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There are direct flights from Johannesburg to Dakar, Senegal. Use the flight bookings tool on the left to search, contrast and reserve a cheap flight deal. Email us a writeup of your flight and we'll send you some flight discount vouchers.

From Johannesburg
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Visa Requirements
When to Go

Johannesburg to Senegal

  • Johannesburg to Dakar flights (JNB-DKR) with South African Airways (direct), Emirates (via Dubai), Kenya Airways (via Nairobi) or Turkish Airlines (via Istanbul).

Cape Town to Senegal

  • Cape Town to Dakar flights (CPT-DKR) with Emirates (via Dubai), SAA (via Johannesburg) or Turkish Airways (via Istanbul).

Durban to Senegal

  • Durban to Dakar flights (DUR-DKR) with Emirates (via Dubai) or SAA (via Johannesburg).

Visa Requirements

Since 1 July 2013 South Africans have needed a visa to enter Senegal.

  • Step 1 is to apply online at . Requirements include:

    Pre-application fee and receipt of payment

    Completed application form (at the embassy or consulate)

    Photo ID

    Passport valid for six months plus photocopy of first five pages

    Travel itinerary or proof of airfare ticket

    Hotel reservation

    Enrollment of fingerprints

  • Step 2 is to appear in person for fingerprints (even if you've got a visa before).

  • Step 3 is to collect the visa - this can be done by a 3rd party.

It's possible that the requirements have changed before we have had a chance to update the content of this webpage, for the latest up to date requirements, visit the Embassy of the Republic of Senegal or phone 012-460-5263 or email Their physical address in South Africa is Charles Manor, 57 Charles Street, Bailey's Muckleneuk, Pretoria. Visit the Honorary Consulate in Johannesburg at 91 Central Street, Houghton. Note that the embassy is closed both on South African and on Senagelese public holidays.

South African High Commission in Senegal

Keep these contact details handy in case you lose your passport, or something happens in Senegal requiring embassy assistance.

  • Physical address: Mermoz Sud, Lotissement Ecole de Police, Dakar

  • Email :

  • Phone number : + 221-33-865-1959


The currency used in Senegal is the West African CAN franc.


French is the national language though Wolof is most commonly used. English is spoken by some Senegalese merchants but otherwise is not in use.


Places of interest in Senegal include:

  • Dakar is the capital and offers a fascinating mix of horse-drawn carts, fancy SUVs, and well-dressed professionals. The city is also known for its dynamic markets and full-throttle nightlife. It has galleries aplenty, mosques, opulent colonial buildings, and a lighthouse with a great view. Check out the IFAN museum too—it’s one of the best in West Africa and is chock-full of African art and culture. Beaches line Dakar’s peninsula if you’re looking to escape.

  • Île de Gorée provides calm after Dakar’s hustle and bustle. No cars are allowed on the island so you can walk its alleyways with their beautiful flowers and colonial brick buildings at your leisure. Take a guided tour to learn more about the island’s involvement in the Atlantic slave trade.

  • Saint-Louis provides historical charm in spades. This UNESCO World Heritage site features horse-drawn carts and colonial buildings that are situated on an island reached via the awe-inspiring bridge Pont Faidherbe. The city continues on the mainland. Stroll over to the fun fishing village of Guet N’Dar for another side of Saint-Louis.

  • Casamance feels worlds away from Dakar. Its gorgeous tropical landscape is graced by the tranquil Casamance River. Explore the quiet capital of Ziguinchor, head over to Cap Skiring to hit the beach, and explore the river’s many tiny villages hidden among lagoons and mangroves. Remember to check travel advisories before you go—rebel flare-ups have been known to happen.

When to Travel to Senegal

November to February is peak season as the weather tends to be drier and cooler with temperatures hovering around 24°C in Dakar. Many of the music festivals happen in December or from March to June. July to late September is the rainy season which brings lush landscapes and reduced hotel prices. Some national parks may be closed at this time.

Senegal’s Public Holidays

You may either want to time your visit to Senegal to coincide with a public holiday and join in the fun, or avoid the date so as to avoid additional travel costs (and possible crowds):
1 January
4 April (Independence Day)
1 May (Labour Day)
28 May (Whit Monday)
1 November (All Saint's Day)
26 October (Tabaski)
25 December

Floating Public Holidays:

Prophet Mohammed's Birthday
Islamic New Year
Easter Monday

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