heart of Rome Hotel Bed and Breakfast where we met Valerio the caterer and were assigned the Sistina Room. A map of Rome and a comprehensive tourist guide book with eight further maps awaited us in our room, which was clean and recently painted with new "modern and functional furniture", TV, aircon etc.

It mattered not that the entrance to Heart of Rome was non de script, yet not unattractive.

The next morning cappuccinos and cereal arrived promptly at 9am. (Guests can order breakfast at a time elected by them). Owing to rainy weather we were unable to utilize the patio. Michele then helped us purchase bus tickets @ 1 € each and pointed out the route 98 bus stop. Less than 10 minutes later we sighted the dome of St Peters and joined the dozens and dozens of tourists of all nationalities who thronged St Peters Square where the "dozens" became "hundreds".

I was in awe of the magnificent columns and statues. This brought to life brutal battles fought centuries ago in the greater Roman Empire as well as in contradistinction Catullus and love poems with mourning by ladies of Italy at the loss of a pet Sparrow ("Mourn O Venus and all her cupids and all ye men of finer feeling – my lady has lost her pet sparrow etc").

Some 10 years study of Latin, Roman History and Roman Law began to show some meaning!

Amazingly centuries old buildings had been restored. The buildings were similar to the unrestored or partly restored columns and amphitheatres of Turkey – a one –time outpost of the Roman Empire. The Vatican City with its rich and famous religious history was a joy to behold.

This also brought to mind Ephesus in Turkey which was the last resting place of the Blessed Virgin Mary so revered by Protestant and Catholic Christians alike and whose Christian Church (a rarity in modern Turkey) had made such an impact on Marcia and me.

Castel Sant Angelo reminded us of the Castle Building at Cape Town – an impregnable fortress which had been surrounded by a mote – but streets ahead in is magnificence!


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