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Flights from South Africa to Tripoli

Cheap Flights to Libya

There are no direct flights from South Africa to Libya, but there are a number of 1-stop options. When looking to book a cheap flights to Libya start with the following:

  1. Compare airfares and complete your booking using the airline price comparison tool on the left.

  2. Use your hoard of SouthAfrica.TO travel vouchers to discount the airfare found in step 1. If you've got none, then start earning travel vouchers with your flight to Libya - simply send us an email about your experience flying, including as much detail as possible, and we will give you a travel voucher. Make sure to include which airline you used and why you picked that airline.

From Johannesburg
From Cape Town
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  • 1 September 2013. Emirates resumes flights from Dubai to Tripoli, creating 1-stop options from Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town. Emirates VP Africa, Jean Luc Grillet, said that "The re-introduction of our flights to Tripoli is a further boost to north Africa, coming  after the launch of Emirates' daily service to Algiers from 1st March 2013. Africa is a hugely important continent for Emirates and we are committed to investing in and further strengthening our products and services a across the region. Tripoli will be one of the 23 destinations to which Emirates currently flies in Africa. The resumed service will be of particular benefit to passengers with connections within the GCC, Indian Subcontinent, Far East and West Asia points."

Johannesburg to Libya

There are 1-stop flights from Johannesburg to Tripoli International Airport (TIP) with Egyptair (via Cairo), Emirates (via Dubai), Qatar Airways (via Doha), Turkish Airlines (via Istanbul), Lufthansa (via Frankfurt) and British Airways (via London).

Cape Town to Libya

There are 1-stop flights from Cape Town (CPT) to Tripoli (TIP) with Qatar Airways (via Doha), Emirates (via Dubai) and British Airways (via London).

Durban to Libya

The only 1-stop flights from Durban (DUR) to Tripoli (TIP) are with Emirates (via Dubai). There are a number of 2-stop options.

Visa Requirements

South Africans require a visa to visit Libya. To get a visa you need:

  • Appropriate fees
  • A completed application form.
  • 2 recent colour passport photos
  • itinerary
  • return airline ticket
  • Completed
  • Current passport
  • Completed and filed application
  • Do not use tourist visa  in lieu of business visa
  • Business travellers should obtain an invite letter from the business in Libya, and a letter from their South African company saying how long they've been employed, the nature of the business and their dates of leave.

Because visa requirements may have changed since this was written it’s important to check with the appropriate offices: The Libyan Embassy is at 900 Church Street, Pretoria, South Africa. Email and their phone number is +27-12-342-3902. Note that the embassy is closed on Libyan public holidays.

South African Embassy in Libya

The South African Embassy is at Al-Jamhuriyah Street, Bin Ashour, Tripoli, Libya. Their telephone number is 218-21-333-7006 and email address:


The official language is Modern Standard Arabic.


The currency in Libya is the Libyan dinar.


Libya is rich in Greek and Roman history. If you’re planning a trip to Libya it’s a good idea to tour some of the most ancient runes and enjoy a slice of history while you’re in the country.

Some places you’ll want to make sure to see in Libya are:

  • Leptis Magna- The largest Libyan city of ancient Rome may no longer be in tip-top shape but it has some of the best ruins in the Mediterranean. The Phoenicians founded it in the 10th century BC and by 23 BC it was part of a Roman-African province. You can see a major theatre, some of the largest baths built by the Romans and the ancient marketplace among many other historical attractions.

  • The Acacus Mountains in Ghat, Libya make up a portion of the Saharan Desert. You’ll see thousands of examples of rock art as well as cave paintings in numerous styles. The ages of these ancient historical pieces are between 12,000 BCE and 100 CE. They are some of the most popular places to visit in Libya.

  • Don’t forget one of the most important and most ancient Greek cities located in Libya, Cyrene. The classical Libyan name is Cyrenaica and from this name Cyrene was derived. It became a settlement of the Greeks in 630 BC but became a city of Rome in 96 BC. There are temples for Demeter, Zeus and Apollo. It is a must stop spot in Libya.

When to visit Libya

We recommend visiting Libya from January through May because it is the cooler season and you won’t have to deal with the extreme heat of the area.

Public holidays in Libya
  • 17 February (commemorates the beginning of the civil war on 17 Feb 2011).

  • 1 May

  • 16 September (martyrs' day)

  • 23 October (commemorates day of liberation from Gaddafi, 23 Oct 2011)

  • 24 December (commemorates Libya's independence on 24 Dec 1951)

Floating dates:

  • Prophet's birthday

  • Islamic New Year

  • End of Ramadan

  • Arafat Day

  • Feast of the Sacrifice

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